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How to use a penis extender: A beginners guide to the ultimate results

Do penis extenders work?

Absolutely - but you need to know how to use modern penis extenders, as well as understand what results you can expect.

Whether you have a penis extender or you intend on getting one in hopes to increase your penis size to spice up your sexual performance and/or fix penile curvature, this is your step by step guide to get the results you deserve without risk of injury or disappointment. After all, you don't want to waste your time, money or effort, right?

No matter your goal as mentioned, all the following points made in the article will be helpful and most likely relevant to any goal with only few differences.

This explainer will include:

  • Different types of penis extenders

  • How a penis extender works

  • Results you can expect

  • Things to consider to stay safe when using a penis extender

  • What intensity to use it

  • How long to use it for

  • What other methods can be used in conjunction with this device to ensure the best results

  • How to spot the best penis extenders

  • Who extenders are and are not for

Types of penis extenders

It's important to define what a penis extender is since, while searching for the product or information about them, you may come across two very different products.

  1. Penis sleeves can be used to sit over the penis like a prop. These are more sex toys with no added benefit of increasing permanent size.

  2. A frame designed to elongate penis tissue under traction, stretching the penis from the base all the way to the head with the intention to increase penis size and or straighten any curvature.

My guess is that you're after the latter, and that is what this article is about: increasing penis size and straightening curvature using a penis extender through penile traction therapy.

Attachment method

There are 2 different attachment methods to choose from when purchasing a penis extender: Compression penis extenders and Vacuum penis extenders.

With both, the frame itself offers the ability to produce traction by pushing the head of the penis away from your pelvis where the base of the penis extender sits.

However, something needs to hold the head of the penis and this is where you have 2 attachment styles, each serving a similar but different purpose.

Later in the article, we'll get into reasons why you may want both types, but if you choose the right extender, you won't need to buy two--you can purchase 1 that is compatible for both attachment methods.

Compression Penis Extenders

Most penis extender devices sold in the industry are compression based penis extenders.

They use a strap or clamp near the end of the frame, and are designed to grip the penile tissues just behind the head of the penis using compressive force. Hence compression extender.

Since it uses this compressive force it has some pros and cons compared to vacuum extending.


  • Can produce more force safely

  • Fairly comfortable

  • Easier to learn and attach


  • Restricts blood flow so it needs to be worn in sets of 15-20 minutes depending on how tight the strap has been applied

  • For safety, it should not be worn in public or when sleeping

  • Can be a little more bulky depending on the brand

Vacuum Penis Extenders

Vacuum penis extenders are less common but can be very effective if used in the correct way.

This attachment method works using a vacuum chamber with a sleeve that sits over the head of the penis and some of the penis shaft. It holds the head of the penis by using negative vacuum pressure, hence vacuum extender.


  • Doesn't restrict blood flow so can be worn for much longer without breaks

  • Due to no restriction of blood flow:

    • it's safer to wear out in public if the design is discreet enough

    • it's safer to wear to sleep if attached correctly and you've conditioned the skin of the head of your penis for longer wear time (vacuum pressure tends to cause a little more stress to the head of the penis but nothing that can't be conditioned for)


  • More difficult to learn and attach properly

  • Limited to force due to vacuum pressure (a little more temperamental)

  • Conditioning of the head of the penis is crucial for longer and more intense wear time which involves very slowly increasing time and force - usually much slower than compression extending

How penis extenders work

Now knowing the attachment methods, here is how a penis extender works to increase penis size or even straighten any curvature. Ultimately it's traction that is needed for either goal.

A penis extender is simply one of many penile traction therapy methods.

The penis extender specifically uses a base ring sitting at the pelvis, using two adjustable rods extending from that base ring which then extend to form a supporting piece at the end of the rods where you connect the attachment method: compression or vacuum.

Depending on the design of the penis extender, it may use springs or elastic cord to produce the traction. The level of intensity of that traction will depend on the set length of the frame and which adjustment points on the extender are chosen by the wearer.

This traction elongates the penis and puts a certain level of stress on the penile tissues. Enough to cause change but not too much to cause injury.

All tissues of the body are very adaptable to change. The ability to heal from the right amount of stress and stimulus can be taken advantage and, in this case, you can make your penis bigger and or straighten any curvature depending on the reason of the curvature in the first place.

This may be carried out multiple hours per day, and every day per week for many months.

However, increasing penis size and or straightening the penis is not a quick process, the latter sometimes being even slower since if the curvature was caused by injury, you would want to take things even slower.

This is unlike what some companies trying to push penis extenders and other penis enlargement devices might have you believe.

It's going to be much easier to sell you something that you think isn't going to take much time and effort.

There is a lot more strategy involved than just putting a traction device on and hoping for the best. Done correctly though, you can just about guarantee your results.

