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Frequently Asked Questions

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Male Enhancement Questions

Penis enlargement is definitely real. Traction devices (just like these in our store) have been shown to improve penis length in various studies and anecdotally men all around the world have seen results in length, girth, erection quality and sexual stamina.


The biggest thing is to not fall for any device, product or supplement that is promising inches in only 1-3 months. This is not realistic as penis enlargement is a more a marathon than a sprint. It takes time and consistency. Please refer to the Total Man Video Library or Our Ultimate Routine for more information on everything from penis enlargement traction devices to tips on improving sexual stamina, erection quality and overall lifestyle.


Consuming and applying as much content as you can is the best way to go. If you have further questions then let us know via the email provided below.


Packages we would recommend taking a look at for the fastest and most effective growth are:

1. Plate Hanger 2.0 which is a high quality device that tractions using penis weights

2. Extender 3.0 - Frame Only which uses the male enhancement method of stretching to traction your penis for growth 

3. You can also check out more Penis Enlargement Kits here .

Everyone is different so everyone may gain at different speeds and even benefit from different routines. What may work for one person may not work for another. Unfortunately there are not many good studies in this industry, so the results are from my own, others like members on big forums and our clients and members feedback which is all anecdotal.


For size, a general rule of thumb is 1 to 2 inches in 1 to 2 years. This may mean 2 inches in one year, or 1 inch in 2 years. This is where the need for consistency and commitment comes in as its marathon, not a sprint.


For stamina, penis enlargement is only one part of the picture, that's combined with masturbation and edging techniques. The more you work on it and practice the better you can master control.


For hardness, this is going to come down to many factors beyond PE methods alone. Main contributors will be things to do with your general health and lifestyle including nutrition, hydration, sleep, movement, mindfulness, breathing and more. Essentially, if you take care of yourself as best you can, your erections will follow suit. A lot of this content is covered along with PE specific techniques on the Total Man Video Library

No. There is no such supplement or medication to do this. If you see it, IT'S A SCAM. The only way a supplement or medication could do this is if your erection quality was so low, robbing you of your potential already natural size and the properties of the product allowed you to fulfil your natural size. In terms of making you larger than your natural size, this is not possible with pills.


ED must be taken care of first or at the very least being worked on with noticeable improvement before starting a penis enlargement routine. IF you don’t, you may make things worse. Think of the penis like a balloon, a small balloon requires less air to inflate than a bigger balloon.

So, if you make your balloon bigger however you don’t even have the air power to inflate a small balloon, how are you going to inflate a bigger balloon? You'll potentially end up up with a bigger, floppier balloon. If you don’t have the blood flow, you won’t inflate a bigger penis to its natural capacity. Get ED sorted first. Talk to a health professional about your options.

Yes, you most definitely can. You can do severe and even permanent damage if you are not careful and try to rush the process, or execute methods without first learning how to do them safely. But, it's no more dangerous than going to the gym and trying weights for the first time. There's increased risk of injury without instruction and guidance, hence why Total Man is here and our Video Library exists. 

We encourage all customers and to watch all of the relevant video content before using a device to prevent injury, and also maximise results.

Don't break your dick!

As a health professional, your urologist has a duty of care to provide you with evidence-based recommendations and comply with regulations and policies that ensure the most decreased risk of harm to you as their patient.


Preliminary studies and literature reviews have been done on the topic of various penis enlargement methods and their effectiveness on length and girth, with most findings indicating that traction devices work best to improve penis size. Other methods such as pumping do not seem to provide any results. This is why our penis enlargement products that you find in the Total Man Shop are based in Hangers and Extenders - these are the most effective penile traction devices.


Studies are unfortunately lacking in number so much more research is needed in this area. This is likely why health professionals state that it doesn't work as they are unable say otherwise. A better way of saying it is that, studies to truly determine its effectiveness are yet to be done so health professionals are unable to formally recommend these techniques.


Anecdotally, many men who have practiced penis enlargement techniques over the period of time needed to see results will report increases in penis length and girth. We are in the process of formulating a formal way of gathering this data so we can actually report on the results our clients get which will be a step in the right direction.


If you're interested, here's a link to a literature review summarising the evidence on various penis enlargement techniques.

