Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

The topic of penis enlargementis contentious and often misunderstood. While many mainstream outlets decry any form of penile augmentation outside of the medical arena (e.g.: penis surgery), many men have discovered that it is indeed possible to add penis size using manual and device based methods.

The following article will cover methods for making the penis bigger in both erect penis length, girth, and even flaccid penis size.

There will also be mention on methods for optimizing penis blood flow- which is essential if one wishes to increase penis length and girth.

We recommend seeking professional medical advice before starting any penis size training regimen.

Facts about Penis Size

It needs to be understood that a great number of men perceive themselves to have a smaller than average penis size. This can have a negative effect on sexual confidence levels, which may unfortunately affect erection quality (EQ- a combined measure of stamina and hardness). This leads to a drop in performance and if chronic can affect one's sexual health and sexual satisfaction via stress. Studies show that most are actually satisfied with their partner's penis size of see it as a non-issue.

The average erect penis size for human males is 5.2 inches in actual length and 4.5 inches in girth. Flaccid penis length varies greatly.

What is Penis Stretching?

Penis stretching is when you increasing penis length using devices, manual stretching exercisesor surgical means. Often, it requires increasing the flexibility or even severing the suspensory ligament which anchors the penis to the pubic bone.

Penis surgeries don't technically increase penile length- it merely allows the part of the penis ordinarily buried behind the pubis to fall forward.

Stretching exercisesare convenient and offer a safe and effective means to increase penis length. One will note temporary enlargement (often at a rate of half an inch) immediately after a session and will induce permanent erect gains in penis size over time.

For stretching exercises or device based penis length training, it's vital that the penis relax in order to target the suspensory ligament and tunica for elongation.

Perform Penis Stretching Exercises aka "Jelqing"

The Jelq (AKA the "Cow Milking" exercise) is perhaps the most well known penis stretching exercise. It's excellent for adding both penis length and penile thickness and can also aid in improving blood flow.

To perform the standard jelq, apply lubrication to your penis shaft and make your penis semi-erect, then encircle the base of your penis with your thumb and index finger. Applying gentle pressure, slide your fingers to just behind your penis head. Release while setting up your other hand at the base in the same manner to repeat the motion in a hand over hand fashion.

Other Girth Specific Exercises

There are many different types of effective manual stretching exercises to target penile thickness. The jelq performed with a higher degree of erection is still good for increasing length but will also shift more of the emphasis towards making the penis thicker.

The ULI exerciseis excellent for girth enhancement and appears to be a very advanced variant of the jelq due to the use of the thumb and index finger. It's a highly recommended movement for targeting size in the penis head.

Not only do manual girth exercises make your penis larger, but they can also aid in the development of increase sexual stamina due to forcing blood flow.

Please see the below for a list of other great penis girth exercises:

Top 3 FREE Penis Enlargement exercises for GIRTH

The reverse jelq for girth - Bottom hold

Reverse Jelq - Top hold

Mushroom Head



Device Stretching

There are a number of excellent device types which can be used for increasing length and the girth of the penis.

Most devices function on inducing some form of direct penis stretching- by affixing a weight to just behinds the glans, to forcing tension in a closed chain manner- like the ROD EXTENDER.

Stretching out the suspensory ligament will make the penis bigger, but targeting the tunica within the penis shaft is also a method which shouldn't be neglected. Elongation of the tunica is more challenging but will also often have the beneficial side effect of adding girth.

Penis Pump Exercise

The Vacuum Erection Device is popularly known as a "penis pump". Pumps are excellent for developing stamina as well as for penis enlargement.

Even when used for therapeutic purposes, many often note an increase in penis size when using the pump- both in temporary and (eventually) permanent gains.

Penile extenders

Use A Medical Grade Vacuum Pump

Using a medical grade penis pump is an easy and healthy way to add EQ and size to the penis. It's one of the types of devices recommended by medical professionals for greater penis fitness.

The following routine is recommended for those looking to get started with a penis pump:

Week 1:

Day 1: Pump for 5 minutes

Day 2: Pump for 6 minutes

Day 3: Pump for 7 minutes

Week 2:

Day 1: Pump for 8 minutes

Day 2: Pump for 9 minutes

Day 3: Pump for 10 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark)

Day 4: Pump for 11 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark)

Week 3:

Day 1: Pump for 12 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark)

Day 2: Pump for 13 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark)

Day 3: Pump for 14 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark)

Day 4: Pump for 15 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark and again at the 10 minute mark)

Week 4:

Day 1: Pump for 16 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark and

again at the 10 minute mark)

Day 2: Pump for 17 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark and

again at the 10 minute mark)

Day 3: Pump for 18 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark and

again at the 10 minute mark)

Day 4: Pump for 19 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark and

again at the 10 minute mark)

Day 5: Pump for 20 minutes (increase pressure again at the 5 minute mark and again at the 10 and 15 minute mark)

The days worked should be adjusted to your schedule.

Stretching devices

There are many different types of penis stretching devices. The most well known are penis extender devices. These are even recognized by the medical profession as being effective at inducing penis size and also treating Peyronie's Disease (penis curvature with a plaque)*.

Most extender models are capable of light to moderate tension and are meant to be worn for most of the day. The TOTAL MAN ROD EXTENDER has the distinction of being able to generate an unheard of 10 kg (22 lbs) of tension- which offers the option of high intensity/low volume training.

