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How Can I Get a Bigger Penis? Top Penis Enlargement Methods

How to Get Bigger Penis Size

Can penis size be increased? There are some who report making miraculous gains. But do they really work?

Well, brace yourself for the truth bomb as you discover the right answer to this question. This is your final stop for searching forpenis enlargement magic. 

Can You Get a Bigger Penis?

You can increase the size of your penis! Some recommend penis enlargement surgery, traction therapies, penile implants, and other methods. There are many non-invasive methods to increase size. Even losing weight can have a great impact on size.

Some of these methods require no devices, while you might need toget some devicesto do the others. Regardless of your choice, thesepenis enlargement methodsworks because they target the right tissues in the penis area. They are able to manipulate the tunica and other tough points.

Penis Measurement

When you carry out the methods of thePenis Enlargement Video Course, they can impact the tissues for size increase and also blood channels within the penis. It's essential to sift through reliable methods rather than getting swayed by the exaggerated and inaccurate information circulating.

Beware of companies exploiting insecurities and making false promises of immediate penis enlargement gains. The natural enlargement of your penis through an exercise, pump, and penile traction device is a gradual process that requires time.

How Can Increase Your Penis Size?

You can get increase your penis size through the techniques discussed below. They will be divided into two sections: Methods that require devices and Manual methods without devices.

Device-Oriented Methods

These methods require you to have some devices to perform them correctly.

Weight Hanging

Weighthangingrelies on a combination of time, physics, and gravity to achieve desired erect penis length outcomes. The method involves attaching a weight to increase the size of your penis for brief yet consistent intervals, leading to the desired results. This approach can gradually increase penis length over time.

Vacuum Hanging Device

Since hanging is stationary, it's typically safer than other methods that allow for more mobility and discretion. This is because with hanging (whethervacuum orcompression), you can use exact weight.

Being stationary also means you can monitor the method closely. Witha vacuum device, you can attain volume at a lower force for longer periods of time. For compression hanging, you will need a higher force for shorter periods. The main advantage of hanging is the accuracy. Plus, since it's keeping you stationary, you're not moving around and making the weight fluctuate.

Vacuum Pumps

Utilizing a pump stands out as one of the most prevalent and efficient methods to increase penis girth and treating erectile dysfunction. The penis pump exercise yields prompt results by forcing blood into the penis, widening it in the process. The corpus cavernosa, which constitutes double tubes in the penis that fill with blood, is the specific area affected. The vacuum also forces longitudinal expansion- increasing penis length.

Penis Pump In Use

The influx of an increased volume of blood contributes to the widening of the penis. There's also a potential impact on the expansion of the tunica, the exterior of the corpus cavernosa. Over time, consistent use of the pump trains the penis to expand, resulting in lasting gains.

Various pump types cater to different needs, including automatic and electric varieties. A recommended approach is to combine the vacuum hanger and the penis pump make your penis larger in both girth and width.

The hanger's base aids in achieving a more evenly distributed weight, enhancing comfort and flexibility in weight pulling ensuring optimal growth.

Clamping + Kegel Exercises

Clamping is often considered one of the most effective exercises, especially for increasing penis girth. The clamp is designed to encircle the base of the penis, restricting blood flow and promoting enlargement.

You must understand that the penis has mechanisms allowing blood to enter and exit freely. By incorporatingKegel exercises, you can regulate the blood flow past the clamp, contributing to enhanced width. Engaging inKegels involves contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. This directs smaller increments of blood into the penis and promotes increased width.

Penis clamp

For those unfamiliar with Kegels, consider the muscles used to interrupt urination quickly; these are the pelvic floor muscles. This muscle group also plays a role in managing erection strength and the facilitation of increased blood flow to the penis. Repeatedly contracting and relaxing this muscle can make your penis harder.

Over time, a combination of clamping and Kegel exercises can result in increased width and a more robust erection. Explore our selection of penis clamps to understand their functionality.A silicone sleeve can be used to enhance padding for the clamp. The silicone sleeve can also be used after training with the stretching device or vacuum device to further add length.

Penis Rings

Penis rings, also known as constriction bands or cock rings, serve the purpose of trapping blood in the erect penis for an extended time. This results in a longer and firmer erection. They are also effective to treat erectile dysfunction.

Given the variety of available cock rings, it's crucial to understand how to choose the right type for your natural penile enlargement objectives.

The typical cock ring is designed to fit at the base of the penis. To use it effectively, ensure you have an erection before sliding the ring over the head of your penis, rolling it down to the base.

Penoscrotal rings, on the other hand, encompass the base of the penis and testicles. When using these rings, your penis should be flaccid initially. Begin by placing your testicles into the ring one by one, followed by positioning your penis in the ring by folding it back. Insert the head of your penis first, then slowly pull the penis shaft through. Ensure that the ring sits securely at the base of your penis and testicles.

Manual Methods

In addition to incorporating the methods mentioned above and devices, there are alternative ways to get a larger penis without relying on any devices. You can integrate manual exercises into your routine as a complementary aspect to using devices.

Regardless of the approach you choose, it's crucial to bear in mind that maintaining consistency is paramount.

