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Are you at the right place ?

What Is Jelqing? Can Jelqing Increase Your Penis Size?

Jelqing in Process

Have you been looking at the possibility to make your penis bigger? You’ve probably checked online forums and websites to look for the best non-invasive penis enlargement methods. One term you would have come across is Jelqing. But you may be wondering, what is Jelqing? Does it even work? How can I get the best results from it?    

Jelqing is an infamous technique that can be used to increase not only your penis length but also the girth of your penis.The Jelq goes very far back in ancient history, and many cultures have used this method effectively. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most effective manual methods for penis enlargement.

If you’re unsure about the effectiveness of Jelqing and how it can help you get that size and erection quality you seek, then you’re at the right place. Here, we will answer all your questions about the Jelq. We will also show you the best way to carry out this method for optimal results. But before then, let’s briefly look at the history of penis jelqing.

A Brief Overview of the Origins Jelqing

Jelqing is a technique that originated in the ancient Middle East and is often associated with penis enlargement. It has been practiced informally for centuries and has been passed down through word of mouth and cultural traditions.

The term “jelqing” is believed to have its roots in the Arabic word “jalq,” which means “to milk” or “to pull.” It is said to have been a practice among some Middle Eastern and North African communities, where it was passed down from generation to generation as a way to enhance male sexual performance and possibly increase penis size.

In recent times, Jelqing has gained popularity among men worldwide. Numerous men are sharing their experiences of achieving noticeable enhancements in both penile size and the quality of their erections.

What Exactly Is Jelqing?

Jelqing, also known as penis stretching, is pretty much what it sounds like – it involves using exercises to stretch the penis and boost its length. Most jelqing methods require gentle stretching to get a semi-erect penis, often done by massaging along the shaft using your thumb and index finger.

Penis Stretching Exercise

You might have read online that the concept behind this practice is similar to how we build muscle in the gym. This is entirely wrong! Yes, the penis contains muscle. However, we are not increasing penis size primarily by building muscles with high-intensity exercise as we do in the gym. We will see how Jelqing does its work in an instant.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that Jelqing isn’t your typical doctor-recommended medical treatment. In other words, your healthcare provider won’t suggest this technique. Nevertheless, this technique is one of the most effective manual penis enlargement methods available. If done properly (as you would be shown), you can increase your likelihood of success all while avoided risks and possibly the horror stories you may have heard about.

Does Jelqing Work?

Yes, Jelqing works to increase penile length and girth while improving your erection quality. This is a method that hits multiple criteria when it comes to penis enlargement, and it can help you yield amazing results. But how will Jelqing make your penis bigger?

Before we go into how it works, let’s mention one hypothesis circling the internet.

Many gurus out there claim that Jelqing will cause micro-tears in the penile tissues. As the tears begin to heal, the healing process causes new cells to grow to fill them and increase the bulk of the penis. This is basically how weightlifting and increasing muscles in the gym work. But as mentioned earlier, penis enlargement does not work that way.

So, How Does Jelqing Work?

When done properly, Jelqing can create pressure on the outer penis. It does not only do this to the tissues that we’re trying to manipulate for size but also the blood channels in their respective directions. This actually helps to improve blood flow to the penis. It also has a penis stretching effect, so you get traction and pressure in one method to give a bigger penis.

In short, we are predominantly stretching the mass of connective tissue we already have to become larger and hold more blood.

This method also counteracts the stress produced on the tissues locally and possibly systemically as well, this relaxes a tissue called the fascia that can tighten in response to stress making it more difficult to manipulate penile tissue.

The more we can keep this protective fascia relaxed and not tighten as a reaction, the more progress we can make. This is also what makes this exercise so effective for multiple reasons.

It can feel stimulating, triggering pathways in the brain that activate our nervous system in a way that is the opposite of stress.

The action of this method also has a massaging effect, further relaxing the tissues. The friction produced with a jelq can have a warming effect, further relaxing the tissues and increasing blood flood.

Stepwise Procedure to Practice Jelqing

The Jelqing Process

While Jelqing is effective, you must take the right approach and carry the process out carefully. The following steps will help you perform the jelqing exercise correctly:

Step #1 - The Warm Up

This step is significant, as it helps minimize the risk of tissue injury in various parts of the penis, including the base, shaft, and glans. To properly warm up the targeted areas, consider the following approaches:

Starting with an effective warm-up routine is key to preparing the penile tissues for the upcoming exercises. This initial step helps promote relaxation in the blood vessels and renders the tissues more flexible.

