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Does Jelqing Work? Is The Jelq a Winner or a Big Waste?

The Jelqing Process

Penis enlargement surgery, ED drugs, penile traction therapy, and many others are all over the net for people who would like to increase penile length or size. But if you got the chance to make your penis bigger without surgery or other invasive techniques, would you take it?

That’s what Jelqing offers you. It is one of the most effective manual penis stretching exercises that offers increased penis length and girth. You’ve probably scoured the internet for the effectiveness of Jelqing. Or you even started the exercise but haven’t seen any noticeable penis lengthening results.

Then you wonder, does Jelqing really work, or is it just one of those marketing gimmicks from blogs and online stores? The simple answer is yes; Jelqing works adequately to increase the length and girth of your penis. While the entire jelqing process has been covered in this freePenis Enlargement Video Course, we will examine it here again for the sake of newcomers.

What Is Jelqing?

Jelqing is also known as penile stretching. It is essentially what it sounds like—it involves exercises designed to stretch the penis and increase its length. It involves gentle stretching while maintaining a semi-erect state, typically achieved by massaging along the shaft using your thumb and index finger.

Jelqing Exercise

Jelqing is an age-old technique that originated in the ancient Middle East and is closely associated with the quest for penis enlargement. It has been informally passed down through the ages, mainly through oral traditions and cultural customs.

Now that you know the basic meaning of Jelqing, we should go into the burning question, “Does Jelqing work? “To answer this question adequately, we need to dive deep into the penis anatomy and what we’re actually targeting. In short, YES. But many think this may be BS. Look, what have we got to gain from you getting results or not from this, the exercise is FREE...we just want you to understand it correctly to get results while staying safe.

Anatomy of the Penis

It’s essential to understand your anatomy, primarily so you can gain results in penis size. But it will also help you achieve results with your hardness and stamina as well. It will prevent you from skipping ahead and doing something silly during your progress. When you know more about the penis, you’ll make logical decisions when executing the jelqing exercise. This means that you’re going to gain results while avoiding injury. This not only goes for Jelqing but, any penis enlargement method since we'll be working with the same principles and quite literally the same anatomy.

Penis A

This beautiful sexual organ of ours consists of many parts. We’re going to start basic, then go deeper. Let’s get to it.

The Sheath

First, there is the penis shaft. It starts at the base of the pelvis and ends at the glans. It includes the coronal ridge where the shaft meets the glans and urethral opening at the tip. We’ve also got the foreskin and frenulum. The frenulum joins the foreskin to the underside tip of the penis. For those who have been circumcised, the foreskin and frenulum have been cut.

There is a belief that doing penis enlargement with Jelqing leads to what is called a turkey neck. This is when you achieve an erection; the testicles come with the shaft, and it seems there is excess skin being pulled by your erection. But when you performthe Jelq the right way, you will minimize or avoid this occurrence.

The Fascia

This is where things start to get exciting. Just underneath the skin of our shaft, we have the first layer of fascia. It is a protective and very functional connective tissue. Fascia holds us together. It’s in our muscles, organs, as well as any sensitive structure like veins and arteries.

Due to the nerves that densely populate the fascia, it holds a memory. This means that stress or trauma to the area can be held until the fascia thinks it’s safe to let go. This technically means fascia is smart, making your penis smart. In other words, there is no tricking your body by skipping ahead.

You might think that more the intensity you apply to the penis during the Jelq will deliver better results. But your fascia is working against you. It will protect anything underneath it by any means necessary. That includes, by tightening as a protective reaction to the stress caused if it is perceived as a threat to the integrity of the tissues of our vital bodily organ.

Here’s a fun fact: Fascia has the same tensile strength as steel if it needs to be. However, since it is forever changing and regenerating, there is room for us to manipulate it.

Deeper Outer Penis

We have the subcutaneous areolar tissue. It comprises a thin gel-like matrix of connective tissue, making it soft and more pliable than fascia. The subcutaneous areolar tissue houses the first layer of veins, starting with the main dorsal vein running down the top side of the shaft. These blood pathways allow blood to leave the erectile tissue and rest of the penis, which is equally as important as blood entering the penis.

