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Understanding Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a topic that isn't often enough discussed. This is usually because those afflicted with it see it as some sort of stigma. The shame felt can go as far as not allowing those who experience erectile dysfunction to get the help they need.

Sexual dysfunction is considered a health issue as it involves quality of life and also interferes with a necessary function (reproduction). It's on the list of potential health problems for men and can be caused by issues with physical health or mental health.

What is sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is a term that denotes difficulties or an inability to engage in sexual activities.

For men, sexual dysfunction in particular is often related to issues related to penile erection or premature ejaculation.

In cases of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) the penis is unable to get fully erect. In extreme cases, full-blown impotence may be seen.

Premature ejaculation is often described as not being able to go for longer than 2-3 minutes before ejaculation occurs. In cases where stress is involved, ejaculation can occur immediately upon penetration- often without an accompanying orgasm.

Blood flow to the penis is vital to inducing and maintaining erections. While challenges like poor health or hormonal problems can contribute to male sexual dysfunction, the most common cause of sexual issues among men is psychogenic in nature.

Overall health maintenance will help to maximize the potential for better sexual performance, but in severe cases, a patient should have a systematic review of their mental health to rule out underlying problems.

Common causes of sexual dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by multiple factors, with sexual performance anxiety being the most common complaint. Without understanding the underlying cause, a man may mistakenly believe there is something fundamentally wrong with his penis when he experiences a negative sexual episode due to anxiety.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction can stem from testosterone levels, hormonal imbalances, and high blood pressure.

Heart disease and the associated medications may restrict blood flow and cause poor performance, as can digestive and kidney diseases.

Another contributing factor is having poorly toned or inflexible pelvic floor muscles. Making sure your pelvic floor is maintained in good tone and flexibility will go a long way toward maximizing performance.

Healthy Lifestyle for Better Performance

If you visit a medical professional to discuss issues with erectile health and sexual functioning, the first thing they're likely to do is discuss lifestyle choices. Bad habits like cigarette smoking can have a huge impact on sexual performance due to the negative effects it has on the circulatory system and the lungs. Quitting smoking can only help the situation in these cases

Alcohol intake is also important. If you're going beyond moderate drinking, this can eventually catch up to you in the form of liver disease.

Testosterone levels (as well as other hormones and health items) will likely be checked via a full-spectrum blood test.

Developing and maintaining a high level of physical fitness will go a long way toward establishing disease control.

If your sexual intimacy is hampered by hard-to-control psychological factors related to stress or anxiety, this can and should be discussed with your medical professional as well.

Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes

A heart-healthy and balanced diet is optimal for good sexual performance and function/preventing erectile issues. This diet is also vital for developing and maintaining high testosterone levels.

A diet high in leafy greens, low in starch, and high in lean meat and "friendly fats" can't be completely replaced by dietary supplements- though the latter can be helpful.

Regarding supplementation, Nitric Oxide supplements or L-Arginine can be used with good effects when taken 15 minutes prior to sexual activity or male enhancement training.

Limit unhealthy foods and habits

Optimizing your diet is vital to preventing problems like heart disease and high blood pressure.

Maintaining too high a level of blood pressure can eventually damage blood vessels- leading to ED.

Maintaining lower blood sugar levels is good for maintaining a lean body composition and preventing diseases like diabetes.

Stay hydrated and drink in moderation

Staying hydrated is vital for optimal penile performance. Doing so will ensure healthy blood flow and improve sexual function.

Drinking at least half a gallon of pure, clean water daily is recommended, and if you're physically active and/or in a warm climate, you may benefit from a greater intake.

Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption is important as alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration. Avoiding alcohol can allow you to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Get regular exercise for improved blood flow

The benefits of regular daily exercise are many. This is especially the case if you're looking to develop and maintain maximum sexual function.

Exercise is highly recommended to stave off health problems and for disease control.

Cardiovascular exercise, in particular, is excellent for the penis because it directly improves blood flow. It's also great for maintaining a healthy weight.

Improving Erections and Sexual Performance

Practice pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) for stronger erections

Pelvic floor exercises aimed at improving erectile function are commonly known as Kegels. Mastering Kegels can help you achieve better hardness, enhance venous sufficiency, and improve ejaculatory control.

While they can be performed almost anywhere, for getting the most erection quality this exercise should be performed with a full erection.

