Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

If you're looking for a Penis Extender, Compression or Vacuum Hanging Device, All Day Vacuum Stretcher, Penis Pump or any device hoping to increase your penis size ... your RISK OF GETTING SCAMMED in this ocean of sharks is HIGH.

Please watch this video to not make the same mistakes I did.

I wasted so much time, money and effort. You don't have to.

On this page you will learn how to achieve 20-50% more size permanently and becoming unforgettable!

Saving you thousands of dollars, years of searching and experimenting PLUS saving you from getting scammed by most of the adult industry!

You might feel like this when it comes to the bedroom...

But you would rather feel like this...

Big or small member? It does not matter as much as the way we feel about our size and performance.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you have, average joe, a celebrity to someone with millions of dollars and not a financial care in the world.

Feeling inadequate and a lack of confidence in the bedroom can destroy a man, not to mention cause havoc in any relationship!

I don't want that to be you!

Let's begin...

Step by Step Penis Enlargement

Warning: This blog and these videos will contain uncensored footage as informational and demonstrational guidance only. The content may not be suited for persons under the age of 18.


By continuing to read this article you are agreeing to comply with our Terms & Conditions.

Imagine being 100% satisfied with your penis size giving you the confidence and space to work on the rest of your game even more like foreplay and other sexual skills making your sex even better every single time, even having your lover beg for more.


And never again have to question your size or even have them strategically try not to crush your feelings and manhood at the same time and say it’s fine.

Do you want fine? Or do you want amazing?!

Penis Enlargement Journey so far...

These days, even just my flaccid penis hang is something I can be proud of. So happy that I don't mind showing the world. After all, the human body is a beautiful thing, unfortunately our ego and insecurities make us hide and wish only to be seen on our "good days". I think that is also totally natural and human nature but we should be able to feel proud and happy with what we have and even better about what we can work on. I too use to think I always had a flaccid penis size like I just jumped out of a cold pool. Not anymore!

P.S. Don't worry, the cold pool I think will shrivel anyone!

And, hey... It's not like I have a MONSTER COCK, BUT... I'm happy.

No one really needs to have an anaconda BUT, it is nice to be BIG.

My results:
Bone pressed flaccid stretched length (BPFSL): 7 - 8.5 inches
Non bone pressed flaccid length: 3.5 - 6 inches
Flaccid girth: 3.35 - 5.5 inches
Bone pressed erect length (BPEL): 6.2 - 7.8 inches
Base erect girth (BEG): 5.7 - 6.5 inches

2022 Update: I've taken a break from increasing size (PE) from early 2021, quite happy with my results from then.

Does an ERECT LENGTH GAIN of 1.6 inches and an ERECT GIRTH GAIN of 0.8inches make a difference? A LOT MORE than even I thought it would! The comments about the new size feel nice BUT, the facial expressions when in use are that much better!

The Cliche principle of stretching any bodily tissue...

This may come across as cliche if you're not new to the PE world, you would have seen these as similar examples for stretching the tissues of the penis.

Examples like African tribe members both men and women stretching their neck, ears, lips and other body parts and yes, men stretching their penis's.

The first time I saw these examples when I knew nothing about the world of increasing size, I thought it was a way to convince the masses about the "scammy" products they were trying to push.

Then I thought hang on a second, I have stretchers. I know this principle all too well.
I've stretched 2 holes in both my ears. The larger one from a 1mm piercing to a 16mm tunnel.
I know this works.

If you think about it, 1mm strertched to 18mm is an 1800% increase in size. If I could replicate the same results with my penis.

So, the results for me came when I replicated what I did with my ears but, with my penis.

I tried SO MANY methods and products with little or no results. Even though these examples are used, they're not taught how to be replicated. Instead companies sell their singular wonder products like "See, this is a traction device for the penis, if African tribes men and woman can stretch their body parts, so can you!"

While true...they're missing at least half of the equation!

This means it's not only going to take one device or method.

Instead, it's going to take various methods to execute the same principles, at the very least 2 different device types.


The tools for stretching the ears are simply tapers and tunnels.

To make it real simple.

Tapers look like long thin spikes starting small at one end, increasing in diameter / width at the other end.

With enough force within safe limits the aim is to push the taper through the ear, stretching the tissues SLIGHTLY past their normal resting state.