Just below this, we have the second layer of fascia, which is known as the deep fascia or bucks fascia. The bucks fascia is a sheath over another layer of veins that stem from the deep dorsal veins, which then stem from the deep dorsal artery. This deep dorsal artery is the penis’s main blood channel. We also have our primary nerves for sensory feedback to and from the penis and the brain.

The Tunica

Below all the structures mentioned above, we have the primary system of tissue that dictates our penis size. It is known as theTunica albuginea. It is the thick layer that envelops the main erectile tissue made of the smooth muscle of the penis. The tunica is a thick layer of inter-weaving fibers comprising proteins such as collagen type 1 and 3 and elastin.

Collagen is a structural material that gives tissues their firmness and strength. Elastin, on the other hand, offers the rebound effect. So, as we move and our body parts stretch, elastin allows our tissues to stretch and return to their former state. This is also a big reason we’re able to return to a smaller flaccid state when blood leaves the penis.

Arteries in the Penis

The Corpus Cavernosum

Our flaccid penis is also made possible by the smooth muscle contracting within the tunica walls. This smooth muscle is called theCorpus cavernosum. When we start to go flaccid post-ejaculation or any stimulation, the muscle contracts. It then compresses the two main arteries and blood channels running down the middle of the erectile tissue.

This slows the blood from entering in high volumes, preventing an erection. This is also important to remember since it is the relaxing of this muscle, the corpus cavernosum, that initially allows us to become erect.

The Corpus Spongiosum

Tunica also surrounds theCorpus spongiosum, which is the erectile tissue surrounding the urethral channel. It forms the head of the penis, known as the glans. The corpus spongiosum is vital because it becomes erect and presses on everything surrounding it. Without the spongy glans penis, the erectile tissue above could squash down on the urethra.

Deeper Inner Penis

With regards to penis size and performance, we might think most of the work comes from working on the penis visible to us. However, it’s just as important to work on the parts of the penis we can’t see. The root of the penis is the erectile tissue that joins the pelvic floor muscles.

Flaccis Penis vs Erect Penis Anatomy

The corpus cavernosum originates from deep inside the pelvis and stems off into two large bulb-like structures called the left and right crus. Both sides are then connected to the pelvic floor muscles, each with its respective muscle. This muscle is called the ischiocavernosus. It wraps around each crus of the penis and almost acts like a pump for the corpus cavernosum.

As you squeeze or contract the muscles of your pelvic floor, including the ischiocavernosus, they push the blood that has accumulated within each crus into the penis, making your penis feel firmer. The more volume of blood within the tunica walls and fascia, the harder your erection will feel.

Why is this important?

The tunica is one of the primary thicker layers of tissue that we’re trying to target in order to increase penis size. The two layers of tunica that wrap around the corpus cavernosum are joined in the middle by the septum.

As the layers of the tunica merge together, this makes it possible for the septum to be thicker. This way, we can potentially manipulate the toughest points of the penis with stretching exercises and other PE methods. But again, since all of this is bodily tissue, you can manipulate it when you approach it safely and correctly.

So, Does Jelqing Work?

From what we’ve discussed above, you should be convinced that Jelqing works. You may ask why. If we can manipulate the toughest tissues of the penis with proper Jelqing, then why not?

This technique can enhance both penis length and girth. The reason behind this is that it primarily focuses on the tunica. As explained in the anatomical context, it is one of the most challenging tissues to modify, stretch, and stimulate growth. Thus, by prioritizing this penile tissue, we unlock greater growth potential.

Does Jelqing Work?

When done correctly, Jelqing exerts pressure on the outer penis. It affects not only the targeted tissues for penis size enhancement but also the blood channels in their respective directions. This dual action serves to enhance blood flow to the penis while simultaneously providing a penis-stretching effect. As a result, it combines traction and pressure in a single method to promote a larger penis.

Moreover, this technique counteracts the local stress experienced by the tissues, and it may even have systemic effects. It can be a stimulating experience, activating pathways in the brain that engage the nervous system contrary to stress.

In addition, the motion involved in Jelqing delivers a massaging effect, further relaxing the tissues. The friction generated during a Jelq session imparts a warming sensation, contributing to penile tissue relaxation and improved blood flow.

How To Do the Jelq Properly

Jelqing, when done correctly, can yield satisfying results, but it demands a precise approach. Follow these steps:

  • Start with a warm-up to relax the penile tissues and promote flexibility, reducing the risk of injury.

