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Pumping is often misunderstood. It’s not just about maintaining erection quality; when done correctly, it can even contribute to enlargement. However, at Total Man, we believe it should be used as a supplemental tool alongside more effective methods, like traction, for size enhancement.

Many of you have been curious about why we haven’t offered pumps, despite their popularity elsewhere. The reason is simple: we refuse to contribute to the clutter of ineffective products. At Total Man, we only introduce products that we truly believe in—ones that deliver remarkable results, backed by our 90-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If it’s not the best you’ve used, we want to know why, and we’ll refund your purchase.

We’re excited to introduce a device that transforms the pumping experience. This isn’t just another pump. It’s a game changer designed to enhance the effectiveness, comfort, and safety of your routine. It supports your journey towards stronger erections, improved stamina, and noticeable size gains.

Our new pump features a versatile cylinder with three size options and a thick sleeve that minimizes swelling while targeting expansion exactly where it’s needed. It incorporates an automated system with static and dynamic settings to maintain optimal pressure and simulate natural bodily functions. This keeps your nervous system engaged and responsive in a way to gain the best results.

Moreover, we’ve integrated infrared light therapy to deeply penetrate tissues, promoting relaxation and healing. To address common issues with suction loss, our unique fastening belt—with a bungee feature—ensures a secure fit.

It can also be mounted to a table, doubling as a hands-free stroker for versatile use.

And there’s more: the addition of our Vibration Hanger introduces soothing vibrations, enhancing the effectiveness of the pump and making each session a bigger step towards achieving your goals in size, stamina, and erection quality.

Embrace a superior pumping solution with Total Man—where we’re dedicated, and quite frankly addicted to advancing your performance with innovation and quality.

We're thrilled to announce that this game-changing device will soon be available for pre-sale, exclusively to our email list subscribers. Secure your spot now to take advantage of a special launch discount and gain early access. Please remember, due to the intricate production process and our commitment to quality, we are initially releasing only 150 units. Pre-sales are set to begin by July 2024, with shipping projected for September—possibly even sooner. Once these first 150 units are sold, anticipate a three-month wait for the next batch. We strongly advise acting quickly; don’t miss this opportunity!

For those eager to stay ahead, follow our social media for exclusive sneak peeks of this revolutionary device and discover what other exciting innovations we have in store. Your journey towards peak physical enhancement awaits, and we’re here to propel you every step of the way. Join us, and be part of this exciting evolution in the Total Man range.

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TOTAL VALUE: Over $297!!!

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TOTAL VALUE: Over $297!!!