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How To Grow Your Penis Naturally: Top 10 Most Effective Techniques

How To Grow Your Penis Naturally

Many men who feel dissatisfied with their size often wonder whether they can naturally enhance the size of their penis. They seek ways to address it and inquire about methods for increasing penis size. Fortunately, there is a solution. But you must navigate the abundance of misinformation online to implement it safely.

While there's no quick fix for immediate results, gradual progress toward achieving the desired length is possible. ThisPenis Enlargement Course is your complete guide to growing your penis naturally. It contains an extensive explanation of methods with proven efficacy. This way, you can steer clear of the overhyped and inaccurate information.

Stay away from penis enlargement surgery and other products that promise overnight growth. There is no magic for instant results! Companies capitalizing on insecurities may market quick fixes, but these often serve as a means to exploit people seeking immediate penis enlargement gains.

Achieving natural penis enlargement through exercises and devices is a process that requires time and commitment. If you're wondering how to grow your penis naturally, stay with us as we explore the various natural ways to make your penis bigger.

Is Your Penis Size Even Important?

Importance of Penis Size

Yes, penis size is very crucial. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Sexual satisfaction and a fulfilling sex life depend on many factors, including sexual skills, confidence, proper stimulation, and the right psychological state. The exciting thing is that penis size plays a role in all this.

The right penis size will give you confidence in the bedroom, increase your self-esteem, and ensure that you stimulate that G-spot and much more. So, should you seek penile enlargement? Absolutely!

Can You Increase Penis Size Naturally?

It all depends on what you mean by "naturally." If you want a bigger penis at home without penile enlargement surgery or formal treatment, it's possible. Non-invasive procedures with special techniques can produce tangible results.

While there's no magic exercise or pill for quick results, there are slow but effective options for natural penis growth. These methods have proven their effectiveness over time, and you'll find more about them in the upcoming sections.

Top 10 Methods To Grow Your Penis Naturally

We can divide most methods into 2 categories – compression and vacuum methods. Let's check them out.

As we go into the the various methods available, this graph will help you follow through the explanations in the following sections. The vertical axis shows the force applied, while the horizontal axis indicates the level of discretion.

Compression Methods

With compression methods, the penis is either clamped onto a device or one's hand. Depending on the technique, it is placed behind the glans for traction, such as hanging, extending, and stretching. It can also be anywhere on the shaft for pressure, such as clamping and manual squeezes.

Manual Methods

When it comes to manual approaches, there are several distinct and beneficial advantages that will come in handy, and some of these are critical depending on the goal.

Most other gadgets, for example, will be consistent in one direction or plane. Consider compression or vacuum hanging. You have the option of hanging straight up or straight down. That's all.

  • Straight down, straight out, or straight up are all possibilities for extending.

  • Stretching with a leg band is largely straight along one side.

  • Pumping creates continuous pressure throughout the penis.

Manual methods are typically far more versatile. Any stretch can be changed in direction at any time. Some stretches are particularly helpful on specific parts of the penis.

A-stretches in which the penis bends around and in different directions rather than simply straight. Stretching behind, which is only available manually, works extremely well on the suspensory ligament. Furthermore, if you're working on improving the curve of your penis, being able to work on certain sites can have a significant impact.

One of the most obvious drawbacks of manual methods is that you are exchanging your complete attention and time for every minute spent on the process. For example, 10 minutes of stretching equals 10 minutes of complete focus.

Moreover, you can only do manual techniques in stationary positions and in private. Since you may not always be in private, you have to combine manual methods with other devices that would be described in this article.

There are various manual methods you can use to increase the size of your penis. They include the following:

Jelqing Process

Jelqing (AKA the Cow Milking exercise) is a massage exercise often used to boost penis size through stretching and growth. This method entails stimulating the penis to enhance the flow of blood. The increased circulation allows the penis to handle higher blood levels, promoting a firmer erection.

These exercises are usually done for 20 to 30 minutes per session for best results. If you're new to jelqing, it's advisable to start with 5 to 15 minutes, three or four times a week, gradually increasing for similar results over time.

Penis Stretching Increase Penis Size

This is an excellent alternative to penis stretching devices. All you need is your hands. Manual stretching exercise is a simple process of pulling your penis in different directions and holding onto the head for about 30 seconds each time.

