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Quick Summary of this Penis Enlargement Article

  1. Motivation for penis enlargement
  2. My journey so far
  3. Average penis size world wide and preferences
  4. Penis enlargement options + supplements that may not work or have greater risks
  5. The devices I recommend for penis enlargement
  6. The two components to successfully increase penis size
  7. Component 1 - Active / Growth Methods
  8. Component 2 - Passive / Healing Methods
  9. Quick break down of each method - 11+ Methods
  10. Our Ultimate Routine (free to download)
  11. Other Penis Enlargement brands
  12. Summary to successfully increasing penis size

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In this blog I’m going to show you what you need to know... how to increase penis size once and for all.


Real step by step Penis Enlargement.


From personal experience of results I’ve achieved it is just an amazing feeling to be 100% confident with not only your flaccid penis size however the size that really matters.



Imagine being 100% satisfied with your penis size giving you the confidence and space to work on the rest of your game even more like foreplay and other sexual skills making your sex even better every single time, even having your lover beg for more.


And never again have to question your size or even have them strategically try not to crush your feelings and manhood at the same time and say it’s fine.


For those questioning their motives, check out this article over at PE Gym - Just Another Form of Vanity? an answer to a question well said and is something I recommend thinking about.

Do you want fine? Or do you want amazing?!

Penis Enlargement Journey so far...

This is me. These days, even just my flaccid penis hang is something I can be proud of. So happy that I don't mind showing the world. After all, the human body is a beautiful thing, unfortunately our ego and insecurities make us hide and wish only to be seen on our "good days". I think that is also totally natural and human nature but we should be able to feel proud and happy with not only what we have but even better about what we can work on. I too use to think I always had a flaccid penis size like I just jumped out of a cold pool. Not anymore!

P.S. Don't worry, the cold pool I think will shrivel anyone!

Increase flaccid penis

And, hey... It's not like I have a MONSTER COCK, BUT... I'm happy.

No one really needs to have an anaconda BUT, it is nice to be BIG.

My results so far: (Proper routine began early-2018 to now "Time of this post Jan 2021")
Bone pressed flaccid stretched length (BPFSL): 17.5cm - 21.25cm
Non bone pressed flaccid length: 9cm - 15.25cm
Flaccid girth: 8.5cm - 14cm
Bone pressed erect length (BPEL): 16cm - 19.75cm
Base erect girth (BEG): 14.5cm - 16.25cm

Imagine just being naturally well endowed, enough that size wasn’t the game you really had to work on and all you needed to focus on was foreplay and other skill sets when it came to the bedroom making her or him ecstatic and orgasmic every time making them want to come back for more and more.



Increase Penis Size

Don't worry...

Fortunately fella’s, a word on the grape vine is that most guys naturally well endowed think that’s all they need and they most likely haven’t gone through the grind you have to make things work to accommodate for maybe a lack of amazing penis size.


Don’t worry this is a great thing!


You’re not only going to have game and skills but you can now have the penis size as well.


Unfortunately according to world wide averages, the average penis size ... most men size up at around 5.5inches in length and 4.5inches in girth yet, not all but apparently most women and even men both heterosexual and homosexual actually prefer … (drum roll) … something a little larger than average between 6-7.5 inches in length and 5-6.5 inches in girth. I’m not talking massive numbers here, too big can be a problem too.

average penis size

But how is a guy supposed to feel confident, adequate and enough with those kinds of numbers?


This is where most men may get sucked into a magical penis enlargement pill commercial or a penile traction device that doesn’t do shit with little or no guidance.

penis enlargement pills

Then, when all else fails possibly consider going under the knife, or getting something stuck into his lad. The cringe worthy penis enlargement surgery cost and procedure.

penis enlargement surgery

Now penis enlargement surgery, I’m not against and if push came to shove, fair enough however there are even things about penis surgery that you may not be told, for instance the enlargement in penis lengthening actually refers mostly to the flaccid penis size and not the erect penis size, you know the size that actually functionally counts....but apparently it’s okay there is a chance that over time you may gain... something.


