Vacuum Extender Kit 3.0




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This is one of the cheapest, high quality kits you will find on the net that comes with abundant support and assistance.


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What's included - kit options:

Vacuum Extender Kit:

  • Rod Extender Frame 3.0 [NEW]
  • 3 x Total Man 3.0 Chambers (Sizes available 1-2-3-4-5)
  • Compact accordion pump - Super discreet and super effective enabling you to take it anywhere you need [NEW]
  • Silicone vacuum hose (Alternative method for pump)
  • 3 rolls of Micropore tape
  • 1M TPE Theraband, 5cm wide, 0.5mm thick [NEW]
  • 6 inch Total Man sleeves [NEW] (choice of 3 sizes: 21mm, 26mm, 32mm inner diameter)
  • 2 x Spandex Sleeves [NEW] for all Vacuum Chamber methods and Passive Healing Sleeve set up


This optional extra will allow you to compression extend as well.

  • Clamp-Mini Hanger 2.0 [NEW]
  • 1M TPE Theraband, 5cm wide, 0.5mm thick [NEW]


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    • NO WEIGHTS INCLUDED in this kit


    Silicone Sleeve Sizing Guide

    • Measure your Stretched Flaccid Circumference of the mid-shaft (SFC):
      • Use a soft measuring tape or tailor's tape to measure
      • Wrap the tape around the circumference of the mid-shaft while STRETCHED OUT FLACCID and take the measurement
      • SFC up to 70mm - 110mm = Size 1: 21mm inner diameter sleeve
      • SFC 90mm - 130mm = Size 2: 26mm    inner diameter sleeve
      • SFC 110mm - 150mm = Size 3: 32mm    inner diameter sleeve
      • There is cross over because flaccid to erect sizes may change and during your use in any device your erect to flaccid state will fluctuate.

      Spandex Sleeve Sizing Guide

      • Same method as above measuring your Stretched Flaccid Circumference of the mid-shaft (SFC):
        • SFC up to 70mm - 120mm = Size 1: 40mm laid flat
        • SFC 90mm - 150mm = Size 2: 50mm laid flat

      Chamber Sizing Guide

      • Measure your Erect Coronal Ridge Circumference (ECRC):
        • Use a soft measuring tape or tailor's tape to measure
        • Achieve an erection (use a penis ring or band to assist with getting erect, optional)
        • Wrap the tape around the Circumference of the Coronal Ridge (the widest section of you erect glans) and take the measurement
       Size Internal chamber diameter Erect Coronal Ridge Circumference
      1 28mm Up to 88mm
      2 33mm 88 - 104mm
      3 38mm 104 - 120mm
      4 43mm 120 - 136mm
      5 48mm 136 - 151mm
      I do recommend purchasing 1 to even 2 sizes up as well, so if you're size 1, get size 2 and 3 as well. You may find you move through these sizes throughout your journey.

      Additional details on individual products



      We have gone through a few versions and finally this is the one that is going to rock the market and world of extenders.

      It is one of many new products hitting the Total Man range.

      So, why is this so extender so great? What makes it so different?