Try topical PE treatments and prescription medications (if necessary)

There is a wide array of erectile dysfunction medications available for increasing blood flow to the penis and to improve erectile function.

The most common ED medication contains PDE5 inhibitors which allow for increased nitric oxide uptake. While most are in pill form, there are new delay sprays and wipes which can be very convenient for dealing with premature ejaculation.

To take advantage of these medications that treat erectile dysfunction, you'll need to see a medical professional who can prescribe medication. Insurance may help with some variants, but they're typically expensive. Alternative generic ED medication has made these options affordable to many.

Your doctor will check things like blood pressure and other potential risk factors to ensure you receive the best type of medication for your specific needs.

Note- Psychological factors can present challenges to standard ED medication. In severe cases, urethral pellets (Alprostadil) or even Trimix or Quadmix injections may be recommended.

Focus on foreplay and pleasing your partner

Building arousal is a great way to ensure maximum hardness. Certain types of foreplay, such as oral sex, can benefit erectile dysfunction by helping to drive blood into the penis through suction, similar to how a vacuum erection device works.

Managing Stress and Anxiety for Better Sex

Learn to manage stress and anxiety for better sexual performance

Chronic stress and anxiety can affect sexual function and overall sexual health. Certain mental health conditions can make one prone to sexual performance anxiety.

Learning to manage stress and anxiety through techniques like meditation and deep breathing can help improve sexual performance.

If you feel your emotional or mental well-being is impaired to the extent that you can't manage it on your own, please seek medical care.

Get help for anxiety or depression if necessary

Conflicting medications (for example, anti-anxiolytics) can contribute to erection problems and premature ejaculation.

If stress and anxiety are affecting sexual function, it may be helpful to seek professional help from a therapist or counselor.

Addressing underlying mental health issues can help improve overall sexual health and well-being.

Sleep and Cardiovascular Health for Better Sex

Improve sleep quality for better sexual function

Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining healthy sexual function, including blood flow to the penis.

A healthy man undergoes what's known as Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) cycles during sleep, where growth hormone release induces erections lasting 20 to 30 minutes in duration from anywhere between 5 to 7 times a night!

Improving sleep quality can help reduce the risk of sleep disorders, which can affect sexual function.

Get your cardiovascular health checked regularly

High blood pressure is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction. In addition to many life-threatening conditions, it interferes with blood flow to the penis.

Regular check-ups with a healthcare provider can help identify any underlying cardiovascular issues that may be affecting sexual function.

Maintaining good cardiovascular health can help improve blood flow to the penis and overall sexual function.

Additional Tips for Better Sex

Try masturbating before sex to improve performance

Controlled masturbation (known as "Edging") can allow you to increase blood flow to the penis as well and can also help you to conquer premature ejaculation.

Masturbating before sex can help improve sexual performance and reduce anxiety.

This can also help improve communication and intimacy with your partner.

A routine that combines edging with Kegels can help fully develop the pelvic floor muscles, leading to better stamina and improved ejaculatory control.

Limit porn consumption for a healthier sexual mindset

Porn addiction can cause all sorts of negative effects, including premature ejaculation and performance anxiety.

Excessive porn consumption can affect real-life sexual relationships and reduce the desire for intimacy.

Limiting porn consumption can help improve overall sexual health and well-being.

Avoid non-prescription male enhancement pills

Non-prescription male enhancement pills can be dangerous and ineffective.

These pills can contain unlabeled ingredients that pose safety risks for consumers.

If you wish to improve erectile function, be sure to do your research before consuming any herbs or OTC pills.

When to Seek Medical Help for Sexual Dysfunction

Know when to see a doctor for persistent sexual dysfunction

The body functions as a holistic organism, meaning that when one aspect is compromised, it can often lead to disorders in other areas.

Digestive and kidney diseases are often a symptom of issues like low testosterone or hormone imbalances. Kidney diseases in particular can be mortal if left untreated.

Treating sleep disorders can go a long way to improve erectile function.

If experiencing persistent sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction, it’s essential to seek medical help from a healthcare provider.

A doctor can help diagnose underlying causes and recommend appropriate treatment options, including lifestyle changes and prescription medications.

Establishing a good relationship and communication with your doctor will help you to treat erectile dysfunction in the quickest and safest manner possible.


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