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What Is a Penis Pump? Does It Really Work?

Have you ever felt less confident about your sexual performance due to weak erections or penis size? Well, you're not alone. A2021 survey discovered that almost 50% of the male respondents have, at some point, experienced sexual performance anxiety due to their penis. Over 29% of those respondents felt shame about it.

General penis pump in use

So, is a penis pump the solution to this problem? Well, you'll have to stick around to find out.

From the name, you could get a hint of what a penis pump does. If you think they pump penises, then you're right on track!

But what exactly are penis pumps? Do they even work at all, or everything you see online is just marketing gimmicks? Here, we will outline the important details you need to know about penis pumps and how you can use them to level up your sex life.

What Is a Penis Pump?

Also called a vacuum erection device (VED), a penis pump is a non-invasive device that works its magic by creating a vacuum. It suctions blood into the vessels around your penis using either air or water to create this mystical suction. This vacuum device produces an erection that can take your bedroom game to the next level.

Interestingly, the history of penis pumps is more gripping than you'd imagine. The credit for this marvel goes to an American physician named John King, who pulled off the feat in 1874. Unfortunately, King's prototype had a minor hiccup: as soon as the user removed the pump, the magic vanished faster than a magician's rabbit.

A penis pump consists of the following:

  • A plastic tube that fits over your penis.

  • A seal or connection ring which circles the base of your penis.

  • A vacuum pack that pulls off the erection.

Penis pump basic structure

How Do They Work?

Let's demystify the mechanics of a penis pump. So, if you've been picturing someone inflating a bike tire, banish that thought entirely. In reality, penis pumps work by creating negative air pressure within a chamber. This vacuum effect draws blood into the penis, resulting in a hard-on.

Most of the pumps you'll find come with an accessory known as a cock ring. These rings encircle the penis's base and play a pivotal role in preserving the erection achieved through the pump. Once the sex is done, the ring is removed, allowing the blood to exit your penis. Inevitably, it returns to its flaccid state.

Some folks use penis pumps purely for fun, as a saucy addition to foreplay. Others receive them as a doctor's prescription to combat erectile dysfunction. But, the burning question that remains – do these mystical pumps live up to the hype?

Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Yes, penis pumps work! The outcome largely depends on your expectations, so it's vital to maintain a realistic perspective. If your goal is to enhance your ability to achieve erections, then yes, they are effective and deliver prompt results.

On the other hand, if you seek heightened sensitivity and the visual thrill of witnessing penile growth, you can certainly anticipate satisfaction. These devices have proven effective in helping people achieve and sustain erections, particularly for those grappling with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Research indicates that these devices can successfully induce erections in approximately 90% of ED cases. Furthermore, a considerable77% of people with ED and their partners express satisfaction with the results obtained from penis pump usage.

When compared to penile injections and other erectile dysfunction treatments, penis pumps offer a more cost-effective and safer solution.Smaller-scale studies have demonstrated that when combined with medications, penis pumps play a pivotal role in maintaining penile function. Nonetheless, it is crucial to recognize that the use of a vacuum pump does not address the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

So, What Do Penis Pumps Do?

Penis pumps, despite all the extravagant claims of miracle growth, have a singular purpose: assisting those with erectile dysfunction in achieving an erection. However, they might briefly add some size to the penis during the process.

Penis pump result

Although there's considerable hype surrounding penis pumps, many of the proclaimed health benefits are anecdotal. Let's focus on what a vacuum pump can realistically offer:

Improve Erections

Penis pumps can contribute to stronger, harder erections. Much like medications such as Viagra, they increase blood flow to the penis. Research also backs their efficacy. Studies demonstrate that they can help people with conditions like diabetes or those recovering from prostatectomy achieve satisfactory erections.

Manage Erectile Dysfunction

While they won't cure the underlying causes of ED, such as diabetes or heart disease, penis pumps are an effective way to manage the symptoms. They can provide an alternative to prescription medications. This way, you can save on costs and minimize potential side effects. Some people even combine them with prescription drugs for enhanced results.

Enhance Psychological Well-Being

Beyond their physical benefits, penis pumps can be a psychological lifeline for some. The act of achieving an erection, even with mechanical assistance, can help overcome psychological barriers that may be contributing to ED. Knowing that their penis is capable of functioning can help improve their mental health.

Permanent Penis Enlargement

A penis pump can help enlarge your penis permanently. Yes, you heard that right! With a strategic approach, patience, and careful implementation, it is very possible. You may have seen several articles online telling you that penis pumps won't make your penis larger.

Truthfully, pumps have their limitations and side effects that can lead to diminishing results. However, if you follow very specific, strategic processes, you can achieve permanent penis enlargement using a penis pump.

