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How to jelq
Everything you need to know about jelqing exercises

jelqing egg plant

Jelqing is one of the most popular penis enlargement exercises for both length and girth. Basically, it involves applying pressure to the penis with your hand (and without the use of a penile extender device), stretching it to make the organ longer and thicker.

Although using devices alongside jelqing can be a great strategy too if done correctly. For more details on penile traction therapy including the use of manual methods like the jelq, check out this FREE Penis Enlargement Video Course.

The average penis size is approximately 5.5 inches in length and 4.5 inches in circumference erect. Most men have (at one time or another) thought about their penis size.

Some have taken the steps to make a difference with their size, either through phalloplasty, device work (like penis pumps or penis extenders), or exercises like the jelq.

The following are some common alternative names for the jelq:

  • The Milking method

  • The Turkish Celik method

  • Jelking, jerqing, jelqin, jelkin, and jelc

  • The Sudanese Arab technique


Before starting with any penis enlargement training, it's recommended you get a thorough check up and approval from your physician.

Ideally you'll be in sound health as this goal should be thought of as a whole lot more holistic than many may think. So a check up from your medical professional would be a start.

If you're health is not ideal, this poses massive risks trying to manipulate tissue when your body is not in an optimal state for recovering and healing.

Getting approval for this kind of thing from a medical professional may be a different story.

Although, keep in mind MOST "medical professional" don't seem to know much about traction and enlargement methods and very little about natural remedies to improve vascular performance of the penis aka hardness through training.

With that said, if your doctor or medical professional gives you the (more typical) "It's dangerous! Don't do it!" ... take it with a grain a salt.

They also have reputation and medical professionalism to uphold so they can't advise on what they may not know about so the next best thing to save their backside is to say not to do it.

Aka do it at your own risk and be careful.


When you're ready to get started, you should measure your penis to know where you're working from, a great way to stay motivated and know you're on the right track.

If your goal is improved hardness, take note with the date and as much detail as you can about where you think your erection quality is.

If your goal is size, then measure size.

When it comes to measuring size, make sure to do it correctly since taking an incorrect or inconsistent measurement can mislead and demotivate you. Check out our "How to measure Penis" in our blog.

Here is a VERY brief overview on how to measure. Keep in mind there is a lot more that goes into it for a more accurate measurement.

The optimal form of measuring penis size is to do so with the penis in the erect state. Placing a straight ruler on top of your penis, press the end of it against your pubic base. Take the measurement.

Now, record your measurement in a journal for tracking and forecasting. Measure your length once every two weeks to assess your progress.

To measure the girth of your penis, wrap a non-stretchy string or measuring tape around your penis. Take the measurement, and record your girth progress the same way your did with your length.

Some men prefer to measure their girth via the largest point of circumference or even along different axes. I always suggest measuring at the base of penis, and doing so consistently.

What's the objective (aka benefits) to jelqing?


  • Increases your penile girth in both the flaccid and erect states

  • Increases your penile length in the flaccid and erect states

  • Can improve both the hardness of your penis and give you longer lasting erections

  • Can work to combat erectile dysfunction

  • Can help to strengthen and condition the penis for more intense sexual activities

Does the jelq work FOR SIZE?

penis anatomy

Jelqing does increase the size of your penis by using a combination of traction and compression in order to force growth. Using the thumb and index finger, blood flow is increased and then pushed laterally through the penis with the hand stopping just short of the glans. This method of penis stretching forces the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum, as well as the penile tunica and fascia, to expand.

This type of penile traction therapy also places stress on the suspensory ligament. This is the ligament severed during Phalloplasties/Bihari procedure.

Don't worry - jelqing is entirely non-invasive and, I would argue, more effective if you want to make your penis bigger.

Jelqing for length

To isolate length with the jelq, it's best to use a lower degree of erection (about 40%), while using little to no lube if possible. Though, keep in mind, your thumb and index finger shouldn't snag the skin of your penis as you perform the exercise. The exercise should feel like a sliding penis stretch of sorts.

To target the suspensory ligament at the base of the penis (a major governor of penis length), you should test out the exercise with your penis pointing to the floor from a standing or seated position.

How to Jelq for girth

To isolate girth with the jelq, you should perform the exercise with a 70% level of erection or greater. A generous amount of lube should be used to ensure there's no friction and to allow for maximum compression of the tissues.

Is jelqing safe?

The key to safe jelqing is to start out slow and light. Test out 40 repetitions with your index finger and thumb, using less force than you'd use to masturbate.

