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Opinion | Jelqing: Is Penis Stretching a Winner or a Big Waste?

The jelq is perhaps the most popular of penis exercises. The most common question asked about this movement is will jelqing work on the average size erect penis?

Anecdotal evidence shows that jelqing can induce penile elongation, help to increase penis girth, and can also improve Erection Quality (EQ- a combined measure of stamina and hardness).

Side effects and risks of jelqing

Jelqing exercise side effects are almost always positive (e.g.: increased penis size and function), but this is only when the exercise is performed correctly and there are no preexisting conditions.

If someone has penile anomalies like Peyronie's Disease (fibrous scar tissue build up) it would be a good idea of they contacted their physician before proceeding with any penis enlargement training.

The most common negative side effects are mild- like small bruises or abrasions on the penis. This can be prevented by starting with light force and using an adequate amount of lubrication.

Strains and vessel injuries are possible, but taking care to start the exercise with LESS force than you'd use to masturbate should help to prevent problems.

What is Jelqing (Penis Stretching)?

Exercises like jelqing work by stretching the suspensory ligament at the base of the penis, and by elongating the tunica. The compression of the jelq also induces lateral expansion of the tunica by forcing blood flow. This has the effect of inducing girth and also promoting better EQ (Erection Quality- a combined measure of stamina and hardness).

The origins of the jelq are nebulous. Some have described the exercise as originating from the ancient Middle East, while others purport that it originated in the 1960s as a joke. There's evidence in certain studies like the Chartham Method which indicates a jelq-like exercise was used as one of its components.

The jelq has also been described under different names like the "Milking Exercise". Several publications outline this exercise not necessarily for adding penile size, but to improve sexual performance due to increased blood flow. It's been recommended for cases of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

The jelq is performed by using the thumb and index finger to encircle the base. The constricted fingers are slid along the length of the penis to just behind the glans. The combination of stretch and forced blood flow assists to force an increase in penis size.

You can watch a video on how to perform the jelq HERE.

What is the Average Size of Penis?

The average penis size is approximately 5.5 inches in erect length and 4.5 inches in erect girth. This is a generous estimate taken from studies and various male enhancement forums where many have engaged in penis enlargement training to increase size. Some official studies put the penis size figures at slightly lower, while the self-reported studies often indicate higher numbers.

Risks of Penis Stretching

Stretching the penis is an important factor in increasing penis length. One can make the penis longer by using various methods like manual stretches, penis extenders, penis hangers, and penis pumps.

Penile tissue (the ligaments and tunica in particular) is elongated with a combination of tension and time. Both these variables are increased over time in a regularly progressive manner via training to force gains in penis length.

Penis extenders

A penile extender devicecan use different angles to create a greater stretching effect- with the device in the downwards position targeting the suspensory ligament the most.

Surprising Benefits of Jelqing

Consistent jelqing can offer many benefits to the penis. In addition to increasing penis size, it can also improve hardness. The glans penis is particularly affected when using a higher degree of erection.

While there's plenty of anecdotal evidence, formal scientific evidence is lacking as there have as of the date of this article been no formal studies on the jelq making the penis longer.

Vacuum Erectile Devices (VEDs)

A vacuum device or "penis pump" is a medically approved method of improving stamina and inducing an erect penis. Regular use of VEDs have been shown to increase penis size.

Is Jelqing Safe and Effective?

Jelqing can be a safe and effective penis enlargement exercise if caution and patience are used. When testing out jelqing for the first time, use a moderate degree of erection, a generous amount of lubrication, and LESS force than you'd use to masturbate your penis with. Research suggests starting off with a test of 40 repetitions performed at a 2-3 second pace per repetition,

Only after you've mastered the form anf feel of the exercise should you add repetitons and (slowly, over time) add more force.

The jelq is an effective penis stretching exercise for cases of "short penis" and has also been shown to improve sexual function.

Please seek out professional medical advice from your physician before starting any type of penis training program.

Erectile Dysfunction Medications

There are many different types of erectile dysfunction medications and supplements available. Viagra is often recommended by medical professionals for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe and Maca are good over the counter supplements for this purpose as well.

Cialis is a longer-term form of sexual medicine which can enable men to more easily induce erections for up to 36 hours.

If one suffers from Peyronie's disease (penis curvature with scar tissue), Xiaflex medication is recommended by medical professionals for treatment.

Improving Your Sexual Confidence

Adding penis size is a great way to boost your sexual confidence- especially if you've also developed better control and better EQ.

Adding size alone isn't necessarily a cure for deeper emotional concerns, though.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The most common form of penis surgery involves severing the suspensory ligament to deanchor the penis from the pubic bone. In combination with penile traction therapy, the portion of the penis hidden behind the pubis becomes exposed- effectively enabling the use of 1-2 inches of penis. The above is often use for cosmetic penis length and for cases of shortened penis.

While the above can elongate the penis via exposure, it does little to the actual penile tissue itself. Exercises like the jelq can effective at inducing better girth and blood flow.