Now, once this is achieved and it isn't pushed too far risking tearing, the taper is left in the ear for 1-2 weeks, sometimes longer (longer the better for safety). If you want to keep increasing the the size / width of the opening, once the tissues have healed you can move to the next taper size up.

You can keep repeating the process until the desires size is reached.

Once the desired size is met, you can leave the taper in or move to a tunnel that simply just keeps the ear stretched but doesn't stretch it any further.

Once this is left in for long enough, usually worn as jewerally / fashion statement, the ear won't return to it's original size. It may shrink a little if taken out for a long period of time but this is because the tissues aren't needed in their larger size.

If this size increase was the penis, atrophy (shrinkage / loss of size) would only happen if you didn't use your penis. Simply retaining your new size can be as easy as... masturbating or having sex regularly.


If you happen to fall back a little from lack of use and lose a little size, you know the formula to gain the size again.

The second time around or any time after is usually a lot easier, if you need to regain that tiny percentage of size loss.

Again, to lose that size you would literally have to not use your penis for a long time.

And like most things, what you don't lose.

Now how do we replicate these priciples with the penis?

It's not so easy to leave a device on the penis 24 hours a day 7 days a week, let a lone trying to do it with just the one device.

If we could leave something on the penis for 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we'd all have our dream size cock in a few months.

This is where the variety of tools come in to suit every scenario and circumstance in your normal daily life.

Stretching tools for Increasing Size
- Like the Taper for the Ear

Retaining tools for allowing the Size to heal in a new larger state
- Like the Taper or Tunnel for the Ear

STEP 1 - Methods to Increase Size (Starting the growth cycle)

Compression Hanging

Penis Pumping

Compression Extending


Compression Hanging
w/ Pulley

Manual Methods

STEP 2 - Methods to Retain the new Size achieved (Allowing the tissues to heal)

Then recover as best and as quickly as you can staying in an elongated and / or expanded state with methods like vacuum extending, an all day stretcher, even a passive healing sleeve and the optional penis rings.

All Day Stretcher

Vacuum Extender

Passive Healing Sleeve

Vacuum Hanging

Penis Rings

Simply using your Penis!

The More devices the Better

Trying to increase penis size with only ONE device is like trying to build a house with a hammer, I haven't actually tried that but, I bet it's impossible.

You'll realise the more devices you have the better since each device will suit a certain part of your day better than the other. Not to mention without at least one of each device type, you won't get results.

Each devices offers different potential for increasing size and retaining the new size achieved.

Devices in Step 1 offer the potential force needed and need some privacy or at the very least should be done at home.

Devices in Step 2 offer flexibility still with the right amount of lower force to retain the tissues just stretched from Step 1. These are great for healing since you can get on with your life like a normal person while being able to go out in public. 

Only using devices capable of increasing size and not retaining size, means the tissue cells you started to stretch will return back to their original size and heal, so nothing changes.


Only using devices best suited for retaining size and not increasing size, means the tissue cells may not be under enough stress to stretch and divide in the first place, so again, nothing changes.


Unfortunately trying to use these devices for other than what they’re best for will lead to increased risks and discomfort which means your progress will be very limited if you gain anything at all.

I mean, compression hanging in public and you’ll probably get arrested. Pushing the limits of a vacuum chamber can lead to serious injury.


The magic is in the combination of force and the 2 different device types to maintain safety and effectiveness.

penis enlargement theory

Compression Hanging and Vacuum Based All Day Stretching is by far my favourite and is what I recommend to most to see substantial gains like I have.

Stress and Recover is the game...

The faster and more effectively you recover the more you can stress the tissues, the more you stress the tissues to then recover again repeating the process over and over, stress, recover, stress, recovery over and over, YOU ARE GOING TO GROW.

Growth Potential

Once you nail the proper protocol, you could achieve a realistic goal of at least 20%, but done acceptionately you could achieve up to a 50% increase in size in 1-2 years. 1-2 years and your done. Everyone gains differently so what may take on person 6 months may take someone else some years. Health and other lifestyle factors will also play a massive role in your results. Make sure to stay tuned with our blog and video library to learn more.

