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Penis Hanging: What is It, Results, Safety, and How to Do It

Penis weight hanging is one of the most common forms of male enhancement/penis enlargement training. While the objective of penis weight hanging is length (penis stretching), there's also an effect on girth due to the stretching of the penile tunica. When performed correctly, penis weight hanging can also allow for better penis blood flow.

Penis weight hanging is performed by attaching weights from your penis to the flaccid penis with a set weight for a period of time to induce elongation of the penile tissues.

Hanging weights from the penis using standard penis enlargement products or bandaged weights is also required therapy for penile elongation surgery. It's this post-surgical treatment which makes cosmetic penile enhancement surgery effective. Failing to stretch the penis every day with weight post-surgery can result in a SHORTENING of the penis.

Increasing penis size by using products involved hanging weights is an excellent, non-invasive and inexpensive alternative for those who would otherwise seek penile augmentation surgery,

Penis hanging results can be achieved by hanging just once per day, 3-4 times a week.

Time Under Tension (TUT)

Time under tension refers to the total amount of seconds/minutes/hours spent penis hanging a particular [range of] weight[s].

A quality weight hanger attaches low on the penis shaft just behind the glans- or if using a vacuum hanger attaches directly to the glans via suction. Using weights on the penis creates tension. Under said tension, penis weights work to gradually stretch the suspensory ligament and also the tunica.

You should start with no more than 1-2 lbs. of weight for approximately 10 minutes. The initial sessions should be given over to mastering the wear of the device and to test baselines. Once you've mastered the wear of the device, you can work your way up to 3 sets of 10 minutes. From there, you add 1 minute per set per session until you hit 3x20; then you add weight and start the matrix over again.

Penile extension devices offer a similar theme on lengthening, though the tension is usually lower and the training duration longer.

This form of progressive training is a foundation for successful male enhancement.

How Long Should You Hang for Penis Length?

When training penis enlargement, it's important you begin penis enlargement exercises with a low level of tension and time. Using penis weights, you'd start with a low weight as described above.

Penis weights work well to add penis length only if you allow adequate time for recovery and growth. This is best accomplished by training with penis hangers only once per day, 4 days per week. Overtraining can lead to fatigue and discoloration, and in extreme cases lead to temporary erectile dysfunction.

You can test out a few different styles of hanging. An interesting variation on hanging is to use the Pulley System. This is great if you spend a lot of time at a desk and have the privacy to train.

Hanging after penis enlargement surgery

Surgical lengthening of the penis involves severing the suspensory ligament- allowing a portion of the penis inside of the body to fall forward. The recommended post-surgical treatment involves hanging low weight for most of the day for up to 6 weeks, This prevents the ligament from reattaching itself to the pubis.

In addition to using penis hanger devices to hang weights, an alternative may be to use penile extension devices or penis enlargement exerciseswhich target length. You'll still need to ensure to stretch for 12+ hours a day with light tension in some form, though.

Start low

Using prudence when starting a penis hanging regimen is vital to safety and long-term success. As above, you should start with a low penis weight and slowly add more- never sacrificing quality elongation for time and/or weight.

For beginners, the recommended device to use for hanging is the Compression Plate. It's easy to use and is perfect for moderate poundage.

For more robust training, the Compression Hanger is ideal.

For advanced training where heavy weights are to be used for relatively long periods, the Vacuum Hanger is optimal.

To learn more about how to use the above devices, check out the Total Man Device Tutorials.

With a good regimen, it's not necessary to train for many hours per day. It's vital that you take regular breaks every 20 minutes or so. An excessively limp penis, loss of sensation and a difficulty in inducing blood flow are signs you've exceeded your capacity.

Penis extenders

Using penis weights for penis enlargement isn't the only option for adding penis size.

In addition to hanging weights, using traction devices can also be effective.

With traction devices (extenders) instead of hanging weights from your penis you induce penis stretching with tension via a frame type structure. Whereas hanging is an open chain movement, extenders apply tension at the base and pull the penis forward via added rod tension or the use of elastic cords. This makes it a closed chain movement.

Certain penile traction devices have proven their worth- with not only anecdotal evidence but with clinical evidence- see: Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis: preliminary results

Check the materials

When using penis weights for penis enlargement, you'll need to prepare the penis for training before applying the device. You'll need to do this in order to comfortably use as much penis weight as is productive and to prevent penile trauma.

For Compression Plateand Compression hanger use, Silicone Sleeves and Theraband to wrap will be necessary.

For Vacuum Hanging, you may need Micropore Tapeand Spandex Sleeves for padding, though you might get around this by using the Water Protection Method. You'll still need Silicone Sleeves for securing the device.

Length of PE Training

To train for a bigger penis while preventing erectile function, a proper balance of activity and rest for recuperation and growth is needed.

Most can hang for up to an hour a day, 3-4 days a week with excellent results. Training more than this may not accelerate results and could result in injury.