What kind of odds are they for paying thousands if not 10’s of thousands of dollars and have parts of your member cut and stabbed. Penis enlargement surgery cost in USA is supposedly at least $10,000USD.

penis enlargement cost

There are multiple variations of a penis enlargement procedure that works on penis girth that have had some pretty good results. BUT, in this video and blog I’m going to show you how to increase penis size and gain both flaccid and erect length and girth with no penis enlargement surgery needed.


Now, as for the rest of the industry in terms of penis enlargement, it is looked at like one big scam.


And hey, fair enough.

penis enlargement pills

Most penis enlargement pills or products are either super dangerous or they don’t work by themselves, penis pills, and potions are either useless or if they actually do something they just end up making you feel spaced out or possibly like your head is going to explode.

And the infamous penis enlargement cream and gel, I think this is a hit and miss. Some do nothing and others is questionable. This is dependant on ingredients, brand and quality.

This and many other things I cover in this blog will answer the questions from many men and possibly women, " does penis enlargement work " , " can u increase ur penis size "?


I’d like to show you a method and a protocol of penis enlargement that has been looked over and is not really properly understood.


I do cover this concept in detail in my 3 part video series called the big secret to penis enlargement so make sure to check that out in our blog and video library.

penis enlargement theory

Penis Enlargement devices I recommend

I’m going to show you the methods and tools that I recommend and in what order to use them and why to gain substantial size as fast and as safely as possible.

Penis Hanging

penis hanging

Vacuum Extender

male extender

Compression Extender

penis traction device

Penis Pump

penis enlargement pump

All Day Stretcher

penis stretcher


penis girth

Now with each particular penis enlargement exercise that actually does work, there is always going to be a draw back.


Because of this drawback, you may struggle to continue your journey effectively and successfully, gaining size every day, week and months to come.


I’m going to cover why you need a particular method however, why you will want to work it in conjunction with another method for success. So multiple of the right penis enlargement exercises in the right order for the greatest chance of success.

penis hanging

Compression Hanging and Vacuum Based All Day Stretching is by far my favourite and is what I recommend to most to see substantial gains like I have.

all day stretcher

It’s not this method or that one, it’s a handful. Many devices are sold on their own promising you their product is the best, or “This is all you need”.


If only it was like that, but it’s not.


What may end up happening just relying on one product or method... put simply is either no results or worse, injury.


It’s like giving a carpenter just a hammer to build a house, let’s just say he’s only going to get so far and it might get ugly.

penis enlargement options

BUT, lucky for you it’s not like building a house needing circular saws, drills, hammers, screws, levels, timber,...oh and a team full of plumbers, electricians and builders.


NO, with penis enlargement there’s you and really only a hand full of devices and methods that stand above the rest.

2 Main Components to Penis Enlargement

So, there are 2 main parts to the penis enlargement for growth not including erection quality which by the way is integral too however the 2 parts I am talking about are active and passive.


Technically all methods will work on both length and girth however some methods may have a tendency to increase one more than the other. In my opinion and experience, not by much.


It all starts with the active methods of penis enlargement which refers to the adequate tension required on the penile tissues to cause microscopic tears in order for lengthening and widening to occur.


Active methods could include but not limited to manual methods like jelqing and stretching, and compression extenders, compression hangers and even penis pumps and clamps.

Component 1 - Active/ Stretching / Growth Penis Enlargement

Compression Hanging

penis hanging

Hanging with a Pulley

penis hanging

Compression Extender

male extender

I go into further depth between active and passive penis enlargement in the Penis Enlargement road map on the blog and video library, so be sure to check that out.

Penis Enlargement Methods

Active can also be known as the Stressing and Stretching component and Passive can also be known as the Healing component.

Let’s take manual methods for example, for starters one drawback is in the very name, manual.


This is a tedious process as it is, then having to do everything only with your hands possibly for hours to create the necessary time under tension, may make you want to give up or worse get pissed off with a lack of results possibly making you pull or squeeze even harder in desperation only landing up with an injury.

penis enlargement

Compression Hanging and Extending

Next is the compression extenders and hangers.


These are great for convenience since your hands aren’t occupied so you can multitask. Plus they have good strength great for the necessary traction however the drawback of this will be their function of compression.

penis hanging
male extender

Squeezing on the tissues tight enough to hold the penis to produce enough traction limits blood flow so refitting will be required while restoring flood flow with jelqing or something similar.