Step #2 - The Lubrication

Once you complete the warming-up routine, the next crucial step involves applying lubrication to your penis. You should apply the lubricant mainly on the base and throughout the shaft of the penis.

Choose your preference:

  • Water based lubricant

  • Silicone based lubricant

  • Coconut oil (my favourite - feels and smells great!)

The application of lubricant not only reduces friction but also helps in minimizing the risk of skin irritation. Just be sure to choose a safe lubricant for use in sensitive areas to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience. And if, by any chance, the lubricant starts to dry out, don’t hesitate to reapply it.

Step #3 - Semi-Erection

The best way to Jelq is to do it in a semi-erect state – a sweet spot with your penis hovering around 40 to 70 percent erect. This is at least in the early stages of your journey to get used to the exercise.

It is definitely possible to do the exercise at 100% erection however you MUST adjust your grip strength to accomodate for the intensity.

Technically speaking the softer you are, the more stretch you will create in an elongated fashion and the harder you are, the more expansion you may cause to the girth. Either way you're still working on length and girth however depending on your hardness, the ratio of which will differ.

To reach a semi-erect state, you can stimulate your penis manually or with the help of some enticing sexual thoughts.

Step #4 - The Grip

The grip plays a pivotal role in the success of this exercise. It’s crucial to maintain consistent pressure throughout the routine and avoid increasing it with each stroke. This ensures that your penis grows proportionally.

OK sign for jelqing

Step #5 - The Jelqing Exercise

Follow these steps to perform Jelqing properly:

  • Hold the skin of your penis forward with one hand (A), and Create an “OK” sign with the index finger and thumb of the other hand (B). Use that other hand to slide as far in as possible, forming a grip that fully encircles the base of your penis.

  • Start sliding your fingers from the base towards the top of your penis while applying gentle pressure, but be sure not to squeeze the glans penis. To get the best result, this should take between 5 to 7 seconds.

  • Once you become more familiar with the exercise, you can adjust your grip, percentage of hardness, and even the speed of each stroke. In the beginning to exercise safety, it is best to start softer, with a moderate grip and slow strokes.

  • As hand A goes forward, get hand B behind it and start holding the skin back simultaneously.

  • Once the fingers of hand A reach the tip, use hand B with the same “OK” grip and start from the base once more.

This routine can be maintained for around 10 to 20 minutes - depending on your experience and where you are in your journey. The most important rule for any enlargement routine no matter the method or device is progressive overload. This is something I go into depth about in our freePenis Enlargement Video Course.

Step #6: Recovery

After you’ve wrapped up your jelqing session, take a moment to pamper your penis. Cover it in a warm, damp towel for a few minutes. This soothing step is designed to relax the tissues and maintain their flexibility.

Keeping yourself well-hydrated is a crucial consideration. You might want to think about applying a water-based moisturizer or vitamin E oil to your penis after the exercise. This can contribute to healthy skin and help reduce the risk of dryness or irritation.

Step #7: Patience and Consistency

Remember, Jelqing is not a quick fix; it may take several weeks or even months before you start to notice any potential results. The real secret here lies in staying consistent and patient.

Only consistent jelqing at the right amount will give you the jelqing results you desire. If you ever experience pain or discomfort, stop immediately and ensure proper healing.

If you are serious about your safety and results, definitely check out the freePenis Enlargement Video Course.

Are There Other Jelqing Exercises?

Yes, there are other methods you can use to Jelq besides the conventional one described above. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Reverse Jelq

Reverse Jelq (Top Hold)

This exercise is designed to challenge your erection quality and train the erection quality to make it the best it has ever been. While the Jelq works the tunica to increase the length and girth of your penis, reverse jelq challenges you to keep as much blood inside theCorpus cavernosum and keep an erect penis.

Side note: the Corpus cavernosum is the penis chamber that fills with blood, causing an erection.

Just like it sounds, we’ll be using the Jelq in a reversed version in this exercise. To carry out thereverse jelq,follow the same steps outlined for Jelqing. The only different thing is use one hand to hold the top of the penis (using the “OK” grip).

Then use the other hand (with an “OK” grip) to slide back to the base of the penis while applying some pressure.

Note that this exercise is more tedious than the Jelq because you’re pushing blood out of your penis. So, you may need to really stimulate yourself to stay as hard as possible throughout the process.

