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What is Penis Stretching?

Penis stretching is a way to increase the length of the penis with manual stretching exercises or devices.

With manual stretching exercises, you grasp your flaccid penis behind the glans and stretch in one or more directions using holds from 1 to 20 seconds or more. This form of male enhancement training can increase the length and girth of the penis.

How to Make Penis Thicker

There are penis enlargement exercises specific to making the penis thicker- like higher erection Jelqsor "The Squeeze" exercise.These exercises force an increase in penile size by laterally stretching the tunica of the penis via traction and by increasing hemodynamic pressure.

What is the average penis size, anyway?

According to studies, the average length of the erect adult human penis is 5.2 inches. Due to erroneous information, many men suffer from penis dysmorphia and a lack of sexual confidence in the belief their penis size is too small. This can induce a state of performance anxiety which precludes successful sexual intercourse.

Using exercises or devices to make your penis bigger can help men overcome their penis size concerns. A quick fix can involve using a penis prosthesis to artificially add penis girth and length.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger: Non-Surgical Methods for Adding Penis Size

Using exercises or devices to add penis length and increase girth is simple. There are also exercises like Kegels to help improve sexual stamina and treat sexual dysfunction.

These non invasive stretching exercises can often add half an inch in length and girth in a relatively short period of time. They can also include a thicker penis since the tunica is a three-dimensional structure.

5 Exercises To Increase Penis Size

While there are many different types of exercises for increasing penis size, the below are some of our favorites:

The Jelq

The V Jelq

Jelq to Stretch

Manual Stretch


Some of these movements are also great at improving EQ (Erection Quality- a combined measure of stamina and hardness) as well as increasing penile size.

Stretching Exercise

Direct stretching for increasing penis length usually involves affixing a device to the upper shaft or glans or manually pulling to elongate the shaft of the penis as well as stretching the suspensory ligament at the pubic base. Addressing the shaft as well as the basal ligaments will maximize the change of adding penis size.

How to Stretch Your Penis by Jelqing

The Jelq is the most exercise for adding penis size. It's effective for adding length, but it can increase penis girth as well. It can also be useful to treat erectile dysfunction if the case is mild.

To Jelq, encircle the base of your semi-erect penis with your thumb and index finger, contract your fingers, and (with lube) slide your fingers along your shaft until just behind the glans. When you're just about at the end of the shaft, repeat the encircling at the base with your other hand, then release the hand behind the glans and repeat.

Perform Penis Stretching Exercises aka "Jelqing"

Different Jelqing Exercises

While there are many different variants of the Jelq- like the V Jelq and Jelq To Stetch exercises, what they have in common is using the thumb and index finger to slide along the pubic bone to just behind the penis head under pressure. Using the Jelq at higher degrees of erection can result in more emphasis on penile thickness.

How to Increase Girth Size Fast:

For instructions on using the Jelq on how to make penis thicker, you'll need to use a greater than 70% erection level. A penis at 70% erect is still flexible but just hard enough for gentle penetration. To maximize penile girth, repetitions are usually conducted more slowly- taking 3 seconds or more to slide along the penis shaft.

If you've performed the Jelqs for girth correctly, you should note a greater expansion of penis girth immediately after a session.

Practice Pelvic Floor Exercises (Kegels)

The Kegel is an excellent exercise for maximizing EQ and for improving erectile function. The exercise in and of itself is also known to induce penis growth.

When contracting the Pubococcygeus muscle during an erection, the penile tissue becomes hyperexpanded- with the penis head expanding to the point of visible skin tightness.

Penis Enlargement Devices

The following devices are perfect for adding penis length:

Compression Hanger

Vacuum Hanger

Penis Extender

Leg Band

Passive Healing Sleeve

Use A Medical Grade Vacuum Pump

Penis Pumps

Vacuum pumps are one of the best tools for a bigger penis and increasing flaccid penis length. They're even approved by medical professionals for restoring EQ.

Penis Pump Exercise

Penis pumping is a medically approved method for improving erectile function and developing better sexual health.

In addition to improvements in overall sexual health, it offers a temporary enlargement solution as well.

Instructions for pumping:

First, be sure to trim or shave down any excess pubic hair to ensure a good seal. Lube and/or a sleeve may be used to further enhance the seal as well as comfort.

Start with 5 minutes at low pressure (no more than 3-5 minutes), and add 1 minute per session. Once you get to 10 minutes, you can look into adding intervals of slightly higher pressure.

Many note a dramatic level of expansion once they're able to pump continuously to the 20 minute mark.

How To Use Penis Extenders:

Penile extenders (also known as penile traction devices) are another series of tools approved by the medical establishment for inducing a bigger penis.*

Penile extenders are worn at the base of your penis firmly pressed against the pubic bone, with the other end secured behind the glans. This creates a closed chain effect, stretching the penis from both ends. The penis is extended to full actual length (flaccid), starting with the lowest tension setting for 15-20 minutes. One can then add 15 minutes per session, and tension may be increased every few weeks as needed.

Extenders are effective at adding both penile length and penile thickness.

*A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the 'efficacy' and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of 'short penis'

Make Use Of Penis Extenders

Penile extender traction devices do increase erect penis length over time.

One must make the penis relax into full flaccid mode before applying the device. After several weeks of use at a constant tension level of up to 4 to 6 hours, the tension can be increased. Forcing more tension with the traction device is an accelerated method towards adding more penis size.