This is why I've put together a Penis Enlargement video course. It's the most comprehensive, in-depth explanation and step by step guide on penile traction therapy in the world, and it's 100% FREE.

What results can you expect

measuring penis size

You may be after increasing penis size or even fixing penis curvature. Regardless, traction therapy works in a very similar way with a few differences for straightening curvature.

A general rule of thumb for increasing penis size (if done correctly) is up to an additional 30% of your largest and hardest erection right now (given you have not tried increasing size or manipulating the tissues in the past).

So if you're an average length and girth, 5.5 inches in erect penis length and 4 inches in erect penis girth, you could expect up to 7.1 inches in erect penis length and 5.2 inches in erect penis girth.

Whatever your starting stats are, multiply it by 1.3.

Quite often, any traction method, like most penis extenders, are seen as a lengthening method, but you will see an increase in girth as well.

This process of adding the right amount of force for the right amount of time, while allowing for adequate recovery to make sure the tissues are stressed enough but not too much, can take on average 2 years.

Some have done it quicker, but I would expect 2 years.

Please give the task your patience!

You don't want to do something stupid, in rush that will actually hamper your efforts and potentially cause injury and even hinder potential results in the future. Yes that can happen. This is something I explain in the video course.

This is unfortunately what a lot of the industry is tainted with: promising 2-3 inches in only a few months. And when this expectation is not met? It's either the device's or the industry's fault.

You've been sold a lie. To expect something life-changing to occur in a very short and unrealistic time frame, and then not seeing the results, usually ends with men giving up.

In reality, all they needed was some more time and patience!

And if men really knew what the results could do for their sex life and not just hope to imagine what it would be like, I think many more would be willing to put in the time and effort if they were told the truth upfront.

Some perspective on increasing penis size

While 2 years may sound like a long time, picture this... 2 years from now, you're 30% larger and you get to keep that size for the rest of your life. What is 2 years compared to the rest of your life?

You can't even ask that from something like the gym. Building your physique in 2 years, you definitely don't get to keep it unless you continue to work on it.

With male enhancement techniques like penile extenders, you will keep your gains because you've stretched out connective tissue. With very little effort, such as just using your penis, you won't lose any of it.

Fixing peyronies disease

Maybe you're fixing a curve you'd rather be straighter. Depending on the reason of the curvature may dictate your pace but ultimately traction therapy in general regardless of the goal should be taken slowly.

Even if it does take you two years to come to a satisfactory straightening.

Would you rather take 1 year and risk further curvature, injury or potential loss of function? I didn't think so.

How to use a penis extender - for the best results

As mentioned a penis extender is one of many penile traction methods including but not limited to:

Why I mention all these methods is because they can serve a very crucial role when used in conjunction with a penis extender. Moreover, each method may serve you differently at different times of your day.

This will make a lot more sense if you know when a penis extender is best used and how it would fit into your day if you had multiple traction methods to choose from.

Benefits of different penile stretching methods

Here's a quick overview on why you would choose one method over another.

  • Penis hanging - Provides high and accurate force. However, keeps you stationary and in private.

Penis extending - Provides moderate force, allows you to move around, and depending on the penis extender design, can be fairly discreet.

Penis stretching with a leg band- Low force but allows a lot more freedom to move around and usually very discreet so you could even wear it in public hidden under clothing meaning you're able to stay under traction for longer without interfering with your normal day.

Progressive Force x Progressive Time = Progressive Volume

You may have noticed a key word in this title: progressive.

Remember that. It's crucial.

No matter what method you choose, extender or not, progressive volume is going to be key to getting results while preventing injury and hitting a plateau.

Volume is simply force (i.e., traction or pressure) multiplied by the time you are under that force.

When you take the progressive volume approach, you slowly increase the volume day by day and week by week. It's just like going to the gym! You wouldn't start bench pressing 400lbs at 5 reps on day one would you?

No, you progressivelyadd more weight and more time while allowing time and certain activity for recovery, for the best (and safest) results.

The penis is smart - Fascia

The penis is a lot smarter than we give it credit for. It contains tissue called fascia, which, believe it or not, is connected to and is in constant communication to the rest of the body.

anatomy of the penis

When this tissue is stressed, it may react by contracting to protect the organ, muscle, blood vessels or whatever tissue it has enveloped.

So if you're someone that is extremely keen on getting results, you may get your penis extender, strap it on and apply as much tension for as long as you can because "More time under traction at higher intensity means more results, right?"

Not so fast.

Remember... progressive!

This sudden change in stress to a vital organ of the body (the penis) will signal the fascia to protect the penis and contract. Very similar to what happens and why you feel tight after a good gym session. That's the fascia!

Depending on how severely you trigger the fascia, it may be very hard to get it to relax unless you stop using male enhancement techniques altogether. Aka go on a break.

This is why easing into and applying progressive volume is the ONLY way to go.

