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How to use a Penis Pump - Your Ultimate pumping guide for the best results

To get the best result when using a penis pump and to ensure safe use, it's important to establish why you want to use a penis pump (AKA vacuum erection device) before getting to the "how to use a penis pump." Don't skip ahead, because this will make a huge difference.

I'll also squash another question that constantly comes up: Are penis pumps safe?

Yes! The only possible exception is if you have blood clots, a blood clotting disorder, or you take blood thinners. If you do, speak to your doctor before using penis pumps, as these conditions and medications can increase the risk of internal bleeding when using the device.

There are 3 main reasons to use penis pumps:

  • Performance boost prior to sex- Temporarily increasing penis size, increased hardness through enhanced blood flow, and indirectly improving stamina.

  • Permanent Penis Enlargement - Permanently increasing penis size, strategically using a penis pump, increasing volume (time and pressure) progressively over time.

  • Erectile dysfunction - A pump used alongside a penis ring to trap the blood throughout the penis, maintaining hardness for penetration.

Regardless of your goal, there are a few other things to keep in mind such as:

  • Choosing the type of pump

  • Choosing size of cylinder

  • Finally once in the cylinder ready to pump, the method of pumping may be different when it comes to:

    • Time

    • Pressure

    • Whether to cycle or not

We'll cover all of this.

Types of penis pumps

Depending on the goal, it's going to be important to select the right pump. Another thing to keep in mind is cost. More functionality = more expensive. Technically, you could get away with the cheapest, low functionality pump for all your goals but it could make things more difficult, less comfortable, and less enjoyable.

When it comes to the specific goal, here is the minimum you can get away with for functionality and cost starting with the cheapest to the most expensive:

  • Erectile dysfunction - type, size and function matters a lot less. You could get away with almost anything as long as you fit in the cylinder and can get a good vacuum seal.

  • Temporary performance and size boost prior to sex - this may require a little more time and pressure, so the type, size, and function will matter a little more when it comes to safety, ease of use, and satisfaction.

  • Permanent increase in size - Since this goal requires a bit more strategy and consistent use, it's better to have more features for comfort, accuracy, and safety.

General cost of vacuum erection devices

You could buy a penis pump for as little as $10 all the way up to around $1000.

Here is a list of the different variations of penis pumps and accessories that could be combined in various ways:

  • Air pump

  • Water pump

  • Single option for cylinder size

  • Different cylinder size options

  • Flanged base

  • No Flange at base

  • Comfort doughnut or cushion

  • No comfort doughnut or cushion

  • No gauge

  • With a gauge

  • Manual

  • Electric Air pump with gauge

With these variations, the more involved and closer to the bottom of the list, usually the more expensive. For example:

  • A manual air pump, with only one cylinder size to choose from, with no gauge, no flange, and no comfort cushion, is going to be the cheapest pump.

  • An electronic air pump (even programmable) with a gauge that allows you to select a specific size cylinder that has a flanged base with a comfort cushion, will be closer to the most expensive.

How to use penis pumps

Whether you're pumping to have sex if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you'd like a temporary performance and size boost prior to sex, or you would like to increase the permanent size of your penis, the mechanics of using vacuum erection devices are generally the same.

The only difference for each goal will be the pressure, time, and frequency you use the pump.

Step 1: Preparing for the penis pump

Ideally, you will trim or shave your pubic hair. The less hair you have the more optimal the vacuum seal will be.

Have your penis pump and lubrication on hand.

Step 2: Insert into the penis pump

Use a small amount of lubrication. Water or silicone based lubricant works great, but coconut oil is my favorite. Lubrication is used so that, as you slide into the pump, your skin doesn't grip or catch on the inside of the cylinder or the comfort cushion (should you choose to use one).

If you do have a comfort cushion (looks like a small doughnut designed to fit to the base of the penis pump cylinder) you can either stretch this over your penis first sitting it as far to the base of your penis as possible, then insert yourself into the plastic tube cylinder and slide the comfort cushion on the penis pump cylinder base.

Or you can attach the comfort cushion to the penis pump's cylinder base and use a small amount of your preferred lubrication to slide in while using the vacuum pressure (manual or with an electric pump attached) to assist pulling your penis through the comfort cushion until the base of the penis pump reaches your pelvis.

Step 3: Start pumping

When it comes to air pumping with penis pumps, starting flaccid or erect does not matter.

However, it does matter when using a water pump since the water will be pumped out of the cylinder to increase vacuum pressure. If you start too flaccid, you may end up pulling too much water out and not reach sufficient vacuum pressure inside the chamber.

Now with your penis fully inserted into the penis pumps cylinder, you can start pumping.

However, how much pressure do you use and how long do you pump for?

How to Use a Penis Pump for: Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

When you use a penis pump, this method is very intuitive and quite simple. You pump until you get hard enough for sexual penetration.

Depending on the severity of erectile dysfunction you may need to use a penis ring to help maintain the pressure achieved once you remove the pump for intercourse.

Not using a penis ring

If you are not using a penis ring you can simply increase the vacuum pressure of the pump to slowly increase blood flow into the penis to achieve a satisfactory erection for penetration. It's ideal to pump up to the pressure that you think resembles your fullest and hardest natural erection. Try not to push it further than this.