Most strapped extenders will have limited traction which can be one draw back however a bigger drawback is the slippage that can occur from the lack of strength in the strap if any more traction is needed which will end up being the case.

Other brands

Some can be super cheap both in feel and use. I do not recommend going cheap on quality for a product that is to be used on your lad. Many noose style extenders like this one not only cause pinching, can't tighten down enough and often slip especially when moving.

male extender quick

This one is similar to Jes Extender and Size Genetics and costs around the same too. This one however has a better strap system but even still the straps are only going to compress so much before the rubber snaps and the pinching... oh my! The pinching!!!

male extender

Many similar product may cause a build up of unwanted pressure in the glans due to this lack of strength in the strap, in other words their ability to hold the penis in place.


This is where hangers come in.


Long story short, if fitted properly ... they don't slip.

Compression Penis Hanging


penis hanging


penis hanging


penis hanging

Optimal design for unlimited strength for holding, which also means unlimited traction. Not that you’re ever going to need 50kg or anything however it’s a good thing to have a device that shouldn’t slip even at 5-10kg of force.


The main drawbacks with the hanger are 1. As mentioned already, the need to restore blood flow every 5-20 minutes and 2. The space and privacy needed to stand or sit to hang weights.


I’ve gone to the effort of fixing the problem of slippage with normal strapped extenders by creating Total Man’s very own hanger that fits to almost any rod extender but can be used with our very own Rod Extender for out standing, strength, comfort, function and ease of use. This make it one of the worlds’ strongest Hangers and Extenders. It’s a win win 2 for 1.

The Strength of our Compression Penis Hanger in an Extender

penile traction device
penis extender

Compression Penis Hanging with a Pulley System

Now am I saying that you shouldn’t do any of these?


No, I’m actually saying do all of them.


Work them in and around your schedule and how it’s going to work for you.


You can use a hanger for heavier weights to hit what’s called fatigue where you know the penile tissues are getting adequately stretched and stressed for growth.

"I make my male enhancement routine work for me. I get work done and go about life like usual just taking a few moments every now and again to attach, detach or adjust one of many devices that work in the situation I need."

penis hanging
penis hanger

If you don’t need as much tension and you’d like the convenience to be able to walk around a bit more then you could go to a compression extender.

male extender

Restoring blood flow with Jelqing

Between sets using the hanger or extender you’ll want to restore blood flow. I’d recommend using a simple yet very well known technique jelqing to push new fresh blood into the penis while also causing the necessary tension and pressure for further growth...it’s a win win exercise.


If you don’t know how to jelq properly, make sure to check out my how to jelq on my blog and video library.


Then, if you were just up for some manual work to change things up, there is an array of different exercises you can perform for both length and girth, so make sure to check the videos on my blog and video library on all the different completely free manual exercises.

Now once you cause adequate tension, for an adequate period of time day by day and week by week (See our Ultimate Routine for an idea on how to structure the Ultimate Routine) to the penile tissues you will cause a lengthening or even widening of your penis flaccid and erect.

This will happen from microscopic tears in the tissues that are tiny enough to not do major damage, some may think it is similar to what happens in the gym however the biomechanical processes of growth are different.


While in the gym the repair is done to muscle tissue, in PE the reparation is done to tissues such as collagen and elastin making up one of the main structures dictating penis size.

penis enlargement

Component 2 - Passive/ Anchoring / Healing Penis Enlargement

That moves me on to passive healing which is literally equally as important to the active training aka the higher tension and stress.


Once the tissues have been stretched and stressed, naturally they will want to retract to heal and recover. It is now our job to maintain the tissues in an elongated or expanded state with something like a vacuum extender, all day stretcher, sleeve or ring.

Vacuum Based All Day Stretcher - Very Discreet

all day stretcher
discreet penis enlargement

Vacuum Extender - Convenient to move and walk around at home

male extender
male extender

Some even choose to wear a comfy, soft yet tight enough penis ring to keep blood flow in the penis. This keeps the tissues somewhat expanded however not too tight that it limits blood flow.

penis ring
male extender

Keeping the tissues in this position allows the penis to heal and reform to this new length and size.


The benefits of the vacuum devices like the vacuum extender and ADS is that it won’t be limiting blood flow, so you can wear them for just about as long as you like.