The following regimen can be used with the TOTAL MAN ROD EXTENDER:

Week 1:

Day 1: TEST DAY- Extender tension set at 700 g- tested well at 60 minutes. Tension setting will be at 700 g until otherwise noted

Day 2: 3 hours

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: 4 hours

Day 7: Rest

Week 2:

Day 1: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Day 2: 5 hours

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: 5 hours and 30 minutes

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: 6 hours

Day 7: Rest- Measure erect length

Week 3:

Day 1: Test day- At this point, an attempt at increasing tension levels to 1400 g will be made. Tested well at 60 minutes. Tension setting will now be at 1400 g until otherwise noted

Day 2: 3 hours

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: 4 hours

Day 7: Rest

Week 4:

Day 1: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Day 2: 5 hours

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: 5 hours and 30 minutes

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: 6 hours

Day 7: Rest- Measure erect length

Week 5:

Day 1: Test day- At this point, an attempt at increasing tension levels to 2100 g will be made. Tested well at 60 minutes. Tension setting will now be at 2100 g until otherwise noted

Day 2: 3 hours

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: 4 hours

Day 7: Rest

Week 6:

Day 1: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Day 2: 5 hours

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: 5 hours and 30 minutes

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: 6 hours

Day 7: Rest- Measure erect length

Week 7: Off- Remeasure at the end of week 7 to assess total net gains for the cycle.

Penis Enlargement Surgery for Adding Penis Size

Penis enlargement surgeries are given preeminence in the medical community for making the penis larger. It's recommended in cases where men suffer extreme penile dysmorphic disorder or micropenis.

The Bihari Procedure is a technique where the suspensory ligament of the penis is severed and deanchored in the hopes of increasing length by allowing the portion of the penis normally retained behind the pubic bone to fall forward.

Penis implants like the Penuma penis sleeve can add girth to the penis and can create the appearance and feel of an immediate erection.

Sexual satisfaction from surgeries will depend on the results and temperament of the patient. Instructions for post-surgical maintenance should be strictly followed to ensure proper healing and maximum results.

Unfortunately, the success rate of severing the suspensory ligament for length isn't high. There are often negative effects which can range from minor scarring to ulceration. Even under the best case scenarios where growth is observed, a deanchored penis will no longer point upwards when erect and requires guiding by hand during sexual contact.

Penile Suspensory Ligament Division, or Ligamentolysis

The form of penis enlargement surgery specific to penile lengthening (where the suspensory ligament is severed) requires no less than 6 weeks of constant post-surgical hanging or extending to prevent the ligament from reanchoring itself. If this isn't performed correctly and as needed, the reanchoring may occur in a less advantageous position- resulting in a penis shorter than pre-surgery length.

Girth Enhancement

Penuma Penile Enhancement

The Penuma penis sleeve is a silicone device implanted into the penis to give it bulk and length. The effect of the device gives the penis an appearance of being in a permanent erect state.

As of the date of this article, the cost of Penuma surgeries is estimated to be between $15,000 and $16.000. This type of surgery is not covered by insurance and is not approved by the FDA for treating erectile dysfunction.

Dermal Fillers (Such as the Shafer Width and Girth Procedure, or S.W.A.G.)

Dermal fillers can involve fat injections or the use of cadaver tissue to create greater thickness in the penis.

The Shafer Width procedure is similar but involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the penis as filler.

Side effects involve dissipation over time, leaving the penis lumpy and misshaped. This necessitates redoing the procedures every few years.

Do Enlargement Pills Increase Penis Size?

Male enhancement pills are often touted to add penis size, but pills alone won't do this except in cases where they assist in inducing erections in men who've had erectile issues. This is more of a case of restoration than enlargement.

Certain pills may be used in conjunction with penis enlargement exercises or device use in order to accelerate gains as they can improve EQ during and after training as well as recovery.

Popular supplements of this nature contain ingredients like L-Arginine, Yohimbe, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, L-Arginine, and Loin's Mane Mushroom.

L-Arginine is popular due to it being relatively inexpensive and immediately effective. Take three to five grams fifteen minutes prior to sexual activity or training to note the effects.

Supplements like Ashwagandha, Boron, Pumpkin Seed, and Fenugreek may help to boost testosterone levels, which can improve EQ.

Take Blood Flow Supplements

Certain herbs or medications which can improve blood flow can be effective at increasing penis size when used in conjunction with training.

They can also offer beneficial side effects like losing weight.

Negative side effects related to overuse can include insomnia, vasoconstriction, tremors, and heart palpitations.

Get In Shape, Lose Some Weight

One of the best ways to increase penis size is to lose weight. Many men often suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) as they age due to weight gain. The combination of a decline in fitness and male hormone levels can create a vicious cycle effect in a relatively short time. Losing weight in the form of fat loss can help to reverse these issues.

Performing regular cardiovascular exercise for 20 to 30 minutes at a time for three to four days per week can help to improve blood flow and assist in effectively creating a bigger penis when used in conjunction with a Penis Enlargement Course. This is due to EQ improvement forcing tissue expansion.

Regular resistance training can be performed as well, as greater muscle size increases the metabolism and aids in hormone optimization.

Cardiovascular exercise can also help to optimize hormonal balance. This on its own can make the penis bigger through restoration and improved blood flow.

A trick which can be used in conjunction with losing weight is to trim your pubic hair. This will create an illusion of immediate penis size increase.

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