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How to stretch your penis

Manual stretching is one of the easiest and most common enlargement technique to add penis size. It's one of the first things men read when they search "how to enlarge your penis". This type of penis exercise can either be dynamic (involving movement) or direct (involving tension only). Keeping any excess skin held with the non-stretching hand around the base will be helpful. You can read descriptions of various penis stretching techniques to add penis size below.

Device based penis stretching with a penile extender device, hangers and other devices are common as is lengthening surgery (phalloplasty). Penis pumps are also considered a popular form of adding length to the penis.

The motivations behind wanting to stretch the penis in length and girth are many, but most feel they are below average in length (with the average erect penis length being 5.5 inches).

Most men fall well within the average range but influences from pornography- as well as an emotionally disconnected attitude towards sex drives men to seek out performance-based methods of sexual improvement and penile stretching. Some cases are so serious that they quality as body dysmorphic disorder.

There are some who suffer from "micropenis"- a term referring to a penis 2 inches or shorter in length erect. Cases like these may be better resolved with surgery, penile traction or other medical treatments- such as hormonal therapy.

Do penis stretching exercises and devices work?

The main governor of penis length is the Suspensory ligament. This structure anchors the penis to the pubic bone, and is the very ligament severed during lengthening phalloplasty surgery. Post0surgival treatment in the form of sustained penile traction for 6 weeks is the most common recommendation.

The spongy bodies of the penis (corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum) act as passive agents when enlargement occurs, though stretching the tunica and fascia can allow these structures to expand further in length and girth.

Penile stretching with a restraining hand held around the base may also assist in blood flow, which can help with cases of erectile dysfunction and even increase the size of the flaccid penis.

Is penis stretching safe

It's recommended you get a thorough medical check up before you start any type of training regimen. This includes penis stretching techniques.

For jelqing (thumb and forefinger stretching under pressure) and stretching type movements begin with less intensity than you'd ordinarily use to masturbate.

While performing training properly can help to increase penis size, abusive or incorrect training can lead to all sorts of issues- to include erectile dysfunction.

Is there proof penis stretching works?


While there's more anecdotal than formally sanctioned evidence available for adding penis length, studies have shown that adding length to the penis is possible:

Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis: preliminary results

A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the 'efficacy' and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of 'short penis'

Systematic Review of Surgical and Nonsurgical Interventions in Normal Men Complaining of Small Penis Size

Davis' Law

Davis' Law is an anatomical term which explains how soft tissue remodels itself based upon the stresses imposed.

In John Joseph Nutt's 1913 book Diseases and Deformities of the Foot, in a passage from Davis's 1867 book, Conservative Surgery:

Ligaments, or any soft tissue, when put under even a moderate degree of tension, if that tension is unremitting, will elongate by the addition of new material; on the contrary, when ligaments, or rather soft tissues, remain uninterruptedly in a loose or lax state, they will gradually shorten, as the effete material is removed, until they come to maintain the same relation to the bony structures with which they are united that they did before their shortening. Nature never wastes her time and material in maintaining a muscle or ligament at its original length when the distance between their points of origin and insertion is for any considerable time, without interruption, shortened.

Regarding lengthening the penis, the effects are best explained as a combination of mechanical and biological creep.

Reference: Nutt, JJ (1913) Diseases and Deformities of the Foot; Davis’ Law. New York E. B. Treat & Company


Megalophallus is a rare condition which can affect men with sickle cell anemia. These men undergo an incidence of pripapism which results in massive permanent expansion of the tunica of the penis. The tunica is affected in a way where all elasticity is lost.

What's curious is that the penises involved retained full function after the incidents.

While megalophallus isn't a condition one should attempt to duplicate, it does show a couple of facts:

That permanent penis enlargement is possible and can happen over a short span of time; and the tunica (one of the governors of expansion) is capable of multiple volumes of capacity.

The mechanism behind megalophallus can be simulated in miniature and under very controlled conditions with stretching and increasing hemodynamic pressure via improved Erection Quality.


Datta, N. S. Megalophallus in sickle cell disease .” Journal of Urology. May 1977, pp. 672-673.

Kassim, A. A., et al.
Megalophallus as a Sequela of Priapism in Sickle Cell Anemia : Use of Blood Oxygen Level-Dependent Magnetic Resonance Imaging.” Urology. Vol. 56 (2000), No. 3, pp. 509.

5 different manual stretches for stretching the penis

Exercises listed below in order of difficulty


Step 1:

Before getting started with the jelq, TOTAL MAN recommends taping up the glans to prevent injury that could come from overinflation of the glans however this is not necessary. Start without using tape and see how you go.

Once you're ready, apply a moderate amount of lubrication to the penis, then create an OK grip with the thumb and index finger at the base of your penis. Apply your thumb and index finger as deep as you comfortably can into the base of your penis to include as much of the shaft as possible into the exercise.

Step 2

Keeping tension, proceed to slide your hand down the length of your penis until you get to just behind the glans.

Step 3

Repeat using the same hand or alternating hands.

TOTAL MAN recommends keeping the erection level from 40-70%. You can jelq dry, but the result may be increased penoscrotal webbing (turkey neck).

