Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Spandex Sleeves

Spandex Sleeves

A must have when it comes to vacuum chamber methods and passive healing sleeves.

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For Vacuum Chambers

These are the newest addition to any vacuum chamber method.
These super simple sleeves can be cut to the right length and shape to be used as an additional protective piece for the glans inside any vacuum chamber PLUS being a fabric, it also wicks moisture keeping the tape on the glans dry to ensure protection and keeps the valve from clogging. It's a win, win, win.

  • Protection
  • Keeps tape dry
  • Keeps valve clean and free from clogging

A second length of spandex sleeve can be used on the outside of the chamber to keep the chamber, sleeve and rubber band from rubbing on the leg causing irritation and worse, gripping. If your chamber cannot slide or move freely along the leg while in wear either sitting down, standing, moving around even in public, you have an issue. Vacuum pressure inside the chamber is dictated by the initial pressure set by your vacuum pump during attachment, the next dictator is the tension applied via hanging, extending or even all day stretching with a leg band. If the chamber grips to anything while your movement pulls the chamber increasing tension, this is going to increase the internal vacuum pressure substantially risking injury such as abrasions and blistering. It is most crucial when in use with a leg band since the chamber will be pulled close to the leg.

For Passive Healing Sleeve

These super comfy and breathable spandex sleeves have changed the game for passive healing sleeves eliminating the need for using one full length of sleeve to get the job done and no more lubrication needed which made public wear a little daunting.

What you get:

  • Spandex Sleeve

Information about the sleeves:

  • Spandex sleeves are 9 inches long and a width of 50mm laid flat
  • Material composition: Spandex (85%+ polyurethane) and polyester (up to 15%) with a cotton sewing thread 




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