A vacuum extender will provide more steady traction getting close to even active /growth intensity.

But, it is safer to stay at low tension with a vacuum chamber.


Although extenders are great for more tension they are a little bulky and awkward to wear out and about. And no, other extenders are technically no better. They are still very very awkward. Most extenders on the market are compression extenders anyway so you will have to restore blood flow every 15-20 minutes which makes wearing them in public a nightmare not to mention the slippage that can occur as mentioned previously. This is why we have gone all out with the size of our Total Man Extender maximising effectiveness, comfort, ease of use, quality and strength.

This is where the infamous all day stretchers comes in for super comfy and discreet traction.

all day strecher


all day strecher


all day strecher


male stretcher


all day strecher


penis stretcher


You can move and go about your day as usual while keeping the tissues in the best position possible for healing and growth. Traction with an all day stretcher is usually very very low to ensure safety.


This is where the drawbacks come in but only in the way they won’t be enough on their own to make you grow. Because they are vacuum based, the vacuum pressure will also be dictated on the traction and tension you apply. Increasing tension can be dangerous and will be increasing the risk of blisters.


In short, a vacuum extender or all day stretcher is limited for traction however you can wear it for longer periods of time with no risk in limiting blood flow so it makes it the perfect tool for healing under enough tension to keep the tissues elongated for optimal results.

Penis Pumps

Lastly, moving onto a very well known tool, the penis pump.

LA Pump

penis pumping


penis pump


bath mate

Apparently the reason for the creation of this device was purely for erectile dysfunction, those that struggled to either get hard or even stay hard. Eventually, the device was advertised and then used for penis enlargement.


However, just like many devices on the market, there isn’t too much information or guidance on how to use the device for both erectile dysfunction or penis enlargement.


If you want to check out my uncensored penis pumping guide, check it out in my blog and video library.

penis pumps


Some of the pros of penis pumps are they’re very powerful, they can get your flaccid penis all the way to the hardest erection you’ve ever had (mind you this is temporary), and the function is great, essentially manipulating your own blood to engorge the penis tightening then stretching and stressing the tissues from within the penis.


Again, there are some drawbacks.


Due to the vacuum pressure coming from the pump inside a chamber that is usually larger than your penis, the pressure is not just applying stress to the main tissues that we’re trying to manipulate to increase penis size, it’s also putting stress on anything outside of the tunica, in other words under the skin.

Example of a pump being used in a routine (This is our Ultimate Routine, free to download)

This unfortunately leads to a swelling known as oedema, which is only temporary however it’s something that shouldn’t happen and when it does you should stop. Thus hindering the adequate time under tension needed for growth.


Again this is not to say you shouldn't use a pump but rather it can be a great tool for restoring blood flow or just another tool to help cause the adequate stress needed in and around your routine. An extra, in other words.


A pump with proper use can be used for both active gain and passive healing. Although time will be limited, it can still play a part in your routine. I would not say getting a pump is actually a necessity.


An alternative which can actually replace the pump, is the clamp.

penis clamp
penis clamping

A similar yet different principle is used to create pressure within the tissues of the penis. First an adequate erection must be achieved, then the clamp is placed at the base of the penis.


Different methods with a Penis Clamp or Ring

It is applied tight enough so the blood from your erection is for the most part trapped in the penis also giving you the opportunity to apply different manual methods for directional or further pressure to the tissues.


I must stress, just like any device, this can be extremely dangerous.

TAKE YOUR TIME AND ALWAYS REFER TO PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD. This is a must know principle you can also learn about in our video library and blog.


Don’t break your dick! #DBYD


penis clamp




penis roller

The only drawback with the clamp due to the use of compression, just like the hanger you must take it off and restore new blood flow to the penis every 5-10 minutes. In my opinion, keep your time 10 minutes or less since you're trapping the pressure and keeping it there where as with compression penis hanging, you're mainly just tighten onto flaccid tissues hence, 10-15 minutes.

Other Penis Enlargement Brands

I've tried and tested A LOT so I won't mention them all. Just a quick summary of the category instead.

Other extenders

quick extender pro

No compression extender is ever discreet. This one you see in the image to the more expensive like Jes Extender, Male Edge, Size Genetics and other similar in size, quality and function.