Ligation surgeries are recommended in cases of poor penis circulation due to venous leaks, though exercises like Kegels have been shown to be effective for treating this issue.* Kegels are also great for treating erectile dysfunction.

*Pelvic floor exercise versus surgery in the treatment of impotence

The Bottom Line on Penis Stretching

There are many ways to stretch the penis, from using hangers, to penile traction devices, to manual stretches.

A penile extender device is often recommended as penile traction therapy for post-surgical penis lengthening procedures. This can be accomplished with weight hanging or by utilizing a traction device.

It's thought the mechanism of lengthening occurs due to elongating the suspensory ligament and inducing microtears in the tunica. Said tears heal and allow the tunica more flexibility.

Increased Penis Length and Girth

The jelq is an excellent movement for the development of both erect penis length and flaccid penis length.

It's also a good exercise for inducing penis girth.

The jelq can be used in conjunction with penile extenders or other traction devices to boost the effectiveness of a well-devised training routine.

More Extended Performance and Better Sexual Capabilities

The jelq is an ideal exercise for increasing blood to the penis. By using the index finger and thumb to slide blood along the length, it can help to induce flow. It may also help to loosed fibrosis associated with Peyronie's disease. This can be used in conjunction with a traction device for maximum effect.

Does Jelqing Really Work?

Does jelqing really work at enlarging the penis? While the jelqing penis enlargement technique is quite popular, it has yet to get the level of formal recognition it deserves. This is surprising, considering there's medical literature available on the effectiveness of penile stretching traction devices.

While penis stretching exercises are thought to better target penile lengthening, the jelq can also add penile size in the form of extra girth.

The jelq may help to straighten the penis in cases of penis deformities like curvature. Traction devices are also effective for this purpose as well as to increase penile length.

Extended Performance and Improved Sexual Prowess

When men suffer from small penis anxiety, it can put a damper on their sex life.

Since the penis is an organ best used when the level of emotion is at neutrality or better, it's important to learn how to relax before and during sex. This is best achieved by not dwelling on negative thoughts and to take deep breaths (especially on the exhale portion) in order to lower stress.

Cases not easily resolved on your own may require professional medical assistance.

Jelqing Improves Blood Circulation

When jelqing, blood vessels are expanded by forcing compression forward via constriction by the thumb and index finger. Over time, this increased level of blood can enhance the entire erection process.

The alleviation of scar tissue can also allow for easier expansion and less painful erections.

Improved Sexual Appeal and Confidence

Adding length and girth to your penis can make you feel more desirable and can greatly impact your sex life. A longer penis can be used with more ease for a variety of positions and greater sexual technique.

Step I: Time to Warm Up

How to Warm Up Before Jelqing

To warm the penis, one may use different options- like a soak in a warm bath or hot tub or the use of an infrared heating pad. Light stretching and massage should be incorporated into the warm up for maximum effect.

Step II: Lubrication

Different types of jelqs will require different quantities of lube.

Wet jelqing with a semi erect penis is better for targeting girth, while dry jelqing acts as a sliding stretch along the penis shaft to induce length.

Your index finger encircles your thumb and is applied to the base of your penis with firm but comfortable force, then the appropriate level of tension is used. If your hand sticks too much, this means you need more lube.

Please check out the following for a video of the jelq exercise: The Jelq

What Else Can You Try to Increase Size?

Does jelqing work to make the penis bigger? We can see from the data above that jelqing can indeed add size to your penis.

Other forms of enlargement training can involve the use of traction devices, weight hangers, and other forms of manual training.

What Are the Types of Jelqing Exercises?

The jelq requires constriction at the base of your penis while then sliding said fingers forward to force a stretch and to move blood.

This form of penis stretching method can translate to more girth by using a higher degree of erection and more lube.

There are other types of jelqs, like lateral jelqing, V jelqs, and the Jelq to Stretch exercise.

How Long Should You Continue This Practice to See Results?

For the jelq and other stretching exercises, it's recommended you perform them consistently for a minimum of 2-3 weeks to note effects.

Measure erect length and erect girth once every two weeks to ensure you're making progress.

A good short term goal for each cycle (6 weeks of training/1 week of rest) is 1/4 of an inch in length and 1/8 of an inch in girth. If done steadily, this can yield passive gains in just one year!


Medications like Xiaflex can be used in conjunction with jelqing to alleviate penile curvature due to scar tissue build up.

For greater ease of erection, medications like Viagra or Cialis are recommended [by medical professionals].

How Long Does Jelqing Take for Results?

Most any form of penis training should be given at least 2-3 weeks to note results. Work should continue past this to not only cement gains, but to also force even more growth and increase Erection Quality (EQ).

Gains of an inch in length or more may require months, while gains of two inches or more could take years. That being said, there are anecdotal claims of men adding three or more inches just by using the jelq exercise.

If you plan on making big gains, the jelq should be a part of a total lifestyle commitment- ehich includes following a heart healthy lifestyle of low starch/low sugar consumption, lots of leafy greens, and plenty of cardiovascular exercise. You must have a health heart and circulatory system if you want to maximize penis gains!


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