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How to Make Your Penis Bigger: 10 Penis Enlargement Methods

How partners view penis size

Penis size is something most men have thought about at some point. Even those with above average penis length have considered maybe they aren't big enough. Much of normal men complaining is due to misconceptions and influence from media and porn.

At what age does the penis stop growing?

Measured from the pubic bone, the average adult size erect penis length is approximately 5.5 inches. For most men, growth in penis length can continue up to the early or even mid-twenties with no intervention. When puberty ends, the penis stops growing.

While many in the medical profession will tell you to be happy with the size of your penis, it's curious how only the penis is usually left out of this process; while other parts of the body which have nothing to do with direct sexual satisfaction aren't considered for this restriction.

Sexual confidence

Possessing a larger penis can lead to greater sexual confidence. This is especially the case when a larger penis is developed through deliberate training.

That being said, if you suffer from extreme body dysmorphia or depression, it would be best for you to seek treatment before attempting any type of male enhancement training.

Stretching exercises for length and girth

Penis enlargement

There are many different stretching exercises which will make your penis longer. By elongating the suspensory ligament and lengthening the penis shaft, overall penis size can be increased. Some exercises can also aid in improving blood flow. This can result in even more size as well as greater potency.

There are also specific exercises which can increase penis girth. Some can temporarily induce an increase as high as half an inch in circumference or more!

We recommend you get started with the available exercises to increase penis size here: Penis Enlargement Video Course

Stretching devices

There are many different types of penis stretching devices. Some are traction devices, like extenders which help to allow more of the penis out from behind the pubic bone. Extenders have also been shown to help combat Peyronie's Disease*

Another type of stretching device which can make your penis bigger are hangers, like the Compression or Vacuum type models.

Below is a systematic review of extender use in treating Peyronie's disease:

*Use of penile extender device in the treatment of penile curvature as a result of Peyronie's disease. Results of a phase II prospective study.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger: Non-Surgical Methods

Penile augmentation can come in many forms. Penis stretching via mechanical devices is an easy and convenient way to increase penis size via nonsurgical methods.

Weight hangers

Weight hanging offers the widest range of options for training from the beginner to advanced levels- since one can use very light weight for long periods or heavy weight for short periods/repetitions. It's an excellent way to add size to the penis.

Below is an image of the Compression Hanger Kit:

Below is an image of the Vacuum Chamber Hanger:


Extenders (traction devices) are a convenient method to train since the quality types are concealable under clothing- allowing for surreptitious penis training.

Extenders have also been recommended for helping to treat Peyronie's Disease.

Below is an image of the Rod Extender penis traction device:

Leg Band/All Day Stretcher

The Leg Band allows for an easily concealed method of training the penis. It's optimal for longer, light sessions or ADS (All Day Stretcher) penis training.

Below is an image of the Leg Band All Day Stretcher:

Silicone Sleeves

Silicone sleeve training is useful for post-training penis elongation or for preventing turtling of the penis. It also works well for ADS penis work.

Below is an image of Silicone Sleeves- 6 inches:

The Ultimate Package

With the Ultimate Package, you can train your penis using a wide array of different devices.

Below is an image of The Ultimate Package Kit:

What makes your penis grow?

Penis size increase is made by elongating the suspensory ligament and expanding the penis tunica and fascia, which can allow the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum to expand.

There is scientific support for traction device use in stretching for greater length:

Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis: preliminary results

Penis stretching exercises are an affordable way to add size and Erection Quality (EQ).

Exercises like Kegels are optimal for improving penis hardness via improved blood flow and aiding in better performance during sexual activity.

For men with full blown impotence due to the effects of radical prostatectomy, penile injections of trimix combined with penis training can help to restore and even improve size.

There are various factors which can be involved in penis size, like testosterone levels and environmental factors. If you suspect your testosterone levels to be low, you should proceed will a full spectrum blood test to determine hormone balance and other factors which can affect penis health- like diabetes.

Engaging in regular cardiovascular training, following a heart healthy diet and mitigating emotional stress are all ways to improve penis function and optimize the environment for penis growth with training.

If you're overweight, then weight loss will help to improve penis function. Increasing your cardiovascular efficiency can also aid in greater penis size and potency by optimizing hormone levels and increasing Erection Quality (EQ).

Penis-enlargement products

There are many different types pf products which can be used to increase the size of the penis and improve erection hardness and stamina.