      • While it is a beast like our older version, it's a lot more sleek, much more discreet and you can now customise the rod length with bolt on sections.
      • GOAL: The aim was to design an effective extender that could be worn discreetly while gaining from all other benefits this extender has to offer. More comfort, longer wear time at higher tensions, safer, smoother tension and movement, super strong, increased ease of use for attaching and detaching, simple to use.
      • BASE: Let's start with the base and work our way up. We kept the super round and super large surface area on the side of the base ring pressing on the pelvis. This was to decrease irritation and hot spots caused by thinner base rings with less round edges. A pointy edge or little surface area digging into the one spot on the pelvis or shaft was never fun. The base ring is now open, like a big round "U" shape. This means no matter what method you're using or how large your are, flaccid or erect, vacuum chamber on or not, you can simply slot the extender on the shaft and hook on.
      • HINGE: Next, the new hinge design. One of the biggest downfalls to all extenders, even our older design was the loose hinge effect...that design is practically like wearing blunt scissors latched to your poor lad waiting for a specific movement while you're trying to get on with your day until... "The NICK". Getting pinched on the arm or leg is one thing but, to have an unexpected pinch to your shaft or scrotum, now that will make a man jump or at least want to punch the closest wall or person. This hinge effect also meant an increased chance creating a hot spot with the base ring. Most base rings have a larger surface area if you were to use it at 90 degrees straight out from the pelvis BUT, no extender is worn like that. It will usually be worn up or down. Because of the loose hinge, most of the pressure is diverted to a tiny surface area on the edge of the base ring and not the flatter back side. SOLUTION: This new design, has two mighty tension springs. While it allows the base to rotate and pivot like usual, it also increases resistance the more the angle is increased resulting in a tilting of the base ring keeping the largest surface area where you want it. This increases comfort, decreases the chance of digging or hot spots and best of all you're not wearing scissors on your lad. The chance of your shaft or ball bag getting clamps between the base and the rods is near zero. This design is almost intuitive by nature. The base ring moves where you need it to move while getting out the way.
      • RODS: Next are the rods. There are 3 size rods to adjust your extender length. This frame with come with 25mm, 15mm, 11mm rods. This combination and the amount you receive in your kit will allow you to customise to the right length, resulting in the right tension every time. It's a set and forget build. When you need to increase or decrease the tension, the process is super simple, adding or removing the rods you need.
      • TOP SUPPORT AND TENSION: After spending so much time designing, reiterating, testing, the design wasn't 100%, it didn't feel right. Until... I remember the moment, sitting down at the dinner table with my wife and little one. It hit me. "Oh my!" along with a look that must have hit my face, probably made my wife think I left our child at the supermarket or something, no, she was sitting next to us.
        The issue with the designs that I was trying to make work was that they were too similar to all other designs in the market including our older version. Springs, metal sliders, clunky, unbalanced. Damn near drove me up the wall.
        The new model however is more a suspension type design using elastic cord just like the leg band of the all day stretcher. Smooth, accurate, safer. While elastic can create tension like metal springs, it's not as rigid, it's super flexible and can fluidly stretch around edges. The new top support shape has nice long arms allowing for adequate elastic length increasing tension travel length. The more tension travel    length the safer the device. Most other designs have a tension travel length of around 3cm. Unfortunately if one of your movements while you go about your day makes your extender max out the tension travel length, your tension could multiply in the matter of milliseconds...the type of tension that would match the stride of your body weight...this is not good. Broken skin, blisters, other injuries, I've been there.
        This design has the ability to have up to 10cm tension travel length. You won't even need this much, however again, the more   tension travel length, the safer your device. Since the new design suspends your lad instead of locking him in place, the tension is a lot more centred. During wear and while moving, the tension doesn't tilt the top support causing jams like other extenders. Since this design cannot tilt the top support and even if it did it doesn't matter. The tension can fluctuate fluidly, NEVER getting jammed increasing your risk of injury.
        The top support has a nice ergonomic shape, rounded to hug the leg if you're wearing it under clothing. The extender may look long and wide however this is for multiple reasons. The tension needs to come from in front of the vacuum chamber or compression device and the extender needs to be able to fit all chamber widths including the new Size 5. However this long and wide design  also means it sits flatter on the leg and under clothing. While I don't think any extender is the most discreet option, most other extenders in the market have your lad sitting on top of the device making the set up VERY thick and bulky which always tends to show through clothing...unless you're going for a clunky looking bulge down your leg, up to you.

      More information about the extender:

      • Can produce up to 6lbs of tension (thicker elastic available for greater tensions if needed producing up to 10lbs)
      • Total length from the bottom of the base to the top of the Top Support: 34cm
      • Extra pair of 25mm Rods available as add on's (not included in the base frame kit), making the total length 35.5cm.
      • Shortest set up: 16.5cm
      • Base frame kit weight: 130g
      • Material: Nylon reinforced with 30% glass fibre
      • Suits both Vacuum chambers for Vacuum Extending and Clamp for Compression Extending

      What you get:

      • Base ring, hinge springs and base adapters pre-built
      • 8 x 25mm Rod lengths
      • 6 x 15mm Rod lengths
      • 6 x 11mm Rod lengths
      • 2 x Top Support adapters
      • Top support, elastic, hook and grubs screws pre-built
      • Top support tool
      • Extra 4mm Heavy Duty Elastic cord for up to 10lbs of tension



      • Injection moulded and contoured to the glans shape for optimal fit
      • Sleeve rim to avoid sleeve slipping up over the chamber
      • Reverse barbs on the lower outer chamber to secure the sleeve ensuring attachment
      • Thin chamber rim for a seamless chamber to sleeve transition eliminating the air pocket you will find with most other designs increasing risk of unwanted swelling behind the coronal ridge
      • One way valve with removable weight/tension clip
      • TPE Valve End to guarantee the vacuum seal
      • To get the right size, check out the sizing reference above