Kegel Exercise

Participating in Kegel exercises involves working on your pelvic floor muscles. Regularly exercising these muscles can improve sexual health and boost bladder control.

What makes Kegels convenient is their adaptability; they can be done anywhere without requiring any equipment. Dedicate just five minutes three times a day to Kegel exercises to achieve the intended outcomes, especially for erectile dysfunction.

If you're a beginner, it's recommended to start with shorter durations, typically five to 10 seconds, and then gradually extend the sessions. This gradual progression ensures a steady strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles over time. Just remember more is not better, especially for this group of muscles. For adequate blood to flow, the penis tissues need to be able to relax as well. More anatomy of the pelvic floor and how it plays a massive role in erection quality, sexual stamina and even penis size is covered in theFREE Penis Enlargement Video course.

Penile lengthening through clamping

Clamping is considered a highly effective exercise, particularly for increasing girth. While it can be challenging to master, it yields significant results. The clamp is positioned around the base of the penis to prevent blood from exiting, resulting in increased size.

Specifically designed to stretch the walls of the penis, the clamp promotes enhanced blood flow during full arousal. This type of exercise is geared towards improving penile girth rather than the length of the penis.

Though you can walk about with the clamp on, it is still a compression approach, thus it is best used at home in shorter sets. This procedure can generate a lot of pressure and should be used with utmost caution. This is because it is one of the more difficult activities to assess.

Keep in mind that what you cannot measure or evaluate carries higher risk. Furthermore, following the progressive overload protocol becomes more difficult. The clamp is an excellent substitute for a penis pump; nevertheless, the biggest disadvantage is that the intensity is difficult to gauge.

When compared to the pump, the advantage is that it delivers a similar impact with little to no swelling. The pressure it creates comes from your own blood flow within your erection rather than a vacuum pressure dragging on all the tissues.

I suggest using this exercise sparingly in comparison to the others because it can offer such high intensity with little accuracy in gauging intensity.

Compression Extending

Compression Extending

In simpler terms, the device applies tension to the penis, progressively stretching the current mass of tissue beyond its current maximum size resulting in a larger state, some of which is the formation of new tissues. As these tissues expand, and become accustomed to the new size and even some tissue is newly developed, you can anticipate an increase in both length and girth. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

Compression extenders are among the most commonly sold products in the industry. This approach must be performed at home, though there is considerable mobility. Compression extending generates mild force. However, that force is directed into the pelvis. So, the higher the force, the more painful it might become.

As a result, anything heavier than 4kg may be excessive. If you don't wear it for more than 2 hours, you could use up to 6kg. If you don't want to stay absolutely stationary while hanging with weights, this is a very helpful equipment.

Compression Plate Stretching

The compression plate stretching device usually provides a better range of movement and is significantly more discreet because it is so near to the leg that it is barely visible under clothing. Compression plate stretching, unlike compression extending, does not require a frame between your legs.

Instead, an elastic cord tied to a leg band worn below the knee provides traction. Because it is a compression procedure, full blood flow must be restored every 10-20 minutes. Using this strategy at home is not recommended unless you have access to some privacy every 15 minutes while out of the house.

Compression Hanging

Compression Hanger to Increase Penis Length

Compression hangers operate similarly to penis extenders by consistently applying tension to the penis. This tension encourages the stretching of penile tissues, gradually increasing penis size over time with regular use. To use them, you simply attach the provided harness, strap or clamp to the penis and let the weights hang from the end, creating the necessary tension.

While the compression hanger generates enormous levels of force, its application is limited because it must be done stationary and in private. Still, this is the king since it has nearly no force limitations and the most effective grip. Once linked, you can almost increase your size on autopilot.

Any compression treatment, including the compression hanger, should be limited to 15-20 minutes. Because of the way it grabs the penis for traction, your blood flow is reduced throughout each session, therefore resting between sets is essential. You can choose to maximize each set with things like jelqing during this pause.

Compression hanging, in particular, will most likely be one of your most valuable assets in the long run, especially as your volume grows. It will give you much more runway to keep going before needing to take a break, allowing your tissues to resensitize.