Once you feel you've mastered the form of the exercise, begin to add 5 repetitions each session until you get to 100 repetitions.

You may also add force very slowly over time as your conditioning and confidence with the exercise improves.

Your penis should appear elongated and plump after jelqing. This indicates you've performed the exercise correctly.

When done correctly, there is nothing unsafe about jelqing. There's even anecdotal evidence the jelq may improve cases of erectile dysfunction when performed correctly.

To exercise the most safety, knowing the anatomy and the functions of the penis plus how these exercises and other forms of traction therapy work on the penis will be crucial - Check out the FREE Penis Enlargement Video Course.

Peyronie's disease

peyronies disease

Curvature of the penis, also known as peyronies disease can be caused for multiple reasons. Usually a build up of fibrous plaque or calcification of tissue that is either something someone is born with, is built up over time for unknown reasons or due to an injury from sex or other accidents involving the penis.

Jelqing when done correctly and carefully has been said to have benefits of loosening this build up of hardened tissue resulting in a straighter erection.

Whether your goal is to increase size or straighten any curvature, ALWAYS take things slow and track your activity to know you are executing your regime in a progressive manner. Doing enough but not risking over training either, allowing adequate recovery time and building up data (notes) for information on what works and what doesn't during your training.

How to do the jelq

jelqing hand position

The most popular method to jelq involves making an OK sign with your index finger and thumb and placing it deep but comfortably up against the base of the penis. Using only moderate pressure to start, slide your hand to the end of the penis, just shy of the glans. Let's break this down into steps:

Step 1:

Before getting started with the jelq, TOTAL MAN recommends taping up the glans to prevent injury that could come from overinflation of the glans however this is not necessary. Start without using tape and see how you go.

Once you're ready, apply a moderate amount of lubrication to the penis, then create an OK grip at the base of your penis. Apply your fingers as deep as you comfortably can into the pubic base to include as much of the shaft as possible into the exercise.


Step 2

Keeping tension, proceed to slide your hand down the length of your penis until you get to just behind the glans.


Step 3

Repeat using the same hand or alternating hands.

TOTAL MAN recommends keeping the erection level from 40-70%. You can jelq dry, but the result may be increased penoscrotal webbing (turkey neck).

Speeding the exercise up while maintaining the same degree of tension can intensify this exercise. Alternatively, slow but firm strokes are an excellent advanced variation of the jelq.

Please see the following video for a full tutorial on the above: How to jelq

What is the V Jelq?

The V Jelq is a variation of the jelq exercise used to target width or depth, depending on your hand placement. The V Jelq stimulates the tissues in a different way from the standard jelq. It also takes the stress off of the thumb and index finger.

Step 1

Thoroughly lubricate your penis. Make a V shape (like a "Star Trek" salute) and straddle the base of your penis, pressing deep into the pubis.

V jelqing

Step 2

Slide your hand forward until you reach just behind the head of the penis. Repeat.

V Jelq

You can even grip UNDER the penis to target the corpus spongiosum.

V-Jelq Underneath

This exercise may help to improve Erection Quality and erectile dysfunction.

See this video for a tutorial: How to V jelq

Other types of jelqing exercises

Spock Jelq

spock jelq

The Spock Jelq is another name for the V Jelq posted above. It's called that due to the hand position looking like the Vulcan Star Trek salute.


The A-jelq is performed the same as the V-jelq above. It specifically denotes jelqing with the hand on top of the base of the penis.

Wet Jelq

The wet jelq is the jelq performed with lubrication. For jelqs targeting girth, you can use a 70%+ erection and a generous amount of lube.

Dry Jelq

The dry jelq is essentially the jelq exercise performed with little to no lubrication. This creates more friction, which can turn the exercise into more of a sliding stretch. This variant is good for targeting both flaccid and erect penis length.

Again, care should be taken to not overdo this exercise as it may create a penoscrotal webbing, or "turkey neck."

Side Jelq

This variation of the jelq involves using two hands and jelqing in a particular direction to target the tunica even more than the standard jelq.

side jelqing

With a 40-70% erection, keep one hand at the base, then use the other hand to guide the penis into a different direction about mid-stroke.

side jelq

You can work up to a 100% erection over time.

More types of jelqs:

Jelq to Stretch

The Reverse Jelq for Girth- Bottom Hold

The Squash Jelq

jelqing variations

The jelq is an extremely versatile exercise in penile traction therapy. It's often referred to as the manual equivalent of penis pumping, as it can add length, girth, and improve erection quality.