Think: less is more.

You always want to start with the least amount of force you can and progressively increase the time until you cannot fit any more penis extension techniques into your day. Only then should you begin to increase the force.

Max out time FIRST then increase force. This is really where the magic happens with having more devices comes in. Maybe you don't have time to Compression Hang all day but you do have a little more time to Compression Extend followed by more discreet wear time with an All Day Vacuum Stretcher.

Regardless, all must be done progressively and slow enough so that you do not cause the fascia to contract as a protective reaction.

Fascia has a similar tensile strength to steel, so believe me, you won't win, and all of your efforts may be for nothing.

I go into much more depth about all of this and more in our Penis Enlargement video course and provide a step by step guide on exactly what to use, when to use it, and how long to use it for that is suited to your lifestyle, time and privacy needs.

Increasing penis size and maintaining penis size

Manipulating permanent penis size fundamentally comes down to these two steps:

1) Increasing penis size with adequate progressive force on the tissues to cause change (not too much to cause injury or a protective reaction).

2) Then, following this up and maintaining the newly changed size with less force over longer periods of time, also known as recovery,which is also implemented progressively.

This is where having both attachment methods can be super helpful.

Compression being more suited for high force and short time to increase penis size.

Vacuum being more suited for low force and longer time to maintain penis size.

Check out this 12 Minute explainer video covering the basics.

Compression and Vacuum Penis Extending

If you were to just use a penis extender, just using one attachment method may not work as well as if you had both.

To oversimplify it, compression extending can be used to increase size and manipulate the tissues causing enough stress for change.

This can be done in short 15-20 minute sets. With enough force you may only need an hour or two.

Then, you can use vacuum penis extending to hold the newly elongated tissues to give them time to heal at this new size.

Since you do not need to remove a vacuum penis extender every 15-20 minutes, this makes it super convenient to wear it at lower force for longer periods of time, which is ideal for discreet wear while recovering.

While you can get amazing results with just a penis extender, it may not always serve you in every given day since your days will change in schedule and things do come up. Consistency is important, and remember: this is journey requires patience which is made easier with less friction and more convenience.

If that means having more tools at your disposal then this could be the reason you do or don't get to your dream outcome within two years.

Day in the life - Using a penis extender

Like any new endeavor, you'll have a honeymoon period. You'll be excited and jazzed up about this new goal you're going to achieve.

That is, until the excitement wears off and you're left with the realization of the effort involved to get the most out of this journey.

This is where friction increases, procrastination starts to build, and one day off turns into two, and when you can provide an excuse to not get the required time and effort in, you'll take it.

By all means, you can start with just a penis extender. As mentioned, you could get great results with this alone.

But even better is to have both attachment methods, so you can start your day with compression extending for an hour or two then continue with vacuum extending to heal.

Your level of dedication, plus how much time and privacy you have each day, is really going to dictate your results.

However, maybe a few days a week you'll have less time or you need to head out for the entire day and it's not suitable to wear the extender.

This is where another device may come in handy so you don't lose out on potential elongated recovery time.

Such as the infamous All Day Stretcher. While it safely produces less force than an extender, it's one of the most discreet and effective methods to maintain the tissues in an elongated state.

How to spot the best penis extenders

For starters, choosing a company with not only great guidance of their product but great support is going to go a long way. Here are some other things to consider when choosing the best penis extender:

I will admit some of these will be hard to tell until you have the item in your hands and have actually tried it for a number of hours or even weeks.

Good thing the Total Man Extender Kit comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee over 60 days. If you compare it to any other penis extender on the market and you think it's inferior in any way, send in your photos of the two devices, provide some feedback, and you'll be sent a refund.

Who are penis extenders for?

  • Anyone who is unsatisfied with their size in their sex life

  • Those who are not happy with their current erect size and or flaccid penis

  • Those looking to boost their sexual performance

  • Anyone treating peyronie's disease

  • Anyone looking to help (not completely fix) erectile function

Who are penis extenders not for?

Unfortunately there may be some reasons that you should NOT use a penis extender or any penile traction therapy for that matter. They are (but not limited to):

  • Those suffering with erectile dysfunction AND not currently trying to treating it

  • Those suffering with mental and or sexual trauma - You really want to make sure you're coming into this with a clear mind and doing it for the right reasons. Pursuing this goal, and then failing at it, could make things worse

Best practice using penis extenders - Conclusion

This is of course a good intro into the world of penis extenders and what you could expect.

It's not exactly how to fit a penis extender - you can find tutorials for the Total Man Penis Extender here inside the FREE Video library, the largest. video library on sexual performance and size in the world.

However, if you're truly serious about increasing size, and even treating peyronie's disease, and you would like to get better results in a shorter time period without injury or reaching a plateau, check out the Video Course Here. Remember it's FREE!


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