Just because you have the ability to use a large number of weights does not imply you should. When done correctly, compression hanging is not only the safest but also the most effective approach. You simply need to approach it correctly. For example, in the beginning, you should use such a little weight that you are essentially doing nothing more than getting a feel for the device and becoming proficient in its use.

Don't dismiss this tool because you've heard horror stories about it, thinking you're not ready for it.

Healing Sleeve

When following an exercise routine, experiencing a loss of momentum or gains can be disheartening. To prevent turtling or retraction after stressing the tissues, incorporating a penis sleeve after stretching or penis weight hanging is beneficial.

Passive Healing Sleeve for Penis Stretching

Made from comfortable silicone, the sleeve can be worn for extended periods. Even when used without other stretching devices, a penis sleeve contributes to both a flaccid penis and an erect penis length. It acts as a stabilizer, maintaining the penis in an extended position.

The healing sleeve can be used alone, with a chamber, or with a compression plate that is set up loosely and does not restrict blood flow. When it comes to force, this device is less effective than the all-day stretcher because it applies largely resistive force against the tissues that are attempting to retract.

To keep the penis extended, the sleeve rests between the base of the pelvis and behind the coronal ridge of the glans. While it is not the most effective approach for traction, it is one of the most convenient and discrete. It is easy to put on and take off, and it may even be used with shorts, unlike the all-day stretcher.

In the beginning, the healing sleeve will be an excellent option to the all-day stretcher for holding and healing, especially while you build your conditioning for vacuum chamber procedures.

Vacuum Methods

With vacuum methods, a penis pump can produce a force on the entire penis for pressure. On the other hand, a vacuum chamber can grip the glans of the penis using vacuum pressure. This allows for a traction method to be applied, such as hanging, extending, and all-day stretching.


Penis Pump Exercise

Using apenis pump is a widely adopted and effective method to increase penis girth and address erectile dysfunction. This is another instrument that must be used stationary and in privacy. In this industry, the penis pump is a fairly prevalent but misunderstood device. It was originally designed to help those with erectile dysfunction get it up and stay hard by employing a penile ring to limit blood flow out of the penis.

A penile pump basically pushes blood into the penis, simulating what the penis does naturally, but the main difference is that you can adjust the pressure. It has the ability to affect all of the tissues we're attempting to target, depending on the pressure.

Unfortunately, the penis pump has a wide-ranging effect. It doesn't only influence the tissues we're attempting to target; it also affects many others, making pumping much more difficult to prepare for. This signifies that there are some restrictions on intensity.

The force of the penis pump is quite high, but the actual and sustainable safe force is far lower than compression hanging. So, while the pump can be an excellent complement to any program, it should not be used purely for growth or even improving erection quality. Could you employ it on its own? You probably could. However, using multiple strategies is always the best way to achieve faster, more effective, and even safer results.

Vacuum Hanging

A vacuum hanger is a non-invasive method for increasing penis size. The force here will be based on the condition of your glans (soft tissues). Hanging is often safer than other methods that allow for more mobility and discretion because it is done in a fixed position and in privacy. This is due to the fact that hanging allows you to employ accurate weight by using fractional weight plates. Furthermore, you are not moving, which influences weight fluctuation with the other strategies stated. Being immobile and secluded also allows you to closely watch the method.

With compression hanging, you may achieve volume with a lower effort for longer periods of time rather than a larger force for shorter periods of time. You may be wondering: since I don't have to remove the vacuum chamber, why can't I use it as my primary hanging device and simply increase the weight? Technically, you can, but here's the catch. While the vacuum chamber is highly practical because it does not restrict blood flow, it is extremely difficult to condition for beyond a specific volume of stress.

The glans can only handle so much, so the majority of the stress is transferred to the soft tissues. This is also why it is positioned where it is on the graph. Some people can condition their glans to support up to 10kg but can only vacuum hang for 15 minutes. But why would you bother, when the main advantage of vacuum methods is that they may be utilized discreetly? It is preferable to utilize them at a lower force for a longer amount of time while going about your daily activities.

Also, once you've exhausted your volume allowance for vacuum methods unless you don't mind an injury, it's advisable to abandon vacuum methods entirely. This is why, for higher-intensity activity, compression hanging or any other compression-based method is much preferred. This is because it is much easier to condition for.