  • Apply a water-based lubricant to the base and shaft to minimize friction and enhance comfort.

  • Maintain a semi-erect state, around 40 to 70 percent, by manual stimulation or enticing thoughts.

  • Use one hand to hold the skin forward, and create an “OK” sign with the thumb and index finger of the other hand. Gently slide from the base to the top while avoiding pressure on the glans. Repeat this for 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Maintain consistent pressure during the exercise, avoiding excessive force with each stroke to encourage proportional growth.

  • After the exercise, soothe your penis with a warm towel and consider using moisturizer or vitamin E oil for healthy skin.

To get the most out of this exercise and any enlargement method for that matter, check out this freePenis Enlargement Video Course.

How Long To Get Results from Jelqing?

So, you might be wondering, “How long does it take to start seeing results from Jelqing?” Well, the journey to noticeable improvements through Jelqing can be a bit like a scenic route. Every traveler’s experience is unique.

For some, positive changes in terms of erection quality and size may pop up on the horizon after a few weeks of consistent practice. But remember, this isn’t a speedy highway to results for everyone. It could take several months of persistent effort to witness substantial transformations.

Progressive overload is an important fundamental of your penis enlargement journey. Actioning the right amount of total volume (with consistent jelqing) across the right amount of time will get you the best results. Something I go into a lot of depth about in the freePenis Enlargement Video Course.

The key here is patience and commitment. Consistency is your co-pilot on this journey, and it’s crucial to follow safe techniques to avoid any bumps in the road. Moreover, if you combine Jelqing with other penis enlargement methods and devices, you are at a higher chance of getting results through more convenience and flexibility to incorporate PE into your busy schedule. But, no promises there.

Precautions to Keep in Mind When Jelqing

Lubricanting the Penis

To ensure a safe and effective Jelqing experience, it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  • Gentle Technique: Avoid gripping too tightly or rushing through Jelqing exercises. Opt for a gentler grip and perform slow, fluid motions to reduce the risk of injuries and achieve better results. Especially when starting around, learn to read the signals from your body. You can always slowly increase intensity over time but can never go back if you increase it too quickly and experience problems resulting in being forced to take a break or having a bad enough experience to put you off for good. Either way, not good.

  • Ample Lubrication: Inadequate lubrication can lead to friction and discomfort. Use a water-based lubricant to minimize these issues and promote a smoother Jelqing experience.

  • Avoid Overtraining: Overtraining can result in fatigue, soreness, and potential injuries. Begin with a low-intensity regimen and gradually increase intensity and duration over time. A great way to avoid this is by tracking...track everything! Date, time, reps, duration, factors of health, stress levels, notes on the workout and how it felt. The more data you have, the more you have to work with increasing your likelihood of progressing effectively and safely.

  • Listen to Your Body: If you experience discomfort or achieve a full erection during the exercise, make sure to adjust your intensity with your grip. This is potentially one of the more difficult aspects of jelqing or any manual methods for that matter - it's difficult to gauge intensity so do you best to keep it within a moderate level relative to your conditioning and experience.

  • Patience: Compared to devices using traction or pressure that you can put on a leave for some time, jelqing and other manual methods may seem a lot more tedious since they require your full attention and time. While you could use these manual methods on their own, jelqing and manual methods definitely has even greater benefits when used in conjunction with other more passive methods (needing less attention and time). Something I explain in this freePenis Enlargement Video Course. Penis enlargement in general is a very long process unlike what most companies pushing products and supplements will have you believe so patience is going to be a big part of this journey, having the right understanding for a start alongside the right tools to make your journey that much easier and hopefully fun, the better it will be.

So, Should You Try Jelqing?

Absolutely! Jelqing might just be that holy grail you’ve been looking for. If you’re big on increasing penis size without invasive techniques, a penis pump, penile traction devices, or penile traction therapy, then you should try Jelqing.

It gives you the chance to improve your penis length and girth. At the same time, you will be increasing your erection quality. But the truth about this penis stretching exercise is that you need to put in the effort and time to deliver the right results. You should also take proper precautions to avoid injuries.

You can combine this exercise with other PE techniques that are discussed in this freePenis Enlargement Video Course. You don’t want to miss it!

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