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Are you at the right place ?

Can you make your penis bigger? - The Truth

So you'd like to increase your penis size in hopes it can bring more spice and pleasure to your sex life but you have no idea if it's all BS... right?

Here is the straight answer: YES, you can make your penis bigger.


But who can you trust?

I'm guessing you've scoured the web, looking for information on penis enlargement. On one side you have doctors, urologists and professionals citing studies saying penis enlargement devices are dangerous and/or it’s near impossible.

Some doctor's do claim to increase penis size through surgical methods. But what about nonsurgical methods?

On the other side, you'll see ads for penile enlargement devices and enlargement pills being thrown at you. "It's SUPER SIMPLE! Why haven't you started yet?!"

Which is correct? Neither. My philosophy and practice falls somewhere in the middle. Because, yes, penile enlargement is possible (and not with pills!), and at the same time, YES, penile enlargement can be dangerous and can cause injury. That is, if done stupidly and or incorrectly.

Heck, going to the gym can be dangerous. Going snowboarding can be dangerous. But both of these things are openly spoken about and so risks are reduced by communication and education.

What I've found in my over 15 years of experience in this field is that sexual health and performance is taboo so it's not openly discussed, leading to higher chances of misleading information and misunderstanding.

I am here to dispel those myths and show you why penis enlargement ispossible, and why it is safe when you approach it like you should approach anything involving one of the most important organs on your body: with long-term safety and effectiveness in mind.

However, we need to be specific about howyou are making your penis bigger, because if you're not careful, the industry will take advantage of you.

Methods of making your penis bigger

Including everything from increasing perceived size to traction devices for adding permanent penis size to surgery, here's a quick overview of all the ways of making your penis bigger:

Erection quality

Simply increasing blood flow to the penis is going to allow for more usable penis size. Erection quality comes down to a healthy mind and body.

Your hardness, believe it or not, has a lot to do with the balance of your central nervous system, which is highly predicated on the state of your mind and body. Better mind and body, better erections.

man shaving pubic hair

Perceived penis size

The way your penis looks and feels could play a massive roll in overall pleasure and satisfaction. Looking bigger because you decide to shave or trim your pubic hair is one way to increase perceived size. The placebo effect is real!

Sex toys, tools, and supplements

  1. Sex toys like penis sleeves can be added to your penis for more instant size, but the downside is you may feel less pleasure due to part of the penis being covered by the sleeve.

  2. Penis rings can be used at the base of the penis to limit blood from leaving, increasing total blood volume in the penis, increasing size during its wear.

  3. A penis pump can be used to increase flow and slightly stretch the tissues of the penis including blood vessels. This allows for easier blood flow post pumping, essentially maximising your current size for intercourse. The additional size boost is usually temporary.

  4. Supplements like pills and lotions can work (technically) but many advertised penis enlargement methods and supplements make buyers think they're going to add permanent size. This is not the case. They increase blood flow, and if you're someone with poor blood flow, this may get you to 100% instead of 80%, increasing your usable penis size during intercourse. If you already have great hardness, they may do nothing.

  5. Traction and vacuum devices can permanently increase the size of your penis by progressively and strategically manipulating the tissues through force over time.


Just as it sounds, having a procedure with you on the table and having augmentation completed by surgeons.

From cutting a particular ligament with the chance of increasing penis length, getting fat or gel injected or an implant slotted in for additional girth - these days there are quite a number of options.

However, none without risks and unfortunately none come with a guarantee on satisfaction. More details later in the article.

Where's the evidence for traction and vacuum devices?

There is actually little evidence via studies supporting that you can increase penis size from traction devices. There is even less support for penis pumps and vacuum devices.

But not none.

Remember, there was a time where doctors said, "If you tried to run a mile in less than 4 minutes, you could die". Now the 4-minute mile is a warm-up for some athletes.