These strategic processes have been outlined in the free Penis Enlargement Video Series. Here, you will also learn how you can supplement using a penis pump with other incredible strategies.

Myths About Penis Pumps

Before we move on, it is important to debunk some misconceptions about penis pumps, including the following:

Penis Pumps Cannot Enlarge the Penis

As mentioned earlier, a penis pump can help enlarge your penis. It can do this both temporarily and permanently. You will notice a larger penis size for 10 to 15 minutes after an immediate use. The larger size may stay longer if you maintain your erection with a rubber ring. Ultimately, a penis pump can make your penis bigger if you use it correctly, as outlined in the video series.

Only People with Erectile Dysfunction Can Use Penis Pumps 

This is also untrue. Although they are a great option to treat erectile dysfunction, many more people employ them purely for recreational purposes. For some, they delight in the visual spectacle of their penis expanding within the pump. Additionally, a penis pump can play a role as a part of intimate dynamics characterized by dominance and submission. Moreover, some derive satisfaction from the temporary increase in size achieved through the suction process.

Penis Pumps Cure Erectile Dysfunction

While these devices can assist in achieving erections, they do not address the root causes of erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps offer symptomatic relief by promoting blood flow, but they are not a comprehensive solution for the condition.

How To Use a Penis Pump Safely

Misusing penis pumps can lead to injuries. You must exercise caution when using them, paying close attention to how your penis responds.

Vacuum Erection Device

To avoid overcomplicating the process, take the following steps:

Step #1: Prepare Your Genitals

The first step is to ensure that your genital area is clean and dry. This practice not only promotes hygiene but also reduces the risk of potential infections. Some experts recommend trimming or shaving the pubic hair slightly before using the penis pump. This may enhance the effectiveness of the seal between your skin and the vacuum device. It will also prevent pubic hair from becoming entangled.

Step #2: Use a Lubricant

Begin by applying a water-based lubricant to the base of your penis and the cylinder's opening. This will establish a proper seal and enhance comfort during the process.

Step #3: Insert the Device

Gently slide your penis into the plastic tube, ensuring a tight seal against your body at the base of the pump. Be cautious not to trap any skin. The specific instructions for placing the pump may vary depending on the model. So, consult the package for guidance.

Step #4: Create a Vacuum

Operate the pump mechanism according to the manufacturer's instructions. It may involve squeezing a bulb, pressing a button, or using a battery-powered mechanism to remove air from the cylinder to generate a vacuum.

Step #5: Start pumping

Gradually increase the pressure within the cylinder by slowly and steadily pumping the device. This action will draw blood into the penile erectile tissues, resulting in an erection. Avoid over-pumping or applying excessive pressure to prevent discomfort or injury.

Pump mechanisms come in different types;

  • Trigger-action options allow you to use a hand-held device.

  • Hand pump devices require you to squeeze the pump to create a vacuum.

  • Battery-powered options do the work for you.

Remember that penis pump takes patience, so take it slow for a comfortable experience. It may take between 30 seconds and three minutes to get a complete erection, depending on your device. If you experience any discomfort, release the pressure.

Step #6: Use a Constriction Ring

Once you've achieved an erection, slide a constriction ring or band onto the base of your penis to prolong the effects of the pump. It will help maintain blood flow and the erection for a longer duration.

Step #7: Remove the Pump

To remove the pump, gradually release the vacuum pressure by activating the provided release valve or button. Afterward, gently remove the cylinder from your penis, taking care not to disturb the constriction ring if used. Follow the instructions on the packaging for a proper and safe removal process.

Are Penis Pumps Safe?

Penis pumps are generally safe. Astudy involving 1,500 users of penis pumps noted that no participant reported severe adverse effects from using the pump.

Manual Penis Pump Sample

However, these vacuum erection devices may not be suitable for people with some medical conditions. TheFDA stated that a penis pump or any other external rigidity device may aggravate penile conditions like priapism.

Similarly, people experiencing reduced sensitivity in their groin or genital area should refrain from using a pump. Such people may not notice when the pump is hurting them. Also, stay away from penis pumps if you are taking medications that increase the risk of excessive bleeding, such as blood thinners.

Likewise, if you have a medical history of a blood disorder influencing the clotting process, using a penis pump may not be advisable. Your safety and well-being should be a top priority. So, before you go ahead and use a penis pump, ask yourself, "Is a penis pump right for me?"

How Often Can You Use a Penis Pump?

The frequency of using a penis pump per day is not rigidly defined. It varies based on individual experience, comfort, and necessity aka goals. Generally, most people can safely use it multiple times a day, provided they adhere to proper usage guidelines - again, depending on their goals.

  • Pumping for erectile dysfunction will only require you to pump prior to sex with enough pressure to get hard enough for penetration and maintain hardness with the combined use of a penis ring.