How to use Penis Weights

Using penis weights can induce dramatic penis enlargement results. The key is in consistency and progressive training.

Taking care to not overwork the penis is going to be key.

How to Do Penis Hanging Safely

When using penis weights for penis enlargement, proper preparation is key. The penis should be adequately warmed for 5-7 minutes, and padding may be necessary- especially if using heavier weight and/or hanging for relatively long periods.

Don't train to the point of exhaustion, and if you're getting lasting discoloration then this is a sign of overwork.

How to balance length gains with girth growth

When lengthening by using penis weights or applying extender devices. some girth can be realized. That being said, if girth is your goal, then you should consider including girth-specific movements in your training, like the higher erection jelq with lube.

Girth work is typically best performed immediately before length work.

Reasons Why Penis Weight Hanging or PE Hanging Is A Viable Option For You

Penis weights are relatively easy to use. They can give precision in training. The feedback is often immediate, and blood circulation is usually improved- especially with light loads.

This can help to stave off the effects of mild penile dysmorphophobia.

Understanding smooth muscle tissue

It's a misconception that the penis grows from training like bodybuilders building their muscles. For the most part, penis enlargement is a passive endeavor. The "inner penis" is forced to fall out of the body and the spongy bodies of the penis are allowed to expand by gradually stretching ligaments and tunica respectively.

For tunicae repair after training, it's thought that micro tears heal back in a manner allowing more flexibility.

Hanging devices are also effective at penile enhancement for this purpose.

There's more than anecdotal evidence (as shown above) that penile extender training works.

The Penis Hanging Exercises Routine Plan:

Penis Hanging Guide - How to Hang PE Weights on Your Penis Safely

To get a longer penis using penis weights, it's vital that the penis itself (esp. the ligaments and tunicae) are taking the brunt of all the heavy lifting.

One of the most effective penis hanging routines is the "3x20" penis regimen.

The routine is quite simple. First, if you're new to weight hanging, we recommend you get started with a COMPRESSION HANGER. It's easy to use and quite comfortable even for heavier hanging.

Once you have your hanger set up correctly, TEST out anywhere between 1 to 2 pounds for ONE set of 10 minutes. Don't worry if this feels to easy the initial sessions are for mastering the wear of the device and also to determine a baseline.

If all goes well with the first workout, in your next session you'll hang for TWO sets of 10 minutes each. If this workout feels good to you, test out a full 3 sets of 10 minutes.

Completing this will mark the end of your testing phase, and you can determine if you need to add more weight from there. You should err on the side of caution though, as this is just the beginning of the regimen.

Once you've found your target weight, your first full training day will have you starting at 3 sets of 10 minutes (3x10). In each subsequent session, you'll add ONE minute PER SET, PER SESSION (e.g.: 3x11, 3x12, and so on) until you get to 3x20.

Once you can hang a weight successfully for 3x20 minutes, add weight and reduce the time down to 3x10- and start the matrix over.

It's recommended you perform the above four days a week. A MON/TUE/THU/FRI type split is optimal for the above.

The routine above can be customized for different time scales as well, and there are other exercises one should include for other aspects of training- like girth and stamina.

Penis Hanging Advantages

Using penis weights or a penile extension device takes a lot of the guesswork out of training. Some of the devices are even concealable under clothing.

One can use these devices from all stages of training from the beginner to the advanced levels.

Avoid sudden movements

You should perform your training with penis weights in a seated position where you won't be prone to unneccesary movement.

While there's a technique which involves hanging while walking and hanging for repetitions, these are all very advanced and should not be attempted until you're properly conditioned with penis hanging.

Stop if you feel pain

Pain is NEVER a good sign for this type of training! If you're feeling anything more than a mild discomfort, STOP!

Soreness is also a sign that you've overworked.

Penis Hanging Health Benefits

In addition to achieving penis enlargement gains, hanging can promote a stronger penis and also improve erection quality (EQ). It also may cause increased levels of sexual self confidence.

Penis Hanging To Naturally Increase Size

The 4 Penis Weight Hanging Basic Categories

Please click the links below to learn more about the different categories of hanger:

Compression Hanging

Compression Plate

Vacuum Hanging

Noose- This basic option requires a good amount of adequate padding for using even moderate weights.

Tantric benefits

In addition to making the penis bigger, sexual health and sexual confidence can be improved- which can lead to better sexual prowess.

A more "fit" penis leads to better overall sexual function, and increased confidence can help to stave off issues like premature ejaculation.

Complementary techniques

Penis hanging offers many benefits, but the effects can be multiplied when used in conjunction with other techniques and products.

Penis rings are effective at allowing one to maintain an erection for longer periods, and can train the penis for better erection quality.

Weighted cock rings penis head can offer benefits similar to the traction device or light hanger.

Weighted balls in the form of straps or rings can help the testes to hang lower.

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