The ROD EXTENDER FRAME UPGRADE offers greater comfort and angle based training for more variety.

Penis hangers are another well-known and effective type of tool for penis elongation. Penis hangers are an "open chain" worn device- meaning that it's only affixed to one end allowing for motion. The most basic type of model hanger is the COMPRESSION HANGER. For more advanced hanging, VACUUM CHAMBER HANGING is recommended.

All Day Stretchersare meant for light, surreptitious training. It's effective at inducing flaccid gains and to prevent turtling.

Penis Sleeves are also effective for the above and are also useful for padding for compression hanging or clamping. Silicone sleeves are optimal for padding, while spandex sleeves are great for assisting in vacuum pumping training.

*Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis: preliminary results (Pubmed link)

Make Use Of Penis Extenders

Penis extenders (AKA penile traction devices) are effective at elongating the penis using light tension. Certain models can be used even under certain types of clothing.

The recommendation would be to start with a light level of tension (700 g) and test for 15-30 minutes in the first session. The first sessions should be given over to mastering the wear of the device more than anything else. Once that's been done, one may add 15-30 minutes per session.

thicker penis

Designing A Male Enhancement/Penis Enlargement Routine

A well designed penis routinewill allow you to set up your exercises so that you save time and ensure a "cascade effect"- where each exercise feeds into the next for maximum efficiency.

The first phase of the regimen would be the warm up. This is to ensure safe training and minimizes the chance for injury. It also ensures the tissues are supple enough for maximum expansion.

The next phase is one or more exercises designed to increase penis size. Typically, a girth movement like the jelq or CLAMPING is performed first, followed by manual stretching or some form of elongation-specific training.

After this comes Kegel training. This creates a "push/pull" effect from the stretching, and also primes the penis for the next phase: edging. Sexual health exercises like these also become effective enlargement exercises when preceded with penis enlargement specific exercises.

The last phase involves the warm down. The warm down is essential for inducing recovery and for finishing off the routine in a maximally expanded state. The warm down is performed in much the same manner as the warm up except one should also inspect the penis for any anomalies like spotting or minor abrasions, and also moisturizing.

If you require dedicated guidance for your training, coaching is available with the meCOACH Male Enhancement Service. If you're a member of TOTAL MAN, you're entitled to one free extra month with any 3-month subscription.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is described as being unable to induce enough of an erection for successful sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation is sometimes included in this description, though erectile function may be normal until sexual contact is made.

There are a number of ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Much will depend on the causes. Psychogenic ED can be treated with exposure therapy, and exercises such as Emotional Visualizations as well as working with a trusted sexual partner can yield great results.

Oral medications such as Viagra or Cialis can be effective, and herbs such as Yohimbe and Maca are viable alternatives.

In severe cases, penile injections with Tri-Mix or Quad-Mix will ensure erections in most cases.

Take Blood Flow Supplements

Supplements like L-Arginine are great for enhancing erectile abilities. Some respond with an immediate erection, while other may require a bit more time.

When use in conjunction with a training regimen, supplement use can help to increase penis size and improve overall sexual health. Increased EQ will also make obtaining penile girth easier.

Male enhancement pills

There are many different types of "penis pills". While they won't add size on their own, they can be useful when used in conjunction with a proper training regimen.

Items such as Maca, Yohimbe, L-Arginine are excellent for aiding in blood flow. Boron, ashwagandha, fenugreek, and Zinc can aid male health and promote better genitourinary function.

Losing weight

For ED issues related to poor health or hormonal imbalances, most medical professionals will recommend weight loss (when the patient is overweight). This alone can have a great impact on health and restoring good hormonal balances.

Excess fat can bury the penis and/or make it appear smaller, so just the act of losing weight can increase length visually. The cardiovascular activities recommended for weight loss are effective at boosting EQ.

Manscaping for a larger penis

Trimming or shaving pubic hair can give an immediate impression of increased length.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

With the exception of elective cosmetic correction, penis surgeries should be considered a last resort option.

Once a preliminary evaluation is performed, the patient can discuss what their goals are for the surgery.

The most common penis lengthening surgery involves severing the ligament which anchors the penis to the pubic bone. This doesn't technically enlarge the penis- it merely allows more of the penis normally hidden behind the pubis to fall forward. Traction device training or hanging is often recommended for post- surgical treatment.

Do you need penis surgery?

While useful for the purposes of reconstructive surgery, most men do not require penis enlargement surgery to increase penis size.

Men with penis dysmorphia should attempt non-invasive methods like manual exercisesor device based training before opting for risky surgical procedures.

Ailments such as adult acquired buried penis may be resolved with lifestyle changes in conjunction with lengthening training.

Increase penis girth with surgery

Men who suffer from penile dysmorphic disorder may benefit from penis injections for adding girth. This often involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the penis.

We recommend these procedures only after all other means of adding girth have been exhausted, and ONLY under the supervision of a qualified medical professional!

Penis implants

The Penuma silicone sleeve implant is a rigid silicone penis sleeve implanted into the penis to make it rigid and thicker.

Side Effects of Penile Enlargement Surgery

Penis surgeries have the potential for negative side effects and even a lack of results.

For lengthening surgeries, traction post-surgery is vital to ensure the ligament doesn't reattach itself. Ulcers from these types of surgeries are not uncommon.

Girth injection or alloderm surgeries for girth often need to be redone after years, and the penis may appear to be uneven in certain spots as the injected material is absorbed.

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