Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Having problems getting the most out of your VACUUM CHAMBER training?
DISCLAIMER: Please make sure you review all product instructions before training!
Vacuum chamber training can be one of the most productive ways to train. It's efficient and less risky than using other devices for the same purpose. That being said, without proper knowledge and experience, it can be tricky to get the device to fit comfortably and stay put.
Below we'll cover how enacting one different change in training can greatly simplify using the vacuum chamber.
While the most common method of vacuum chamber use involves air pumping, buy utilizing the WATER PROTECTION METHOD, you gain several advantages vs air pumping:

Advantage #1: Foolproof Security

Because water is thicker than air, there's a layer of comfort and adhesion you gain by using water. One can see if there are any bubbles which need to be removed with clarity (though a few small bubble remaining is OK). This ensures a better suction and a more enjoyable training experience.

Advantage #2: A More Attractive Penis

Ataxing air pumping session can be tough on the sensitive skin of the glans- which is whyprecautions like taping and post-training treatment is a must. By using the Water Protection Method, not only can you pump safely without tape but your skin can benefit from the moisture.

Advantage #3: Greater Recovery

By keeping the penis hydrated, the recovery process itself is improved. It also prevents "overinflation" which can occur with the more traditional air-based method.

Advantage #4: Versatility

Because of the security and comfort of the Water Protection Method, one can use the Vacuum Chamber for other types of training besides hanging- to include:

We're not saying that air-based pumping shouldn't be a part of your training repertoire- there may be situations where water-based pumping isn't feasible. Maybe you've mastered air-based pumping and like it; but with the Water Protection Method you now have one more safe and effective tool in your training arsenal!

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