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penis enlargement

Penis enlargement devices: Do they even work?

So you'd love to increase the size of your penis in hopes it could bring more spice and pleasure to your sex life but you have no idea if it's all BS... right?

Here is the straight answer - YES, penis enlargement is possible and devices do work. BUT (A VERY BIG "BUT"), there are a number of things you must know before partaking in this journey.

Where's the evidence?

Here's the thing, there is actually very little evidence via studies supporting that penis enlargement from traction devices work, even less support for penis pumps and vacuum devices.

Little, BUT, not none.

Just remember, there was a time where Doctors said (paraphrasing) "If you tried to run a mile in less than 4 minutes, you could die". - Now the 4 minute mile is some athletes warm up.

All that is to say, just because there are no studies and it's rare to ear

Believe it or not, even penis enlargement surgery has questionable results.

Before you think maybe that's the only way if there is very little evidence for devices and other methods, hold your horses and let me explain your best chance at your journey to increase penis size.

How do I know penis enlargement methods even work?

I've been dabbling in the field of bettering sexual performance for now 15 years and I've had my fair share of learning curves.

Specifically increasing penis size, I took my erect length from 16cm to 19.75cm and my erect girth from 14cm to 16.5cm in circumference.

Nothing crazy, but results that have made me (and others), very happy.

Don't worry - it didn't take me 15 years to get those size gains, that actually took 3 years.

It could have been WAY LESS if I knew what I know now.

The initial 12 years felt like a yo-yo. I'd get sucked into an ad or flashy product to get nowhere then throw in the towel for a month or more.

But, I really wanted those promised results so I tried the next thing repeating the same thing over and over. Sound familiar?

Full disclosure - I'm biased...

What you're reading right now is techncially a biased article. I just want to be totally trasparent with you.

1. My results alone is anecdotal evidence.

2. Since getting results I started a brand to help educate those on improving sexual performance including size.

3. My brand sells enlargement devices that I stand behind.


I'm a true entrepreneur at heart and when I got results myself, I had to share it with the world.

It started in the form of education with a YouTube channel that led to designing and manufacturing my own product line trying to better what was being offered on the market.


Before you throw your credit card at the next penis enlargement ad you see thinking it's all results from here on out - think again.


This industry is notorious for scammers and snake oil salesman so it's no wonder you're probably skeptical, so you should be.


Let's face it, if you bought some fitness equipment from a local store and within the week it broke or it really didn't live up to the hype, you probably wouldn't hesitate to leave a poor review to help spread the message "don't buy this product". However

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