Jelq speed can be varied for different results. Using a fast stroke speed and light force, you can induce a pumped effect by jelqing for higher volume (time).

Using a slower but more constricting stroke, you can induce more compression. This is great for targeting girth.

You can also jelq faster with a tighter grip to increase the overall intensity of the exercise, but great care should be taken with this option! Only add tension slowly over the course of time as your conditioning improves. This advanced option is great for compressing and stretching the penis, adding to overall penis size.

Jelqing in different directions should be tested over time.

Jelqing with the penis pointing towardsthe floor (relative to a standing or seated position) stresses the suspensory ligament of the penis. That being said, there are all sorts of tissues surrounding the penis which can be stressed for maximum results.

Jelqing upwards from a seated or standing position is said to feel like the root of the penis is being affected.


While how to perform the jelq is one thing, implementing it into a sound strategy that is going to guarantee your time and efforts pay off to get the results you're after requires a good amount of strategy.

Eg. Knowing how to do a push up vs how many to do and how frequently to strengthen a grow the size of your chest are very different.

To implement the best routine with the jelq, check out the FREE Penis Enlargement Video Course. It goes deep on the principles of PE so you will know how to implement the jelq and or any other PE method in your lifestyle for the best results.

How long does it take to see results from jelqing?

First we need to define what "results" are by understanding what your goals are.

If you're a healthy individual with already amazing erection quality and your goal is to increase permanent penis size even further, then this can take many months, even years with a very strategic approach.

If you have lower than satisfactory erection quality, then you may notice improvements in hardness within weeks. In this way, improving hardness will increase your functioning size.

Please keep in mind, results will vary from person to person and depending on the reason of erection quality will largely dictate results with this method.

If you're looking to straighten curvature, this should be exercises with extreme care especially if the reason for the curvature was incured from injury. Time for results will be very personal.

Some men claimed to have added 3 inches or more with the jelq exercise, but this process may take many months or even years of serious, committed training.

How does jelqing compare to penis enlargement surgery?

Surgery being very invasive and quite costly plus not guaranteed results, it definitely provides a positive light for jelqing.

As a non-invasive, completely free method that you can do in your own time and privacy, jelqing is definitely an option I'd recommend starting out with.

At least to see if you can get some or all the results you're hoping for from alternative methods like jelqing and or traction therapy  first.

You can ease your way into manual methods including the jelq and other methods to improve size and erection quality. You can stop if you get uncomfortable or you do not wish to continue.

There is no "easing" into getting sliced open or injected. You have surgery or you don't and the results are not guaranteed, nor is your safety or lack of complications.

Potential side effects of jelqing to look out for


Erect jelqing is an advanced method which should only be used after you've developed a very high level of conditioning and have worked UP FROM jelqing with a lower degree of erection first. This method requires a much higher level of force to manipulate the tissues.

Bruising, swelling, spots

If you notice any of the following then it could be a sign that you are executing the method too intensely and or for too long relative to your conditioning.

  • Bruising

  • Swelling near the foreskin, around the glans or shaft

  • Red or purple Spots

In which case, the method should be stopped for recovery to take place. Simply record your session (time, reps and any information to provide reference for future sessions) so that you know your limits and how to proceed next time with more caution and safety.

What about the negative talk on jelqing?

You may find articles out there referring to jelqing as a hoax or unsafe. Part of this is due to the stigma against anything non-medical as regards penis enlargement. Jelqing is often conflated with email spam and scams and is lumped together with ineffective lotions or pills touting to enlarge the penis.

If you read the majority of these articles, they approach the subject of jelqing from an overly cautious perspective. It's certainly possible to hurt yourself by jelqing incorrectly- just as it's possible to hurt yourself in the gym if you use too much weight too soon.

There's also the error in claiming jelqing affects the penis like muscle building or breaks down tissues or even creates scar tissue in order to force growth. This is incorrect, as the objective of the jelq is to expand the penile tunica, fascia, and ligaments. Jelqing is better compared to stretching for flexibility than it is to bodybuilding.

You'll often note that the writers of such articles aren't writing from a position of experience, but of conjecture. Trues science involve experimentation- and when you train correctly and record your jelqing progress accurately, this is science!

Scientific evidence

For procedures to be approved by the mainstream scientific community, it requires clinical testing and peer review. Unfortunately, there has yet to be a certified clinical study on jelqing- though there have been many thousands of men who've attested to the effectiveness of jelqing and who've submitted both written and pictorial data showing the results of their claims.

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