Jelqing Exercise

Jelqing Process

Jelqing is a traditional Middle Eastern massage exercise sliding the thumb and index finger along the length of the penis frequently employed to increase penis size through stretching and growth. The method involves stimulating the penis to increase blood flow to the area by sliding your thumb and forefinger to push blood along the shaft of the penis. Increasing blood flow enables the length of the penis to accommodate higher blood levels, contributing to achieving a firmer erection.

Typically, these exercises are performed for about 20 to 30 minutes per session for optimal results. For those new tojelqing, a recommended starting point is 5 to 15 minutes, three or four times a week, gradually building up for similar results over time.


If you don't have access toa penis stretching device, you canrely solely on your hands to increase penis length. It's a straightforward process ofpulling your penis in various directions, holding onto the head gradually for 30 seconds each time.

Penis Stretching for Penile Enhancement

Here's a guide on the manual stretching exercise:

  • Grip the head of your penis with one hand.

  • Gently pull the penis upward, stretching it out for a total of 30 seconds.

  • Applying pressure to the base of the penis with your other hand is optional but recommended.

  • Repeat the exercise, this time pulling the penis downward for 30 seconds.

  • Follow this by pulling your penis to the left for another 30 seconds.

  • Lastly, pull your penis to the right, holding it for 30 seconds.

It's best to let your penis relax first if you have an erection as stretches are best performed flaccid. Consistency in these exercises over time can contribute to positive results- elongating the suspensory ligament as well as the shaft of the penis itself.

Kegel Exercise

Engaging inKegel exercises involves working the pelvic floor muscles, a recommended health practice even if you're not actively pursuing stretching exercises. By consistentlyexercising the pelvic floor, you can promote good sexual health and enhance bladder control simultaneously.

Kegel Exercise for Increased Penis Size

The convenience ofKegels lies in their adaptability to any location without the need for props. Allocating just five minutes three times a day forKegel exercises can yield the desired results.

For beginners, it's advisable to start with shorter durations, around five to 10 seconds, gradually progressing to longer sessions. This gradual approach ensures a consistent strengthening of the pelvic floor over time.

When Will You Start Seeing Results?

As mentioned earlier, to make your penis bigger is not magic.Progressive overload is key in this journey. What is progressive overload?

Simply put, it involves slowly increasing something over time, whether weight, intensity, time, reps, or volume. This increase can be on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. No matter the schedule, you will see the volume of the activity increase evenly in a linear fashion to make your penis bigger.

Positive Penis Enlargement Results

Progressive overload is one of the most essential fundamentals of this journey. It will be the reason you do or don't get results. When it comes to adding penis size, progressive overload means actioning the right amount of total volume for any given method across the right amount of time.

Your tissues respond best to consistency, and increasing volume in a linear fashion is very consistent. We need consistency because:

  • We do not want to cause irreversible damage

  • We don't want certain tissues like the fascia to react by tightening to the strength of steel

  • We need the softer tissues to continue to adapt and strengthen so they can handle more volume of stress

  • The penis will constantly adapt to what you give it.

Will Sexual Enhancement Pills Make Your Penis Bigger?

Despite the abundance of purported male enhancement pills available online, the straightforward answer is no – there isn't a pill that can genuinely increase your penis size.

Penis Enlargement Pills?

Many of these pills claim to enhance size by boosting hormones, often containing plant extracts. However, there is scant evidence supporting these claims, and the actual composition of these pills is often uncertain.

The same skepticism applies to creams, lotions, shampoos, or gels that profess toincrease penis length and girth. Even if they claim to contain vitamins, minerals, nutrients, or hormones that promote growth, the reality is they won't enlarge your penis.

While testosterone plays a role in the erection process, numerous other factors influence your penis size. In essence, there's no magical penis enhancement substance that can significantly alter your penis size.

What About Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Aside from elective cosmetic correction surgeries, you might have seen different posts on fat harvesting, penile injections, artificial fillers, fat graft, penis implants, and other methods. But do penile augmentation procedures really work?

Examinations of surgeries intended for penile augmentation have yielded varied outcomes regarding efficacy, safety, and patient satisfaction.

In the best-case scenario, penis surgery may marginally enhance girth via injected fat or create an illusion of added length with a flaccid penis. However, it does not alter the actual length. On the contrary, the worst-case scenarios involve potential complications such as infection, scarring, and loss of sensation or function.

These procedures carry several risks, including:

  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia

  • Increased risk of infection

  • Scarring or inflammatory reactions

  • Loss of sensation or pain

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Development of a bend or kink in the new shape due to scarring

  • The necessity for additional surgeries that may inadvertently reduce penis length

  • Dissatisfaction with results, especially if the achieved size falls short of expectations.

Bottom Line

In today's world, it's not uncommon for guys to get caught up in the penis size craze. And yes, size does matter! But remember, safety matters more. If your sexual life is not up to par and you're still not feeling the magic, you have to choose your penis enlargement journey wisely.

There are many safer non-surgical and non-injection methods toget bigger, and we have covered most of them here. Losing weight can be very helpful for performance and optimizing hormone levels. However, you need proper guidance to get optimal results in terms of your size. This is why you should start the Penis Enlargement Course immediately. It is absolutely free!


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