Orders & Shipping Questions

All prices are in USD.

All orders at Total Man Shop are packed in a plane white padded shipping bag. The parcel will have a white 150mmx100mm shipping label with the senders and receivers shipping details however nothing that gives away the exact contents of the order. The only description on the shipping label will be "Clamping Tools and Vacuum Cups" or "Sleeves". Nothing that described penis enlargement or anything sexually explicit.

We try our best to ship items as fast as we can. Please allow 1-3 days picking and packing time for your order to ship out. Shipping time will depend on your country. Since we are based in Australia, if you are too you could expect your order in a couple of days after it has been shipped. The USA; 3-8 days, everywhere else; 5-8 days. average shipping times are business days.

You will receive a tracking number via an email notification once your order has been shipped.

Due to the nature of the product we do not offer refunds. If the product is defective or damaged, we give you 14 days to send us 1 or more photos to  for us to determine whether or not it is a faulty or defective item. Once a verdict has been decided upon we may send you a new product or replacement. Please see our refund/returns policy for more information.

If you have miss spelled or auto filled in an incorrect address, simply reply to your order confirmation email and send the correct details. Please be aware that this may cause some delay, especially if the order has already been shipped.

In most cases, the address can be changed even while in transit but it must be done as soon as possible. In some cases, if the order has been shipped we may need to wait for the parcel to return before re-sending it again.

If the item does not return and is claimed by the wrong address, there is no refund and you may have to place another order. For this we insist double checking your address when placing the order.

You are able to cancel your order with no penalty! You must cancel your order before it ships. If it has already been sent, there is no cancelling your order. If it is in transit and you would like to cancel, this is still possible however may take some time. We can have the item returned before arriving to you however you will lose out on shipping costs, transaction fee's (6% of total order) plus any fee's incurred to request a return.

There could be a couple of reasons this is happening.


Reason 1: We have not yet added your country as we have not allocated it a category and price. This is less likely for larger countries such as US, Canada, UK, etc.


Reason 2: Your country may prohibit these kinds of products from coming in. If we attempted to ship your order any way, the parcel and goods can be confiscated and destroyed. This will unfortunately results in a loss of your funds and products. If you have an alternative address or method for shipping, email us at 


Feel free to send us an email to either way if you would like to double check.

There may be a few things going on for the discount code not to work.


Reason 1: Most sale items have already been discounted so you don't need to enter a code to get the sale price and in most cases because of this, further discounts won't be accepted unless stated.


Reason 2: The discount code may be expired due to running past a sale period or a time in which the discount was advertised.


Reason 3: You could be entering the code incorrectly. Remember that any discount code entry is case sensitive meaning a lower case "m" to a capital "M" will create an error if not the same as the discount code provided. It would be best to copy and paste the code for accuracy.


Reason 4: There could be an error in the system. If this is the case and you think there is something wrong, please email and we can get it sorted as soon as possible.

Total Man Products Questions

There are two main products that are my favourites that I can attribute most of my personal results too and many guys from anecdotal feedback have reported the same to be true: TheCompression HangerKit2.0 and theAll Day Stretcher and Vacuum Hanging Kit 2.0.


On a super low budget, start with the All Day Stretcher so you can simply utilise free manual methods to execute the active part of your routine. Otherwise you could start with the infamous Compression Hanger if you cannot see yourself wearing the All Day Stretcher for what ever reason, be it time, work, patience or other. If you go with the compression hanger, make sure to get a Plate Hanger 2.0 to hang your weights from.

Hi! I’m Mike, the founder and director of Total Man. I built this business from a passion for improving myself in every way I can, including the bedroom through Male Enhancement. I’m upfront and honest and won’t give you BS like promising inches in only a few months like the rest of the industry.


I’ve used and tested almost every product and brand in the industry, realizing that there is such a lack of good, effective, comfortable and affordable products with actual help and tutorials if you need it. If a product nailed one or two parts, they missed the rest. Getting sick of that, Total Man was born.


I design and manufacture all of our products and used almost all products on a daily basis. I design based on my experience and I listened to the feedback I get from all my customers, cherishing those willing to give feedback that allows me to continuously improve our products. I also put out a heap of videos on how to get the best results, included UNCENSORED videos of me actually using the products.


