Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

HINT: The problem is NOT with your penis!

Article courtesy of TOTALMAN

Today more than ever, there are more men having problems with their sex lives. From pornography addiction to full blown performance anxiety, many suffer in thinking they don't have any control over their plight.  
Some use alcohol or recreational drugs to numb their emotions, while others use erector drugs to force performance. While this can work to some degree, it doesn't resolve the CAUSE of the issue: Negative self-perception.
Why do men find it so difficult to resolve this problem? For one, it comes from a lack of understanding of how the penis works.   
The autonomic nervous system is composed of two aspects. The most well-known is the sympathetic nervous system. This is known as the "fight or flight" aspect and is responsible for maintaining survival. This is the part of the nervous system which can give you that burst of strength and accompanying adrenaline dump to fight or run, or even freeze if one can't handle the stress.  
The other is the parasympathetic nervous system, which is known as the "feed or breed" aspect. This part is responsible for processes like arousal or digestion.
The complication here is that the sympathetic nervous system can override the parasympathetic. This can be visualized with the following thought experiment: Consider a male baboon in the savanna. He's just awoken from a long nap after a heavy meal. He spots a female baboon displaying herself for his benefit. His parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and he INSTINCTIVELY responds accordingly by mounting the willing female.

Let's add a new twist to the above scenario. Just when the male is ready to climax, a hunter jumps out from behind a hill and takes a shot at one of the baboons with his rifle. While our male baboon isn't the target at this time, the loud blast of the gun and the appearance of the hunter startles him.

Two things will happen in quick succession as his sympathetic nervous system kicks into overdrive: he'll ejaculate immediately and then run to try to find a safe spot from the hunter.  

Note the intelligence of nature in ensuring he finishes the job by ejaculating prior to running. This is an important point to remember as its relevant to a problem many men face: premature ejaculation.  

You might be asking yourself what baboons and hunters have to do with YOU. Nowadays, few of us have to worry about things on the levels of animals. Because as humans have (to some degree) mastered nature, we no longer need to fear things getting us in such a manner.

The problem is that because humans are so good at abstracting, the mind will tend to CREATE monsters in the form of negative thoughts.  

The question then becomes: How do you learn to master these thoughts?

CONTINUED in part 2 of "How Do You Resolve the #1 Cause Of Male Sexual Dysfunction?"

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