Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Fighting your way through a trechorous ocean of sharks dodging or getting stung with scammy products that could have you wasting years and thousands of your hard earned dollars when you just want a couple of inches of size to boost your confidence and pleasure...AND finally demolish that doubt during what could be quite average pentration...what's a guy supposed to do?

Execute a proven, realistic and sustainable approach to increase size.

Let's get straight to it...

Confidently add 1-2+ pleasurable inches to your size (length & girth)

Is increasing size even possible?

Short answer, Yes.

Longer answer (just like my journey to finally get results), it takes a little more than what you may have been told.

Most (not all, 2 that I know of) companies in this industry will over promise and under deliver.

Truth is, many products can work. If you know what you're doing and know what else to buy.

Most companies will sell one product type making selling to you easier and increasing profit margins them.

This is like giving a builder a screw driver to renovate a house, good luck!

Increasing penis tissue requires two steps and 2 different devices types,one for each step.

Devices are NOT the Scam, the marketing is.

You may or may not have heard the term Cell Proliferation ... a fancy name for tissue growth.

Under certain internal or (in our case) external force cells divide then multiply.

This is what makes increasing size possible at all.

With the right external force for the right time, penile tissues can be manipulated to increase in size.

This is REAL. This is the bodies natural regenerative and healing capability, this is not a scam.

Unfortunately, 2-4 inches in 4-6 months is not real.

This is to intice you to buy, making it seem much easier... this is false advertising, dangerous and manipulative a.k.a. a SCAM.

Especially with just one device.

2 Steps to Size (not one nor one device)


Step 1: Devices to Increase size

  • Begins dividing cells
  • Higher force - shorter time - Home / private

Step 2: Devices to Retain size

  • Holds stretched cells in place to allow them to multiply / heal
  • Lower force - longer time - Discreet / public

More devices = More Flexibility

NO MATTER WHAT DEVICE YOU SEE, they all produce a type of force on the tissues. Mostly traction, otherwise pressure.

Each device differs in potential of force and discretion. Everything between the two extremes will cater to certain time and privacy needs from private and stationary to "I forgot I have it on" level of discreet and mobile. The more devices you have at your disposal the more flexibility you will have executing both steps with any day you may have.

Don't freak out! - It's a graph

Potential results
Starting Size +30% = 12+ months
(Depending on consistency and goal)

Some may gain quick and some may gain slow even with the same routine.
Your health will influence results through your speed of recovery.
This also means the older you are, the slower results may be.

The King Combo

Personally I use this combo 80% of the time and have resulted in 80%+ of my results.

Every other device I use the rest of the time have their own benefits to suit force, time and privacy needs.

This combination should suit 95%+ of people no matter your lifestyle, unlike many single products on the market that would best suit people that are at home all day every day and don't like people.

Compression Hanger
(Step 1)

At my stand up desk while I work from home in the morning. Standing or seated with a pulley system.

Due to this devices effectiveness, a session could range from 15-60 minutes, only taking up 4 minutes or less setting it up, the rest of the time I work or watch something.

All Day Vacuum Stretcher
(Step 2)

The longer this device type is on holding the tissues in place after being stretched from step 1, the better.

I wear this EVERYWHERE, fitted properly I forget I have it on until I need to go to the toilet or use my lad for something else (wink wink).

How would this work with my job and lifestyle?

Whether you have the freedom to work from home, grind out a coporate job in and out of the office or execute mild to labourous tradesman tasks on site, there are a combination of devices that can best suit your needs.

Work from home

This is obviously going to provide you the biggest advantage having the most freedom since their are very few limitations.

You could choose any devices that allow you to progress the quickest.

Corporate job in and out of the office

You may have very limited time in the morning before work to execute step 1.

This is where compression hanging is great for it's effectiveness to get it done, then get on with your day.

Typical step 2 devices like the All Day Vacuum Stretcher and Healing Sleeve will allow you go discreetly go in to the office while no one is the wiser.