Male enhancement pills which help to boost EQ can be used in conjunction with training for penis growth.

There are many different types of penis enlargement devices which can be used to enhance the girth of the penis as well as for increasing length. Some of these devices may also aid in resolving curvature issues like Peyronie's disease. For a detailed selection of different penis enlargement devices, please check out TOTAL MAN FULL KITS.

Surgery is risky and may not work

Many guys who perceive themselves as having small penis size will often gravitate towards penis enlargement surgery due to its approval by the medical industry.

Penile elongation surgery often involves severing the suspensory ligament in order to allow more of the penis hidden behind the pubis to fall forward. The process is aided by post-surgical hanging for six weeks. This doesn't add actual length to the penis itself, but it does allow more of the inner penis to be exposed from behind the pubic area. Keeping the wound clean is also vital to avoiding infection.

Penile augmentation via penis implants is also growing in popularity for adding both penis length and girth. It can also be used in cases where achieving an erection is difficult or impossible.

It's recommended you check with your local urology care foundation before you consider undertaking any medical procedures intended for increasing penis size. More research in your choices will give you the best range of options which suit your financial abilities.

Who Should Get Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis surgery should be considered a last resort for those seeking a larger penis- considering most men fall well within the average length. Getting a bigger penis is possible with both surgical and nonsurgical interventions, but there may be complications with certain types of surgical procedures- like the severing of the suspensory ligament causing a deanchoring of the penis. It's also important to go through with the recommended post-surgical hanging often advised for six weeks after the procedure. Failure to do this may result in shortening of the penis.

Once can get the illusion of a bigger penis merely by losing weight. By shrinking the fat pad around the pubis, more of the penis at the base is exposed. The activities associated with weight loss like cardiovascular exercise can lead to increased Erection Quality (EQ), which can result in true penis size gains. This is often the effect when these activities are part of a penis training regimen coupled with lifestyle changes.

If you haven't tried nonsurgical methods, it would be worth researching both manual exercisesand device-based trainingto add penis size.

For some men with congenital issues or injuries, reconstructive surgery may be the only option.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of factors. Some are related to psychogenic causes, while others have an organic or other component.

An example of psychogenic ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is when the subject is able to induce an erection for certain activities (e.g.- masturbation or foreplay) but not for sexual intercourse. Training towards more potency is possible with exercises specific to boosting sexual health. The Kegel Exercise is excellent for the development of penile hardness, ejaculatory control and even greater penis size.

Physical causes are almost always due to lifestyle. If you're overweight, then losing weight can be very helpful at reestablishing potency. Leading a healthier lifestyle can also have other positive sexual effects- like increased sperm count.

Certain medications often have ED as a side effect of use. If you're on medication and are experiencing erectile dysfunction, please speak with a medical profession to look into alternative medications.

In some cases, sexual medicine like Viagra can be helpful in treating ED.

How To Use

Following correct instructions when using penis enlargement devices is helpful in getting a bigger penis and reducing the risk of injury. It also gives you a plan for training forward.

For free access to a library containing instructions for devices which can increase penis size, you can access the following: TOTAL MAN PERFORMANCE

Do Enlargement Pills Increase Penis Size?

Male enhancement pills are some of the most popular supplements available on the market. Some are touted as being effective at penile lengthening, while others state they can improve erectile function.

While no pill on its own will affect penis size, it's possible to gain penis size with a combination of training and supplementation.

In severe cases of ED, it may be better to resort to more potent sexual medicine like Viagra or Cialis. These medicines may also be useful in aiding in penis size gains when used in conjunction with training and lifestyle improvements.

Penis Pump Exercise

Penis pumps can induce an immediate erection, increase penis length, and even result in a thicker penis. Medical professionals recommend using a pump for improving erectile function.

For the best seal when using a pump, it's recommended you trim or even shave your pubic hair while applying a generous about of lube at the base and any part of the penis which can come into contact with the inside of the pump.

Stretching Exercise

Stretching exercises can increase penis girth by expanding the tunica and increase penis length by elongating both the tunica and suspensory ligament of the penis.

One of the exercises for getting a larger penis is the jelq. This exercise involves using your index finger and thumb to encircle the base of the penis, then sliding forward creating a stretch and compression.

For a detailed description of the jelq exercise as well as other penis enlargement stretching and girth exercises, please see the following: Penis Enlargement Video Course


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