They all usually have just one function instead of compression and vacuum extending. Not to mention last tension, strength, comfort and easy of use.

Yes, I have tried quite a few! :P

penis extender

Another brand of All Day Stretcher


Phallosan Forte is a great innovation however I call this ring set up, the ring of fire. Irritation about the base of the shaft is unbearable. I've also found the sleeve rip being so thin and after substantial use (as you can tell from the other bands discolouration) the vacuum attachment starts to leak vacuum (picture on the right). This and some other similar brands may not allow you to vacuum hang successfully without sacrificing comfort or even device longevity.

Another brand of Vacuum Hanger

vacuum penis hanging

The Infamous LG Hanger, great build quality! However as many may know, you pay for a "made to order" product. It's also too bulky to use as an All Day Stretcher so you would have to buy that on top of the already hefty price. And of course if you wanted to use a compression hanger as well, you'll need to fork out for that as well. Good product nonetheless.

penis enlargement


To sum it up, you want to adequately stress the tissues enough with a little time everyday with methods like compression hanging, extending, clamping, manual methods and pumping.

Active/ Stretching / Growth Methods

Compression Penis Hanging

penis hanging

Penis Pumping

penis pump

Compression Penis Extending

male extender


penis clamping

Penis Hanging w/ Pulley

penis hanger

Manual Methods


Anchoring / Healing Methods

Then recover as best and as quickly as you can staying in an elongated and / or expanded state with methods like vacuum extending, an all day stretcher, even a passive healing sleeve and the optional penis rings.

All Day Stretcher

all day stretcher

Vacuum Extender

male extender

Penis Ring

penis ring

Stress and Recover is the game...

The faster and more effectively you recover the more you can stress the tissues, the more you stress the tissues to then recover again repeating the process over and over, stress, recover, stress, recovery over and over, YOU ARE GOING TO GROW.

Growth Potential

Once you nail the proper protocol, you could achieve a realistic goal of up to a 50% increase in size in 1-2 years. 1-2 years and your done. Everyone gains differently so what may take on person 6 months may take you many years. Health and other lifestyle factors will also play a massive role in your results. Make sure to stay tuned with our blog and video library to learn more.

Current Length X Girth 30% Gain 50% Gain

5" x 4"

6.5" x 5.2"

7.5" x 6"

6" x 5"

7.8" x 6.5"

9" x 7.5"

7" x 6"

9.1" x 7.8"

10.5" x 9"

Then you can just work on erection quality and stamina with good health and lifestyle for the rest of your life, aa you should anyway!

The Solution

Now, because of my personal experience going from device to device, method to method, spending thousands of dollars and days, weeks, months, now years scouring the net for scraps of at best puzzling information, I eventually decided to cut through a lot of the confusing material and products to provide one kit that has it all and include as much guidance from personal experience as I could.


In other words, not just one tool to hopefully do everything, like giving a carpenter just a hammer to build a house.

This kit will have everything you need:

Compression hanger

Some above $100

Compression extender

Most above $200

Vacuum Extender

Usually above $200

Vacuum Hanger

Usually above $250

Vacuum All Day Stretcher

Some above $300


Great for girth work

penis girth

Heat Pad

Great for keeping the tissues warm and pliable for stretching

Pulley System

Great for penis hanging while sitting

Plate Hanger

A great platform for sitting weight plates on to hang


All the extra tools needed like bandage, silicone sleeves, tape and more.


By all means you can get all the bits and pieces to make this kind of kit, however just as mentioned you might be looking at over 1000 dollars.


PLUS I stand behind our products so much that if you have bought another product and then you buy ours and you TRUELY think ours are not superior we will give you a FULL REFUND once we receive a return of the items.


For you, this entire kit will be less than a third of all that with nothing to lose!

Sold out

"But hey, don't just listen to me... check out all our happy customers".

Not to mention FREE access to the most comprehensive blog and video library of how to tutorials on all devices and guidance on increasing penis size, bettering your erection quality and improving your sexual stamina making you a king in the bedroom.


AND, I'm only an email away! (Mike - totalmancoaching@gmail.com)

Look forward to hearing from you, helping you in any way I can and most of all hearing about your results!

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