Mild to labourous Tradesman work

Assuming you're an early riser, you may have limited time in the morning to execute step 1.

The effectivenes of Compression Hanging will allow you to get it done and get out to work.

A typical step 2 device like the All Day Vacuum Stretcher will be great if your day is going to contain up to moderately intensive work.

Otherwise the Healing Sleeve will work best which won't have any limtation or risk for high intensive body movement.

Why can't I just use one device?

This is a great question and one I wish I could answer with...YOU CAN! But, no.

Here's the reality of just using one device...

Compression Hanger ONLY

Get it done and get on with your day...that would be great!


This is one of the most effective step 1 devices with the ability to stretch the cells enough to increase size in the first place.


It needs to be reattached every 15 mins to maintain safety. Due to it's effectiveness, it keeps you stationary and in private.


The penis tissue cells will act like a rubber band, once the device is removed the cells will start to return back to their pre-stretched state and size.


Without following it up with a typical step 2 device, nothing changes. Your results may feel like a yo-yo.

All Day Vacuum Stretcher ONLY

If only! Discreet, comfortable, grow on the go!


While this is one of the most effective step 2 devices, pushing the limits with ANY vacuum chamber method for force trying to achieve step 1 or both steps is asking for trouble increasing risk of injury.


Only applying step 2 at low force even over a long time may not stretch the cells enough to initiate growth to begin with.


Results if any, may be slim and short lived. Even after months of continuous use, such minimal results may end up disappearing.

Penis Extender Frame ONLY

The compression extender is one of the most typical devices sold in the industry.

This sits in the middle of the two extremes so it's not as effective as the compression hanger so it needs more time to execute step 1. The benefit is it will allow you to be mobile, but being a compression based device, it still needs to be reattached every 15 mins.

Many companies selling this say you can wear it discreetly and even to sleep...this is very misleading given to maintain safety, it should be worn in sets of 15 mins.

As you could imagine, this means you would at least need to be at home, unless you want to look like you have issues "going to the rest room 50 times in the day".

If you have more than 3-4 hours at home per day, this device might suit you. If you wanted to use it for both steps, you would be reattching the device every 15 minutes for 12+ hours.

This is where a Vacuum Chamber method comes in great.

Just some devices ranging from the most effective in force needing less time, great for step 1, needing the most privacy.

All the way to the least effective in force but, allowing the most discretion for public use, great for step 2...

Compression Hanging


Compression Extending

Vacuum Extending

All Day Vacuum Stretching

Healing Sleeve

"What about manual methods,
like the infamous Jelq?"

These can be a great supplemental methods.

I personally use them sparingly however I think they're unsafe since it's difficult to gauge intensity.

Plus properly fitted devices free up your time and attention to get on with your life.

Fitting is the only time and attention needed since 99% of their use is passive.

Eg. I compression hang while I work at my desk then all day vacuum stretch everywhere, gym, shops, outtings, you name it.

Who are you?

I'm Mike,
Your friendly PE enthusiast who painstakingly went down a road I don't want you to have to go experience to get results and have an extraordinary sex life.

Is it worth it?

I wasted years and thousands of dollars feeling like an idiot for pursuing this goal asking a question you might even be asking right now... is all of this even going to be worth it?

This is my brand so my answer sounds very biased ... but, undoubtably yes. If I had to go down the path I did to get my results all over again and even not start the brand I would.

My results...

I'm also not claiming crazy outlandish results, I've gained a total of 2.4 inches (1.6 inches in erect length and .8 inches in erect girth). At time of writing this, I've taken a break...pretty happy with my current size.

Believe it or not, I'm also not claiming infinitely bigger is better, the goal in the hole is increasing pleasure, we're not trying to scratch their throat.

I couldn't keep the solution to my self knowing how many men are going down the unnecessary path I did.

I almost gave up trying each recommended single glorified product one at a time, until realising the 2 steps were hanging off my ears.

Putting 1mm piercing in each ear and stretching them 18mm, an 1800% increase in size led to my breakthrough and replicating the steps with my penis.



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