Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?



Here’s a basic rundown of how to achieve each of these unique male enhancement goals.
The hard fact is that you need to work on getting harder first, then work on lasting longer before it’s even worth trying to increase your total penis size. 
Here’s why.

GET HARDER | Blood and the Pelvic Floor


We know that many men start looking at male enhancement because they want a bigger penis, but a big penis is of no use if you can’t get it up. YOU NEED TO GET HARDER FIRST.

Blood and Pelvic Floor Muscles

It’s all about getting BLOOD into your penis and keeping it in there as this is what swells the penis tissue when you get a hard on. More blood in there for longer = a harder penis.

The only way to pump blood into your penis is by using your pelvic floor muscles. To contract them, hold the end of your penis and try to pull your shaft back into your body. You should see your penis move if you’re doing it properly. You can also find our tutorial in our VIDEO LIBRARY.



Exercises to train your pelvic floor include kegels, reverse jelqs and erect shaft press to name a few. You can also combine pelvic floor exercises into the use of most penis enhancement devices (just like our official total man traction devices), for example when you're compression hanging, compression extending, vacuum hanging or vacuum extending, even vacuum all day stretching. 

The FREE Total Man Video Library has uncensored tutorials on how to improve erections using all of these techniques and more. They can be found under the categories ‘Device-free Methods Erection Quality’ and ‘Erection Quality Training with Tools and Devices’. 




LAST LONGER | Practice and Self-control 


So once you’ve worked on your erections getting harder for longer, it’s time to put that guy to use! We put this before size as having a big penis doesn’t really matter if you’re not lasting as long as you’d like. Sexual stamina goes a long way in improving the intensity of your own orgasms as well as being able to pleasure your partner in the time that they need too.

Working on lasting longer requires a lot of PRACTICE and SELF-CONTROL, and is something you have to continuously work on to maintain your results. This is something that penis traction devices don't directly help with however may through a desensitizing effect getting to be so familiar with your member as all men should be anyway.



Learning to last longer requires you to be sexually stimulated, either on your own or with a partner. Techniques include ‘stop/start’ which involves repetitions of getting close to climaxing and stopping, learning to slow your climb to climax, and ‘edging’ which is hovering between 90 - 99% of the way to ejaculation without finishing.

There are videos with details on how to do these techniques on the FREE Total Man Video Library under the category ‘Increase your Sexual Stamina and Last Longer in the Bedroom’.




INCREASE SIZE | Progressive Overload and Proper Healing 


Alright. So you can get hard and you’re lasting longer. Time to increase that size!

This is where penis enhancement devices are the primary way to get results, but it's not just about strapping on a device on the daily and waiting for your massive penis to appear. PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD and PROPER HEALING are crucial in attaining gains in penis size with devices. You can see our products  here.

How it works

Traction devices in both compression, vacuum and clamping work by putting stress on the tissues of the penis, with the goal of causing micro-tears. When healing, more cells will be laid down as the body always wants to adapt to healthy stressors. It detects “penis was stretched and has micro-tears” and responds with “let’s put more cells there so it can stretch to that length without the need for damage next time”.

Putting too much stress or load on your penis too soon can cause damage beyond micro-tears and this is where you can get into trouble. You need to slowly PROGRESSIVELY OVERLOAD and increase weight/tension incrementally over long periods of time.

Risks also lie in not allowing PROPER HEALING time between sessions. Even if you’re loading carefully, you need to ensure your penis is healed to a good level before going at it again. Healing in an elongated state also helps with this.



FIRST: STRETCHING with the appropriate tension is the active part to penis enlargement executed with progressive overload with compression hangingvacuum chamber hangingrod extenders and more. This will initiate the growth.

SECOND: HEALING in an elongated state can be done with an All Day Stretcher, Vacuum Extending or Penis Sleeves. This will preserve the newly formed state while the tissues heal at their new size. Day by day and even week by week, this may produce microscopic growth however in months and years will contribute to the size and goal penis size you're after!

To get a really detailed but quick over view to increase penis size, see the video on the homepage (I know it's long, BUT it's worth the watch!). Or you can watch it HERE in our Video Library.

More information on how to use penis enhancement devices safely for increasing size can be found on the Total Man Video Library. We suggest starting with ‘The Penis Enlargement Roadmap’ video.




Still need help?

As always, if you ever have any specific questions on where to start, shoot us an email at and we can talk through what would be best for you and your goals!


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