Current Length X Girth 30% Gain 50% Gain

5" x 4"

6.5" x 5.2"

7.5" x 6"

6" x 5"

7.8" x 6.5"

9" x 7.5"

7" x 6"

9.1" x 7.8"

10.5" x 9"

Now, because of my personal experience going from device to device, method to method, experimenting, getting injured, spending of 10's of thousands of dollars and almost a decade scouring the net for scraps of at best puzzling information. I eventually decided to cut through a lot of the confusing material and products to provide one kit that has it all. And, include as much guidance from personal experience as I could.


In other words, not just one tool to hopefully do everything, like giving a carpenter just a hammer to build a house and like the rest of the industry offers you and without any of the training and support. THE ONE AND ONLY PACKAGE YOU WILL EVER NEED.


This kit will have everything you need:

Compression hanger

Some above $100

Compression extender

Most above $200

Vacuum Extender

Some above $200

Vacuum Hanger

Some above $250

Vacuum All Day Stretcher

Some above $300


Great for girth work. This little guy will give almost ever pump a run for it's money. Being able to produce unbeleivable pressures. With that said, use it wisely.

Learn more about it in the tutorials in the blog and video library.

Heat Pad

Great for keeping the tissues warm and pliable for stretching. A first of it's kind using graphene film to produce infrared wavelengths between 450-850nm PLUS it's the perfect size for the shaft with 3 heat settings.

Pulley System

Great for penis hanging with either compression hanger or vacuum hanger while sitting. No more sore feet and back. Get back to doing what you need to do, work or relax while you grow.

Plate Hanger

A great platform for sitting weight plates on to hang symmetrically. Suits both compression hanger and vacuum hanger with or without the pulley system.

Passive Healing Sleeves

Another great way to passively heal discreetly in an elongated position. An alternative to All Day Stretching when you don't have as much time.


All the extra tools needed like bandage, silicone sleeves, tape and more.

Get the Full Kit Experience...

Basics Training Series (82 Videos)

  • Penis size
  • Sexual Performance
  • Device free uncensored length
  • Device free uncensored girth
  • Erection quality
  • Sexual stamina
  • Clamping and pumping
  • PLUS All uncensored device training and tutorials

Stretching tools (3)

  • Compression Hanger
  • Compression Extender
  • Clamp

Anchoring tools (6)

  • All Day Stretcher
  • Vacuum Hanger
  • Vacuum Extender
  • Passive healing sleeve and rings (4 variations)


  • Infrared Heat Pad
  • Plate hanger
  • Pulley system
  • Length and girth ruler
  • Protective tape
  • Discount code for Ez-Jelq ($30 off)
  • Discount code for Phoenix ($85 off)


  • 12 Week Performance starter program
  • Total Man Performance Book future release

Replacements and Spares Discount Code

For purchasing the Full Kit you will receive a special lifetime replacements and spares discount code for 30% off anything in theACCESSORIES CATEGORY of the store. The only criteria is a minimum of $100 spend.

This includes:

    • Tape
    • Sleeves (any kind)
    • Bandage and wraps
    • Plate hangers
    • Pulley systems
    • Chambers
    • Leg bands
    • Chambers
    • Heat pads
    • Extender frames
    • Clamps
    • Chamber pumps
    • Hose
    • Spare parts and replacements


If you’re still on the fence after all that, know that we also have a60-day money back guarantee.


I’m really that confident in what we’re offering.


Try our products out for sixty days. Compare them toany other products on the market. If you’re unsatisfied, send your purchase back and we’ll refund your money.


Time is going to come and go and we’re not getting any younger. Not to mention the more we age, the slower our body can recover which means results may take longer. 2 years from now are you still going to be searching for answers, hiding in shame, and internally questioning every single sexual encounter?


Or will you have bought the best package for your goals, put in the time and effort, and have that bed-shaking, body-clenching, sheet-gripping orgasmic sex life of your dreams?


I know which one I’d choose.

Click on the product image to check out all the details and images of the full kit plus the rest of our range!

Sold out

"But hey, don't just listen to me... check out all our happy customers".

Not to mention FREE access to the most comprehensive blog and video library of how to tutorials on all devices and guidance on increasing penis size, bettering your erection quality and improving your sexual stamina making you a king in the bedroom.


AND, I'm only an email away! (Mike -

Look forward to hearing from you, helping you in any way I can and most of all hearing about your results!

There's HEAPS of information on this page so, if you need to leave but want to come back without saving a bookmark and to keep things private... enter the URL and click on THE ULTIMATE GUIDE.

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