4 minute mile

Just because there is little support from studies, and results are not commonly heard about (would yoube shouting about it from the rooftops if it worked?), it doesn't mean it's not possible for guys just like you and I. In fact, that couldn't be further from the truth.

There is a road to success for all of us wanting to add length and girth to our penis size, so let me explain penis enlargement in enough detail so you understand what's possible.

How do I know PE (penis enlargement) methods even work?

I've been dabbling in the field of bettering sexual performance for 15 years and I've had my fair share of learning curves. Specifically when trying to achieve a bigger penis size.

But I did successfully increase my penis size,taking my erect length from 16cm (6.3") to 19.75cm (7.8") and my erect girth from 14cm (5.5") to 16.5cm (6.5") in circumference.

penis extender

You might notice this isn't even close to what those ads touting that they can increase the length of your penis by 3 inches in 3 months promise you, but these are results that have made me (and many others) very happy.

It didn't take me 15 years to get those size gains either. It took 3.

And it could have been WAY LESS if I knew what I know now.

Who is Penis Enlargement for?

I would say increasing size is for those that:

  • Lack confidence due to their size

  • Those that have a buried penis

  • Those that aren't satisfied with their length or penile girth

  • Anyone suffering with erectile function. However, you may think you want more size, but in truth you just need to reach the 100% mark of the size of your penis by improving your blood flow.

looking at penis size

Penis enlargement methods

Now that you know you can make your penis bigger,let's go over the 4 ways:

  1. Perceived size

  2. Erection quality

  3. Permanent erect size via devices and methods

  4. Penis enlargement surgery

Perceived penis size

Instantly increase your perceived flaccid penis size and even erect size with a few tactics. Don’t think for a second this won’t do anything for a man's confidence or the pleasure between lovers.

  1. Manscaping -Trimming back some hair definitely makes you look bigger.

  2. Your position -If you’re on the bottom and your penis is facing up, the flow is working uphill. Try missionary and doggy-style, and let blood flow and physics do the work.

  3. Their position -The closer their legs are to each other and/or their torso, the thicker you'll feel and the deeper you'll penetrate.

  4. Communication -Nothing turns someone on more than feeling understood and loved. This will do more than any increase in penis size ever will. In fact, turning them on more will make them more sensitive, making you feel larger anyway!

sex positions

sex positions

Erection quality

The harder you are, the bigger you will be.

Poor erection quality or even erectile dysfunction may mean you struggle to penetrate during intercourse, and when you do, you'll feel smaller.

Here are some ways you can get to and stay at your largest erect size - from the most natural to external interventions.


Believe it or not the penis is considered the canary of a man's health. It will usually be one of the first things that will indicate any issues going on mentally or physically.

The quality of your erection is predicated on the nervous system which has everything to do with the state of both the mind and body.

So many men will run to sexual medicine or male enhancement pills thinking it's a quick fix when in reality there are many underlying issues that need to be solved first, all to do with health.

nervous system

Here are a few ways to optimise your hardness through health:

  1. Staying hydrated

  2. Eliminating processed foods, sugars, alcohol, smoking and drugs

  3. Move/exercise regularly

  4. Mindful practices

  5. Lowering unnecessary stresses

Penis Rings

Using a penis ring is quite literally doing what the penis does naturally.

As blood flow increases to the penis, internal chambers within the penis press against the veins. With those channels slightly blocked by a ring at the base of the penis, this makes blood pool within the penis even more.

Depending on the tightness, you may even achieve a harder erection than you natural hardest capacity. Just be wary—while that may feel awesome, it could also limit the flow of blood too much. The tighter the ring, the less time you’ll have until you need to remove it for a break.

Penis pumps

These are very misunderstood and commonly misassociated with real penis enlargement.

The penis pump was first invented to help those suffering with erectile dysfunction. It was used to pull blood into the penis like a normal functioning erection, then coupled with a penis ring to trap the blood to maintain hardness for penetration.

It’s not impossible to increase penis size permanently with a pump but it’s very difficult. This is usually temporary—like a pump at the gym, the tissues and vessels eventually relax again returning to their former state/size.