  • Pumping for a sexual performance boost may require you to pump prior to sex for a little longer than just getting hard enough like you would for ED. The idea is to expand the tissues and blood vessels making blood flow once out of the pump a little more efficient.

  • Pumping for permanent penis enlargement is going to require a lot more strategy for time, pressure and frequency among other things. Again for more details on this approach check out this free Penis Enlargement Video Series.

No matter the goal, if using a penis pump results in pain or discomfort, discontinue the use immediately. If the discomfort persists, seek medical attention to address any potential issues promptly.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects Involved?

When used correctly, a penis pump typically involves minimal risks. You can use it as frequently throughout the day as your comfort allows along side your pumping needs based on your goal. However, you must be mindful of potential drawbacks, including:

  • Pain or bruising due to incorrect usage.

  • The appearance of small red dots (petechiae) under the penis’s skin.

  • Tingling, discoloration, or numbness may result from a constriction band or ring that is too tight.

  • Some people report that erections achieved with a penis pump feel unnatural or less spontaneous.

  • Reduced firmness, often at the base of the penis.

  • Painful ejaculation or feelings of blocked semen.

  • Psychological effects, such as mood disruption before the sexual activity and potential feelings of awkwardness.

How Long Does the Effect of Penis Pumps Last?

The duration of an erection achieved with penis pumps for the use of ED or sexual performance can vary. Most manufacturers typically suggest around 30 minutes as an expected outcome. Generally, most people find a 30-minute erection sufficient for their sexual activity.

Time will also depend on the pressure used. Remember less can be more in the beginning so stay safe, start with less pressure and more time if needs while each time you come back to pumping, if you think you need more pressure then only add a small amount extra compared to the previous time. This is where a pump with a gauge is very useful and much safer.

Several other factors can influence how long these effects endure. They include your level of arousal and overall health. For people with erectile dysfunction, using a penis pump alone is unlikely to produce a full erection. A constriction ring will help maintain the erectile function for longer. Please note that using a tension ring for longer than 30 minutes is considered unsafe. Since it is limiting blood flow, while the engorgement can be a spectacle, you'll need to take it off to allow blood flow to restore back to normal.

Considerations When Choosing a Penis Pump

Before we go into how you can choose the best penis pump for you, let's examine the available options.

Electric Penis Pump
  • Manual Pump: Manual pumps, as the name suggests, offer manual control over the pressure within the cylinder by squeezing a bulb to create a vacuum seal using air. They are generally more cost-effective and quieter compared to electric pumps, but they do require more physical effort.

  • Electric Pump: This is a battery-powered pump, providing a more convenient, button-operated solution. These types of pumps are beneficial for people with movement issues or arthritis.

  • Water Pump: Water pumps represent an alternative approach, using water instead of air pressure. These pumps offer advantages in terms of assessing the seal's tightness through the presence of leaking water. Creating an airtight seal is generally easier with water pumps. However, the drawback is the need for a nearby water source and the potential for a mess during use.

  • Gauges: Some pumps will come with gauges and other won't. Having a gauge is another feature and usually means it will be more costly - however (in my opinion) less costly to risk. I would always recommend getting a penis pump with a gauge if possible to increase safety. Any time you can be objective with numbers, the safer you will be able to operate this very powerful tool.

So, which type is best to use?

The choice of the best penis pump primarily comes down to personal preference. An Electric pump attached to a power source may offer convenience but may produce noise.

Manual pumps demand some physical effort, are typically more budget-friendly, and operate quietly. Air pumps are less messy, ensuring a dry bed, though achieving a proper seal can be challenging. Water pumps simplify seal creation but are known for potential water spillage.

Consider these factors when choosing a pump:


Safe penis pump operation necessitates features such as a vacuum limiter, a quick-release valve, and an air gauge to monitor pressure. Excessive pressure can harm blood vessels, causing burst vessels, numbness, tingling, or discoloration. FDA-approved vacuum erection devices provide a level of quality and safety assurance, offering peace of mind.


Never compromise on quality when investing in items that impact your health and well-being, particularly in physical performance, sexual health, and relationship quality. Opt for a well-researched, high-quality penis pump constructed from top-grade materials. This will ensure premium results and adherence to industry standards.

Size and Fit

A penis pump should provide a comfortable and snug fit around the base of your penis. It needs to be airtight without causing discomfort. Choosing the suitable model with the ideal fit is crucial for optimal results.


This is a complete introduction to what a penis pump is and how you can get the best results from it. Using a penis pump can help you get a stronger, long-lasting erection without using medications. They are also good alternatives for erectile dysfunction treatments.

A penis pump can also offer you that massive size boost you're expecting. If size increase is your goal and you would like to get the best results, check out this freePenis Enlargement Video Course. The results will amaze you!

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