The reason you do not want to pump beyond your natural fullest and hardest erection when using a penis pump to treat ED is because you already struggle to fill your current tissue's expansion and size. The larger the tissues, the more blood flow that is required. This is important to remember!

To help maintain hardness, you can choose to stay at this pressure for 5-20 minutes. This time at adequate pressure allows the tissues and blood vessels to be stretched allowing more blood to flow freely.

Using a penis ring

If you've tried using penis pumps without a penis ring and you struggle to maintain your erection after 20 minutes or more at adequate pressure, then you'll most likely need to combine your pumping with a penis ring.

Size of penis ring

Choose a penis ring tight enough to help you maintain hardness once you remove yourself from the pump. However, not one so tight that it ends up making your penis numb after five minutes.

Fitting the penis ring

There are a couple of ways you can use a penis ring for the best outcome.

You can start by placing a penis ring on first, sitting it as far onto the base of your penis as possible, then proceed to pump until you reach adequate pressure.

Or, you can stretch the penis ring over the base of the penis pump cylinder, pump up as usual, then prior to or upon releasing the pressure from the penis pump's cylinder, slide the penis ring off the cylinder's base onto the base of your penis.

How to Use a Penis Pump for: Performance and Penis Size Boost Prior to Sex

Using a penis pump for a performance and size boost prior to sex can be quite similar to using a penis pump for erectile dysfunction.

Penis ring?

Even if you do not suffer with erectile dysfunction, you can still choose to use a penis ring.

You will definitely be able to maintain a greater hardness and size with a penis ring, but consider the precautions from the previous step. Don't use a penis ring that is too tight or use it for too long. Make sure to monitor the color and blood flow of your penis.

Penis pump pressure

When it comes to pressure, pump to a pressure that is equivalent to or only slightly greater than your natural fullest and hardest erection.

If you do not suffer with erectile dysfunction, when you stretch the tissues and blood vessels as much as or slightly greater than your fullest and hardest erection, you allow for easier blood flow once the pump is removed. Your natural flow of blood should be able to power and fill this slightly larger and harder state.

Even though it is not necessary, I would recommend getting a pump with a gauge for this. It will be important to physically see the unit of pressure when you reach your natural fullest and hardest erection or decide to push slightly past that point.

Why is it important to know the unit pressure?

Pumping feels like getting a stimulated erection. Signals to the brain are quite similar - pleasurable. So, expanding your penile tissues to their max can look and feel quite spectacular, which is why you need to be cautioned.

Taking a drug, for example, may feel good, and having more may feel better.

The same could be said for pumping, which is why you need to be careful, exercise extreme caution, and keep this analogy in mind. Like you can OD with drugs, you can overdo it with pumping.

If you know that getting to your natural fullest and hardest erection takes 8inhg (a standard unit of vacuum pressure) then pushing yourself past this limit may be 10-12inhg. In this case, 12inhg is going to be your max vacuum pressure if you pump for X minutes.

Time also has a big part to play. For example, pumping at 10inhg for 20 minutes will be more risky than pumping at 10inhg for 10 minutes.

If you know your max vacuum pressure, you'll be able to pump up to this and remain safe. Remember: our subjective feelings can be inaccurate and dangerous.

How long to pump for

This is going to be a trialing process to work out what leads to the best results for you with minimal or no side effects.

The best outcome to aim for is when you can remove yourself from the pump and you feel harder, fuller and larger for the full duration of time you intend on having sex.

To understand how longto pump for, you must know your max pressure. So, if you know your natural hardest and fullest erection is 8inhg, you can start there for 10 minutes and see how you perform in the bedroom.

If you felt like it didn't do much, you can increase the time to 15-20 minutes first to ensure there are not side effects. If you still feel like it didn't do much, then you can increase pressure and go back to a minimal amount of time (i.e., Raise to 10inhg for 5-10 minutes).

You can repeat this process until you reach a satisfactory result. But it is important to be realistic about your expectations and not just keep increasing pressure and time which could lead to injury or side effects.

Side effects to look out for

All these will be signs that you have used either too much pressure, time, or both. Over time, with more consistent use, you will find your penis can tolerate more time and pressure without reaching these side effects:

  • Redness - close to purple

  • Bruising - blotches of discoloration (usually purple which is not good. However, if it's black seek medical attention immediately)

  • Hardening or bulging of the veins

  • Swelling or puffiness of the glans, shaft, or base of the penis

  • Red or purple spots

  • Dramatic loss of erection quality

How to Use a Penis Pump for: Increasing Penis Size Permanently

Using penis pumps to increase penis size permanently is going to take a whole lot more strategy and discipline than treating ED or temporary pumping for sex.

So much so that I've created a FREE Penis Enlargement Video Course that goes into depth about penis anatomy and enlargement using traction therapy and other methods that rely on vacuum erectile devices like penis pumps. It cannot all be covered in a single write-up, so I strongly advise you watch the videos if you're serious about using penis pumps for permanent gains and better sexual health.

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