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How to measure penis length and girth: Your ultimate guide to knowing your erect size

There could be a number of different reasons you want to measure your penis correctly:

  • To see how you compare to the average length and girth

  • You're on the pursuit of increasing penis size

  • You're looking for the right size condom to suit your penis length and girth

Regardless of your reason, there is definitely a right and a wrong way to measure your penis size.

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What is the average erect penis size?

How do you compare to the average erect penis length and average erect penis girth?

First, it's important to know the average penis size. Moreover, when we do bust out the straight line ruler, tape measure, or flexible tape, you want to make sure you correctly measure.

Globally, it is estimated that the average erect length is 5.16 inches and the average erect girth is 4.59 inches.

I know how tempting it may be to move the ruler, pull in your hips, or manipulate the results to squeeze out a few more millimeters so you can beat or meet the average penis length, but resist that urge and be honest with yourself.

Where you are is where you are. A big penis doesn't mean a proficient lover, and if you decide you want to change it? You can! Check out this article on Can you make your penis bigger? And if you decide you're just fine with where you're at? Great!

A quick note: We are not measuring the flaccid penis length in this post.


How to measure penis size

For measuring actual penis length and girth when erect you'll need:

  • One solid and straight ruler with ZERO starting at the very edge

  • Tape measure, or a strap, string or cord

Important considerations for erect measurements


Something not often considered when measuring penis size is that erection quality has a lot to do with your size. If you suffer with varying levels erectile dysfunction, this could sway the result dramatically.

When measuring erect size, you want to make sure that you are at your hardest and fullest erection possible.

If you are able to get to 100% hardness, great. If not, and you use a penis ring or supplements to assist boosting erection quality during intercourse, then it's probably best to take the measurement while using these products.


measure penis tilt


The position you are also plays a big role in an accurate measurement, especially when measuring the length.

All of the tissues of the penis are connected to the body, but especially to the hips. Therefore, standing or sitting, even tilting your hips back and forth, can make a huge difference.

Ideally, you want to be standing, and you want to keep your hips in a neutral position, not tilted forward or back.

How do you find this range? Stand up nice and tall, rotate your hips all the way forward then all the way back a few times, and finally relax and find your center.

Time of day and week

From morning to night, and even Monday compared to a Saturday, when you measure makes a difference.

The penis contains connective tissues that are connected to the entire body, and they respond to local and even systemic stimulus and stress. The best measurements are taken when you are the most relaxed, usually on a weekend and first thing in the morning when stress levels are at their lowest.

Furthermore, if you're planning on doing consecutive measurements (i.e., when you're working on penis enhancement/sexual health), make sure you choose the same time and day every time.

bone pressed erect length

How to measure your penis length - erect

To measure the erect length of your penis, you're going to use the straight ruler.

While as erect as possible, place the flat edge of the ruler against the top side of the penis with the ZERO at your base. To accurately measure, now take the measurement from the very tip of your penis while the penis is as close to 90 degrees as possible.

Bone pressed vs non bone pressed - The pubic bone

Between your skin and pubic bone, you have what is called a pelvic fat pad. You may choose to measure with the ruler pressed into this or not.

Pressing in and pushing the ruler hard enough into your fat pad, until you feel the ruler resting on your pubic bone, is considered your bone pressed erect length.

Taking the measurement with the ruler softly resting against the skin of the pelvic fat pad is considered your non-bone pressed erect length.

If you are comparing to the worldwide average penis sizes, it's best to measure non-bone pressed.

How to measure penis girth - erect

Measuring the erect girth of your penis is going to require something like a flexible tape measure or soft measuring tape.

Alternatively, you can use a flexible material that you can measure against the straight ruler.

While erect, if comparing to the worldwide average, you should measure penis girth near the base of your penis.

Wrap the tape around the shaft and take the measurement from where the measuring tape meets itself again, while only applying a moderate amount of pressure to the tape (tightness).

If using something else, like a cord or string, wrap around the circumference of the shaft and grab the cord or string where it meets itself. While holding that position with your fingers, measure it straightened out against the straight ruler.

measure penis girth

Measuring penis size for tracking penis enlargement progress

Maybe you want to track your penis enlargement journey using traction devices and other methods. You must make sure you measure correctly and you are doing it the exact same way every single time.

Measuring differently could mean misleading levels of motivation. You need correct data!

For the ultimate guide on increasing penis size with penile traction therapy - check out this FREE video course. The most in-depth step by step guide in the world to ensure results and safety.

condom size

Measure your penis size for condoms

Condoms are fairly versatile and stretch. However, it's still very important to get the right size for both comfort and safety. No one wants an accident, and sexual health is integral to any relationship.

Nothing is less romantic than building sexual chemistry to then come to a standstill for two straight minutes while you try to cram your penis into a rubber ring. Worse, when you finally do start having sex, the thought, 'God, I hope it doesn't break...' will bring enough anxiety that it will affect your sexual performance. The same applies if your penile length and girth is too small for the chosen condom.

Most companies will have similar sizes across the board, similar to clothing. Moreover, most will have a sizing guide on the packet or online.

Keep in mind, different brands will still feel and fit very different, so while choosing your condom size according to the guide might work, experiment. They come in different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and materials, and it all makes a difference.

Grab several small packs, and give them all a go to find your fit.

condom size

If you plan to measure your penis length and size to compare to the rest, just remember that pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom is not all about size. I will admit, though, it can make a difference.

If you are measuring to track your progress with penis enlargement, this is probably the most important reason to do it right.

If you are measuring to select the right size condom, pinpoint accuracy won't matter as much. However, getting into your ballpark range will make sure that you have a comfortable and satisfactory fit for not only you but your partner.

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