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Refunds and Returns Policy (Our different policies on this page)

- General
Special Circumstances & Product Faults
- Warranty
- 60
 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
Double Money Back Guarantee


The refund and return policy due to the nature of the products sold in the Total Man Shop once the product has been shipped are as follows:
- Due to the nature of the product we do not accept returns however we do offer replacements and refunds for defective items.
- If the item is defective, you will be asked to email a description and photo evidence of the defective part. In the case that the matter is agreed to, the choice will be your for a replacement to be sent (all charges covered) or a refund.
- If the item you received is the wrong item or size ordered on your part, we will simply confirm the right part, item or size to send straight away (all costs covered). Please note: If you receive the size you order then you realise it doesn't fit 100%, we are not liable since we have fulfilled the size according to the order. In which case you may need to order the larger or smaller size yourself. We are more than happy to guide you to find the best size.

You may be able to return/refund your order if it is yet to be shipped but there are no guarantees that this will always be possible as orders as usually shipped out within 1 business day. Please note, you may be liable for transaction fee's of up to 5% of the total order cost.


Special Circumstances & Product Faults

A refund or free part/product may apply in special circumstances when there is a proven fault in a product you have received. This is pending review and approval from our team.

To apply for special consideration for a refund or free part/product, you need to:

  • Take photographic evidence of the fault in the product you have received
  • Send these images to with a detailed description of the fault

There are NO GUARANTEES OF REFUND OR FREE PART/PRODUCTS and each fault is approved or denied on a case-by-case basis. You will be notified of the outcome of this review via email, including any relevant refunds or free parts/products being sent to you.

If you are given the option to have a replacement sent however you choose to receive a refund instead, please note that shipping costs will not be included. The amount paid for the product will be refunded in full.



Some of our products will have warranty whereas others won't due to the nature of the particular product being that it is an item that is expected to break down and / or run out.

Compression Hanger - 2 Year replacement warranty
(frame only including nuts, bolts, wire and swage studs, no bandage or sleeve) 

Extender Frame
- 2 Year replacement warranty
frame only including threaded rod, base ring, top support and hardware. No compression hanger, no chambers and no sleeves)

Vacuum Chambers - 2 Year replacement warranty
(Plastic chamber, o-ring, check valve, steel clip. No sleeve, rubber bands or silicone valve end) 

Leg bands - 4 Month replacement warranty
(Fabric band, velcro, metal buckle, elastic cord, aluminium carabiner. These tend to be used so much every day we cannot guarantee the condition it should still be in)

Clamp - 12 Month replacement warranty

Heat Pad - 6 Month replacement warranty
(Since this is electronic and can be used most days, we cannot guarantee the condition it should still be in. Many will use this product between sets of a method that uses a form of lubrication which is not recommended! The heat pad should remain 100% dry when in use. We also cannot guarantee the condition of the velcro. The replacements warranty is only if the heat does not work, stops working or starts producing considerably less heat).

Plate Hanger - 2 Year replacement warranty

Pulley System - 1 Year replacement warranty

Compression Plate - 2 Year replacement warranty

Silicone Sleeves - Only if the item is defective when it arrive or within 3 used and is handled appropriately, we can send a replacement. We need to be shown via photographic proof the faults, we can send you a new sleeve of the same size. This type of item degrades over time regardless of the brand and will need replacing with enough use.


60 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
As stated, we are so confident in our products that we truely believe you won't want to give them up. We want you to have the absolute best, to have the best chance of getting the results you truely want. This is how we can guarantee you will have the best of the best.
If you decide within 60 days from your product arriving at your door that our products are not superior to any other products on the market as a whole, simply send the products back that you think are not superior explaining what part of our product(s) give you this impression compared to other products you have and we will provide you with your money back. All you need to do is send us an email to explain in writing along with some photographic proof of our product and the product you are comparing to, to assist us gaining feedback why you think our product(s) is/are not superior. This way we can also continue to improve to provide only the best.
The reason we need to apply these conditions is so we don't have people simply changing their mind and not wanting to pursue this goal any more due to lack of motivation. With this applied with for example gym, they would go out of business.
Even though all we do is dispose of the goods once they are returned, this to prevent the guarantee getting taken advantage (customers getting their money back and keeping the goods).

Please know, if you order a larger package with multiple devices and you think for example the Vacuum Extender is not superior to another vacuum extender on the market, you can explain in detail with some photos, we can have you send the products back that you want a refund on. The whole package won't be refunded, just the products you deem inferior.

Triple (3-5X) Money Back Guarantee
If you purchase any of our packages from the All Day Stretcher Kit and Compression Hanger Kit to the Ultimate Package, and stick to the program as instructed, you will gain your extraordinary sexual performance as promised of improved Hardness, Stamina and Size. If you’re willing to provide a testimonial, either in written, audio or video format, along with some before and after images when size is gained, as well, we will provide you with a MONEY BACK REWARD.

If you provide us with a written testimonial you will get 3X your money back.

If you provide us with an audio testimonial, you will get 4X your money back

If you provide us with a video testimonial, you will get 5X your money back.

There is no need to send your products back, keep all product and make money.

Anything you spend on products will be given back to you up to 5 times!
We know that by you sticking to program and using the devices and methods as instructed you can at least achieve great erection quality (effortless penetration with zero signs of poor erection quality), at least double your stamina and increase your size by at least 20% (up to 50%) from your starting size given this is your first attempt at PE methods.
We look forward to hearing about your results and rewarding you accordingly from you providing a testimonial that will also help others getting into this training.
If you wish to take us up on this offer please email so we can send you a few instructions and what the written, audio or video has to include. The reward will be subject to a quality check making sure that the results are true and the testimonial covers the points we need covered. Example: At least 30 seconds explaining your before situation with one or more of hardness, stamina and size then after, where you are now and how it has changed you and potentially your life. The video can be of you or even just you videoing the product(s) you have of ours and explaining how they helped. If you wanted to do a video of you face on but wanted your face blurred we can edit that for you. We will always send any edits back for your approval first before posting them on our site(s).


Any refund or returns enquiries can be sent to


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