For example, using a compression hanger may take 1-2 months to condition your softer tissues to withstand 5+ kg, whereas using a vacuum chamber may take 5+ months, and even then, performing it on a daily basis may risk glans injury. This is why you need to have all these devices in your arsenal as they offer different benefits at different times and situations.

All Day Vacuum Stretching

All-day Stretcher

The all-day stretcher effectively implements the stretching technique, whether used independently or in conjunction with other exercises. This device uses a vacuum chamber to hold the glans then traction is applied by the elastic cord attached below the knee with an adjustable buckle to increase or decrease the tension of the elastic cord.

This is the king of retaining size since it can be worn discreetly under clothing throughout the day for hours at a time. And, once you have successfully conditioned the glans enough (8 hours +), you can even wear it during sleep. This is an especially great method to follow up with after most compression methods are used for higher intensity and shorter time. The all-day vacuum stretcher can help hold the newly stretched tissues in place so the new size achieved becomes the new normal.

You must note that the all-day stretcher will not directly enhance size in the long run due to its safe limits of force. However, it will help you avoid losing what you've worked so hard to achieve. This is why you must combine it with other methods.

One good example is the combination of Compression hanging (high intensity and short time collecting more volume from force) and All-day vacuum stretching (low intensity and long duration accumulating more volume over time). This way, you're spreading the stress on the softer tissues. At the same, you're staying under traction for longer periods of time and accumulating the volume needed to hit progressive overload.

Vacuum Extending

Rod Extender Kit 4.0 - Total Man Coaching Pty Ltd

Penis extender devices serve the purpose of gradually increasing penis length. These devices are user-friendly and hassle-free. Specifically, the vacuum extender is a traction device employing tension generated from a frame to stretch penile tissue, leading to an increase in penis length. Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, it effectively serves its intended purpose.

Because it employs a vacuum chamber, there is no need to remove the device to restore blood flow. You can wear it for hours at a time depending on your conditioning limits. The major advantage of vacuum extending is the ability to move around, and when compared to the all-day vacuum stretcher, vacuum extending can provide a bit more traction with less fluctuation while being comfortable.

Which Method Is Best for Penis Enlargement?

All methods produce some force on the tissues, whether it be traction or pressure. If you have ever thought or still question which device is most effective, I'd like you to reframe the question to: "What device will suit my needs best at any given time and situation?"

Penis Stretching Result

Compression methods usually offer more intensity; some even have a bit of mobility but nearly no discretion. The only exception is the healing sleeve, which is the lowest on the list for intensity. On the other hand, various vacuum methods typically offer more discretion and mobility but lack the intensity of compression-based techniques.

Compression methods tend to put a bit more stress on the skin on the shaft due to the way most of them attach or hold the penis. It may seem counterintuitive, but the tissues hit with this type of stress seem to recover quicker. Therefore, your penis becomes conditioned faster. In other words, you can use these methods sooner and more often if needed.

Vacuum methods, on the other hand, affect many of the same tissues, just differently. A lot of the stress with most vacuum methods will be focussed on the glans. Instead of a compression force grabbing the penis behind the glans, vacuum pressure is relied upon to hold onto the glans right at the head.

All of these devices may have a role to play in your lifestyle and, when combined, should meet practically anybody's time and privacy needs. When you confine yourself to one or two devices, you only have the capabilities of those devices, as well as the limits of each device.

Fewer devices may work in the short term, but you want as much flexibility as possible. There's a strong possibility you don't do the same thing every day, which is why the Total Man line of products is properly developed for you. Every device is designed for specific circumstances to provide results when used correctly.


It's important to note that there's no instant method for overnight size increase, although that might appeal to you. Penis enlargement surgery, male enhancement pills, penis injections, or penis implants are not effective in giving you a bigger penis. Don't fall for that shag!

There are natural ways to achieve this goal, such as using a penis stretcher or extender, weight hanging, or performing manual exercises without any tools. This article has explored various methods, both tool-assisted and manual, to assist you in reaching your desired results.

However, this freePenis Enlargement Video Course is your gateway to enhancing your sexual life. It gives a detailed breakdown of each technique and how you can use them to your advantage. Check it out now!


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