Speeding the exercise up while maintaining the same degree of tension can intensify this exercise. Alternatively, slow but firm strokes are an excellent advanced variation of the jelq.

Please see the following video for a full tutorial on the above: How to jelq

Side to Side stretch

The Side-to-side stretch is a simple, dynamic penis stretching exercise.


Step 1

Your penis should be flaccid for this exercise. In a standing position, grab your penis (thumbs up.)

Step 2

Pull it straight down (pointing it towards the floor.)

Step 3

With tension still on your penis, proceed to pull your penis to the left and then to the right. Touching one side equals one rep, and the slight pull downwards is part of the transition point. Think of it like a pendulum- each "tick" counts as one rep. They're quick to do (each rep taking about ONE-TWO seconds), and we recommend starting with at least 100 reps. You can eventually do up to 1,000 to 2,000 reps (very advanced), resting a bit after every 100 reps.

Slow Crank

This penis stretching exercise is simple, yet effective. It stretches ALL of the ligaments attaching the penis to the pubis.


Step 1

While standing, grasp your penis firmly by the shaft.

Step 2

Proceed to "crank" your penis in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Each repetition should at least 6 seconds to complete. Switch hands when you get tired or when you wish to change directions. You should perform an equal number of reps for each direction (clockwise & counterclockwise)

Goal: Aim for 100 to 200 reps total.

Tension Stretch

Here's how to perform the Tension Stretch:

Step 1

Your penis should be no more than 50% erect for this exercise. Grip your penis firmly behind the glans (head) and wrap your other hand around the first hand for support. Use a small cotton or microfiber towel for padding and comfort.

Step 2

SLOWLY pull forward while leaning back for a count of 10 and build to maximum tension. Start off with ONLY a moderate level of tension if you're new to this stretch, then slowly build up in force over time.

Step 3

Once you're at maximum tension, hold for another 10 seconds.

Step 4

Release tension and repeat.

Step 5

Finish off with a thorough warm down or transition to stamina exercises.

Perform only 10 repetitions of this exercise to test, then work up to a maximum of 100 reps. This stretch is effective when performed by stretching your penis towards the floor and away from the body. You may experiment with multiple directions to see which works best for you.


Perform this exercise in a seated position sitting at the edge of your seat for maximum comfort and range of motion.

* You can also press down on the ligaments at the base of the penis while you're performing the stretch for an added vector of force. Take caution when doing this at first, and then slowly build intensity over subsequent sessions.

Ruler Stretch (advanced)

Ruler Stretch

Here's an advanced but fun exercise you can use to both challenge yourself and gauge your progress.

Step 1

Get a plastic or wooden ruler as metal may cause injuries.

Step 2

Place the ruler next to your penis.

Step 3

Use a towel or other suitable padding to protect the pubis from the pressure of the ruler.

Step 4

With one hand, press the ruler to the base of the penis.

Step 5

With the other hand, grasp your penis behind the head (glans) and pull. Hold for a count of 10-20.

Do up to 10-20 reps and see how far you can stretch your penis and record the measurement.

For more great manual exercises, please check out the free Penis Enlargement Video Course

Other important factors for maximizing penis length

Erection quality and overall health are vital to getting the most out of penis enlargement. Engaging in regular cardiovascular activity will maximize gains and help to prevent erectile dysfunction.

How long does it take to see results from stretching the penis?

Adding penis size is typically easy in the beginning, and noting measurable size gains within the first few weeks of training is possible.

Surgery for stretching the penis

Bihari Procedure: The Bihari Procedure penis enlargement surgery is perhaps the most common form of attempting to increase penis length. It involves severing the Suspensory ligament of the penis. When used in conjunction with post-surgical weight hanging, the procedure has been shown to increase penis size by up to 2 inches.


The Penuma implant is a type of sleeve implanted to add penis size by stretching and adding girth. The effect is somewhat similar to having a permanent penile extender device attached to the penis.

Pump implant

Pump implants increase penis size by coring out the contents of the penis and implanting tubes which can be inflated via a bulb located behind the testes.
The head of your penis may not note much of a difference in size with this method.

Flexible implant

Flexible implants leave the penis in a state similar to a permanent semi-erection. The penis is manually extended for use, then bent downwards when not in use. This method may not do much to add size to the head of your penis. You may not note an increase in previous erect penis size with this type of procedure.

What penis stretching will not do

Not a substitute for mental hygiene

If you're suffering from serious depression or anxiety, it would be in your best interests to take care of this issue first! Male enhancement exercises are NOT a substitute for good mental hygiene. Beginning any male enhancement training under a severely stressed mindset often adds to the problem. Problems obtaining good EQ (Erection Quality- a combined measure of stamina and hardness), a desire to rush things, and desperation are a poor starting point! (REDO TEXT)

For those of you who have manageable stress/anxiety it would be better for you to focus on stamina training first. This applies if your mindset is good but your EQ is poor. Not only is EQ improved and a foundation created with this tactic, but the visualization portion of stamina training helps develop a better emotional backdrop for future productive enlargement training. (REDO TEXT)


Penis stretching using your hands, devices, or even surgery can add penis size. It may be that a combination of two or more techniques can further increase the size of your penis.


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