It's common to couple penis pumps with pills with the goal of directing those active ingredients to the penis, bettering overall erectile function. But will they make your penis bigger over the long term?

No, in my experience, the pump alone does nothing for long-term gains.


From pills and creams to potions and lotions, this "sexual medicine" increases the flow of blood to the flaccid penis and improves your hardness.

But there are no long-term benefits to any pill currently on the market.

Permanent erect penile augmentation: Devices and methods improving the girth and length of the penis

If you have an average of 5.5 inches in erect penis length, with the proper, safe, and correct use of devices and certain methods, you could increase your hardest erect size to beyond 6 inches comfortably.

An average rule of thumb is up to 30% gains in both penis shaft length and girth. This could make your penis (if 5.5 inches in length) up to 7.1 inches in length.

There seems to be a cap that makes things difficult to reach beyond that 30%, as you’re working with the tissue mass you’ve been genetically given.

Here are devices and methods broken up into two categories:

Compression methods: Devices or methods applying compressive force to the tissues in order to achieve traction or pressure

penis hanger

Vacuum methods - Devices or methods applying vacuum pressure to either the head of the penis or the entire penis in order to achieve traction or pressure

penis pump

Permanent erect penis enlargement: What to expect

There is a lot that goes into PE devices and methods that are not as simple as throwing on a device and expecting to see results.

So much so, I created a 4-week video course that is 15 years of my experience condensed into a simple, easy-to-digest and implement format. And, it’s completely free.

Long story short, if you truly want results using devices and methods, it’s hard but not impossible.

Moreover, using devices and methods in a strategic way makes it realistic and sustainable for almost anyone, as long as they expect to put in about 1-2 years of effort to achieve that 30% permanent increase.

The most common feedback I get from the course is, “I should have listened and saved a lot of time."

So, head on over there, and I promise you the knowledge you gain by watching the videos will determine whether the path to a bigger penis is right for you.

Penis enlargement surgery

There are a number of options for penis enlargement surgery that promise a bigger penis, but even they have mixed results not just in size gain (if any), but also in safety and patient satisfaction.

Some surgeons may not even operate unless you have either a micro-penis, a buried penis, or have issues with erectile function.

Here are 3 penile augmentation procedures that are currently on the market:

Cutting the suspensory ligament

This procedure involves cutting the suspensory ligament that attaches from the top of the pubic bone near the base and envelops the mid shaft of the penis. The objective is to release the penis from being attached by the suspensory ligament with hopes that the penis exits the body further.

Results may be predicated on the length of the suspensory ligament and the angle that the penis leaves the body. Some, unfortunately, don’t see any difference.

Penis Injection

This augmentation usually provides more girth to the penis since a gel like substance or fat extracted from the patient is injected into the penis under the skin, adding mass in width.

Some have reported disfiguration from the substance settling in unnatural ways. Furthermore, the body does sometimes absorb injected fat, and the results subside over time.

Penile Implants

An incision is made around the genital region, and a filament, sheath or material is inserted into the penis to add girth and flaccid size.

The material will have a certain thickness and length, but a permanent increase in penis length is usually not achievable.

So can you make your penis bigger?

You have the basic, unbiased information before you, so you decide. Here's a quick overview of the facts:

  • Pills and lotions are never permanent, but they can get you up to your maximum current length through blood flow.

  • Penis enlargement surgery is both risky and improvements to the look and size of your penis long-term is not guaranteed.

  • You can increase the length of the penis, as well as the girth, through the use of devices and methods. This takes time and commitment, and you can gain up to 30% in both length and girth. You will not damage your penis using proper devices in a responsible way - and to do so check out the 4 Penis Enlargement Week Video Course.It's FREE, you having nothing to lose!

sex positions

With this information, you get to decide what to do next to achieve your larger penis.For more in-depth information and content, I invite you our video libaryhere.

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