      • The newest and most versatile clamp enabling many methods including:
        • Clamping for girth and the newest taping and attaching vacuum chamber method
        • Mini Hanger for light hanging (up to 4kg, anything heavier and I'd recommend using the Compression Hanger 2.0 with an almost limitless weight capacity)
        • Compression Extending with the Extender Frame 3.0 (also works with the older version Extender Frame 2.0)
        • Compression based stretching with leg band (please note: since this is a compression method, you still need to remove the device every 15 minutes to restore blood flow)
      • Main 2 frames and 2 sliders are made of Nylon reinforced with 30% Glass Fibre
      • Main strap holding this device together is a 10mm polyester webbing strap with a breaking strength of over 100kg
      • Main cord for light hanging, extending and stretching is a 3mm polyester paracord with a breaking strength of over 200kg



        • Features:

          • 6 inches (15cm / 150mm) in length
          • Inside diameter:
            • Size 1: 21mm
            • Size 2: 26mm
            • Size 3: 32mm
          • Thickness: 3mm
          • Shore A Hardness: 5
          • Stretchy but strong and comfortable!
          • Can be used for any vacuum chamber method including vacuum hanging, all day stretching, extending plus as a passive healing sleeve with or without a chamber. It can also be used for protection with compression hanging and compression extending and more!
        • To get the right size, see the above sizing reference



        A must have when it comes to vacuum chamber methods and passive healing sleeves.

        For Vacuum Chambers

        These are the newest addition to any vacuum chamber method.
        These super simple sleeves can be cut to the right length and shape to be used as an additional protective piece for the glans inside any vacuum chamber PLUS being a fabric, it also wicks moisture keeping the tape on the glans dry to ensure protection and keeps the valve from clogging. It's a win, win, win.

        • Protection
        • Keeps tape dry
        • Keeps valve clean and free from clogging

        A second length of spandex sleeve can be used on the outside of the chamber to keep the chamber, sleeve and rubber band from rubbing on the leg causing irritation and worse, gripping. If your chamber cannot slide or move freely along the leg while in wear either sitting down, standing, moving around even in public, you have an issue. Vacuum pressure inside the chamber is dictated by the initial pressure set by your vacuum pump during attachment, the next dictator is the tension applied via hanging, extending or even all day stretching with a leg band. If the chamber grips to anything while your movement pulls the chamber increasing tension, this is going to increase the internal vacuum pressure substantially risking injury such as abrasions and blistering. It is most crucial when in use with a leg band since the chamber will be pulled close to the leg.

        For Passive Healing Sleeve

        These super comfy and breathable spandex sleeves have changed the game for passive healing sleeves eliminating the need for using one full length of sleeve to get the job done and no more lubrication needed which made public wear a little daunting.

          Information about the sleeves:

          • Spandex sleeves are 9 inches long and come in 2 sizes by laid flat width (Size 1 - 40mm, Size 2 - 50mm)
          • Material composition: Spandex (85%+ polyurethane) and polyester (up to 15%) with a cotton sewing thread

            MICROPORE TAPE

            It sticks well for optimal effectiveness, it's super thin making it very comfortable and very breathable which is great for any vacuum chamber method increasing negative pressure to the glans.

            It is in our opinion the best protection that you can have while maintaining comfort and effectiveness for all the following methods:

            • Vacuum Hanging
            • Vacuum Extending
            • Vacuum All Day Stretcher
            • Passive Healing Sleeve with Vacuum Chamber
            • Manual Vacuum Chamber Stretches

            Alternative methods of protection are things like silicone glans caps in my opinion, don't do much at all and if anything could make things worse increasing risk of injury with falsely perceived protection.

            Please know, tape comes with most of our kits that have vacuum chambers.
            Tape is going to be one of the items that runs out so make sure to stock up.

            Please see our Video Library to see how to use the tape for the most effectiveness.
            Also know, removing the tape although slightly tedious it can come off quite easily with soaked with soap water and a little amount of time, then removed slowly.
            Please see the new taping tutorial above to know how to only need to tape once a day and remove the tape once a day. This is compared to the older version where you would need to re-tape every time you used you lad making vacuum chamber methods much hard to stick to.


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