Reverse Jelq (Bottom Hold)

Unlike the one explained above, this exercise is not for erection quality but purely for girth. You could use a girth band or a penis ring for this if you wish. After following the initial steps in the jelqing technique, here’s what you do in this exercise:

  • Gently squeeze the base of your erect penis with your thumb and index finger.

  • Create an “OK” grip with the other hand right behind the gland and squeeze down until you meet the first hand.

  • Repeat that for up to 20 minutes. When you get soft or close to being flaccid, stimulate yourself again and get going.

Jelq to Stretch 

This exercise combines the popular Jelqing with another easy exercise – the stretch. Now,Jelq to stretch is a tricky one. You might wonder if it falls in the category of adding length or adding girth. Well, Jelqing offers both since it works on the tunica. Since we’re also stretching, it offers a lot on the penis length.

For this exercise to work, you need to find the best possible state for your penis. Jelqing requires you to be 40% to 70% erect. However, the penis stretching exercise is best done with a flaccid penis. So, you have to find your “happy medium.” Always remember to lubricate to ensure minimum friction.

Follow the same steps as outlined for the Jelqing. However, once you reach the end of one Jelq (at the back of the glans), stretch your penis forward for about 5 seconds using a tight grip. You can do this in any direction that’s comfortable for you. An adequate exercise will also take about 15 to 20 minutes.

What Are the Risks and Side Effects of Jelqing?

When it comes to Jelqing, safety is the name of the game. As long as you avoid excessive squeezing, frequent overuse, or overly aggressive techniques, you should be in the clear. Overdoing it could potentially lead to tissue tears or harm the ligaments that link your penis to your pelvis. So, take it easy and proceed with care.

Like any penis enlargement exercise, Jelqing may have side effects. They include:

  • Potential injury, causing bruising, pain, or even penile tissue damage.

  • Redness, skin irritation, or soreness, especially if you don’t do it with proper lubrication.

  • Numbness, tingling, or sensation loss in the penis.

  • Psychological distress when you don’t get significant benefits.

Precautions to Avoid or Minimize Jelqing Side Effects

Mistakes in your jelqing technique can spell trouble, leading to injuries and less-than-ideal results. Common errors to steer clear of include gripping too tightly, overzealous Jelqing, and inadequate warm-up. To set things right, opt for a gentler grip, Jelq slowly and fluidly.

Enlarged Penis

One pitfall to avoid is skimping on lubrication during your penis jelqing. Inadequate lubrication can invite friction and discomfort, possibly resulting in injuries. To prevent this setback, use a water-based lubricant that minimizes friction.

Overtraining is another landmine to sidestep. Pushing your limits excessively can lead to fatigue, soreness, and potential injuries. Instead, initiate your journey with a low-intensity regimen and gradually amp up the intensity and duration over time. Remember to schedule well-deserved rest days to allow your muscles to recuperate and prevent overuse injuries.

When it comes to your state of arousal, don’t aim for a full-blown erection. Instead, shoot for around two-thirds of the way there. The secret sauce in jelqing lies in gently massaging and circulating blood through your tissues. If you’re at full attention, your blood flow is already in overdrive, and your spongy penile tissue is at full capacity.

Should you ever feel discomfort or achieve a full erection during the exercise, it’s wise to hit the pause button. For newcomers, consider starting with a brief 5-minute session and gradually lengthen the duration.

And a few more nuggets of wisdom for Jelqing and any other stretching exercises you dabble in:

  • Stop the exercise if it becomes painful or uncomfortable.

  • Find a comfy spot—sit down or lean against a table or wall while performing them.

  • Keep it to a maximum of two times a day to steer clear of injuries, at least for beginners.

  • Don’t plan on extending the exercises for prolonged periods, increasing their frequency, or committing to the long haul.Progressive overload is the key.


Many men out there worry about their penis size, and rightly so. You shouldn’t limit yourself in terms of size of your penis. If you aim to make your penis larger and you're not a fan of penis enlargement surgery, Jelqing is one of the top manual methods to consider.

Jelqing works perfectly, but it will take some time to give the results you want. This exercise will give you a bigger and thicker penis while improving your erection quality. However, Jelqing works even better when you combine it with other PE methods and penile traction devices.

This freePenis Enlargement Video Course gives you everything you need to get the best erection quality, stamina, and penis size. Get started now!

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