My team and I are only an email away for support which we do our best to get back to within 24 hours.

The Total Man Video Library is full of guidance and tutorials and our Ultimate Routine will show you what to do and when to do it. All this is free for anyone to access. If you are not confident even prior to purchasing your equipment, check out the in depth, UNCENSORED tutorials to know exactly how to use all equipment in the best, most comfortable and safest way possible. You’ll have complete access for life to access the videos and much more when you need.

Technically our products cannot be classified as medical devices however there have been some anecdotal evidence from some users of traction devices and manual methods to assist with bringing their penis closer to normal. There is also some research to back this up too. To what degree is unclear between studies and anecdotal evidence.

We have had a few members and clients report straightening from general use of our equipment mainly for a penis enlargement goal in mind. This is great but once again, we cannot say it directly helps with curvature.

Our best recommendation is take it slow as the condition is a build up of calcification which can also happen if you damage any tissue let alone the penis. Rushing into penis enlargement methods and not taking your time could result in a worsening of the condition. Consult with your health professional on whether this is appropriate for you.

In my opinion, no. The tension is too low and over time when the penis becomes accustomed to this tension, the tissues will not be stressed, stretched or challenged to grow. BUT, keep in mind that although it won’t provide results on its own, it could be the additional tool to make your results possible alongside a solid active method like manual stretches and squeezes or the Compression Hanger or Compression Extender.

Yes, it is possible. Although we think our hanger device for penis weights is one of the best tools for active penis enlargement to gain results, it’s made even better when worked in conjunction with an All Day Stretcher as allows you to maintain a lengthen position for healing after your sessions.

It is possible, but penis enlargement is tedious and monotonous as it is. Traction Devices provide a hands free experience for the most part and in some cases may even be safer than manual methods. We suggest to look at our products category page and choose any of our Kits to get started. If you still want some free exercises to get stuck into now check them out here for Length and Girth

If you are looking to hang in the form of compression hanging or vacuum hanging with or without a pulley system you will need something to sit your weight plates on which is your Plate Hanger 2.0


If you have our plate hanger already then all you need to do is find a local fitness shop or retailer that sells "Olympic size" weight plates with a 50mm bore/hole. The reason we do not sell weight plates is because the bulk of our sales are international and costs for shipping weights would be a small fortune. This is why we recommend sourcing your own weights locally online or at a physical store.


If you are using something of your own as a plate hanger to hang or sit your weights on then it really doesn't matter what weight plates you use, Standard or Olympic.

Support & Customer Service

The Total Man Video Library is completely free to access.


Thanks to the support of all our past clients and members we can now make it free to access for everyone. One of the most comprehensive penis enlargement and male enhancement sites on the planet. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself, you have nothing to lose.

Yes I do. There is a plethora of content, tutorials and support on our Video Library which you can access for free RIGHT HERE .

There sure is. You can open and download our Ultimate Routine here and use our tutorials and guidance on our Video Library here . You’ll be able to find it on the on the programs page to download as a PDF.


Although the routine has a lot of equipment, you don’t need it all. You can use what equipment you have and follow the program week by week.


One of the most important principles in male enhancement is progressive overload. This is only increasing time and intensity slowly over time. Conditioning yourself properly to not over do it and save yourself from injury. You only have one penis, SO DON’T BREAK IT!


Do what you can with what you have, that suits your lifestyle. It must work for you. If you need more help, email us at and we’d be happy to give you some personalised tips.

Absolutely! We are here to help! Please send us an email to and we will be happy to a ssist you in any way we can.


We do receive a large number of emails so if you wish to get a prompt response, please attach your order number and provide as much details as possible so we can best answer your query. 


Thank you for choosing Total Man!

We will be accepting Visa and Mastercard directly at checkout soon however for now you can still use PayPal with your card.

How to complete your transaction using your card with PayPal:

1. Select "PayPal" as payment option then select "Complete Order"

2. Select "Pay with a Card" (Instead of entering PayPal login details)

3. Select your country and enter your card details followed by your shipping details

4. You can choose not to sign up to a PayPal account and continue as a guest

5. Finish by clicking on "Pay Now"

You can email and I'll be happy to help in the best way I can.


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