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Kegel exercises for men: Understand the benefits

Do male kegel exerCises increase size?

Male kegel exercises have been shown to have many benefits to penile function, including increased penis size. This is especially apparent when the kegels are performed with a full erection- as penile "hyperexpansion" is easily observed.

So when it comes to improving erection quality, this can definitely contribute to a greater usable size during sex.

When it comes to permanent enlargement, this may not be the case with this exercise alone however, it will definitely serve as complimentary necessity to overall penile function when pursuing penis enlargement via devices and other methods specifically targeting the tissues to increase size.

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor, with a special emphasis on the pubococcygeus muscles. A stable PC muscle is vital for optimal sexual performance.

The surrounding male pelvic floor muscles are also vigorously worked with Kegel exercises. It's vital to develop strong pelvic floor muscles to ensure proper sexual function as well as urinary control as one ages.

The Kegel exercise is perhaps the best-known exercise for both men and women to improve all aspects of sexual performance and pelvic floor function.

Benefits of Kegel exercises for men

Kegel exercises not only help to improve the PC (Pubococcygeus Muscle) but also target pelvic floor muscles. Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to poor sexual performance and incontinence.

Sexual function is maximized by performing Kegel exercises by improving venous sufficiency, mastering ejaculatory control, controlling fecal incontinence, and even enlarging the penis.

Are Kegel exercises a treatment for erectile dysfunction?

While Kegel exercises are great for improving sexual function and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, they can also help to prevent or improve cases of erectile dysfunction.

Venous leaks can make it difficult to maintain an erection, but Kegel exercises have been shown to plug up venous leaks.

Can Kegel exercises improve sexual performance for men?

Male Kegel exercises improve many aspects of sexual performance. If one targets the correct muscles, better blood flow, harder erections, and better ejaculatory control are just some of the benefits.

It's important to attempt to isolate the PC (Pubococcygeus) muscle from the other male pelvic muscles when performing Kegel exercises.

What do Kegel exercises actually do?

Here are some of the ways Kegel exercises can help:

‧ Help to tame anoveractive bladder

‧ Help to improvebladder control and lessen or eliminate urinary incontinence

‧ With practice, helps to target thecorrect muscles for optimal performance

‧ Working theappropriate muscles can help to develop a deeper kinesthetic sense

‧ Improve penileblood flow as well as circulation to the pelvic floor muscles

Improve sexual performance via hardness, stamina, and ejaculatory control

‧ Increase the tone and strengthening ofmale pelvic floor muscles

How do Kegel exercises compare to pelvic floor exercises?

The pelvic floor is composed of many different muscles with different functions. It can be easy to mistake tightening the sphincter, lower abdominals or other pelvic floor muscles and think you're performing a Kegel. Even when the appropriate muscles are engaged, it can be difficult to isolate them from the other muscles of the pelvic floor.

It's vital to learn how to isolate the PC muscles to ensure the Kegels remain an isolation exercise instead of engaging too many pelvic muscles.

When you're having trouble

The Kegel exercise alone can be helpful, but it should be just one facet of your health and maintenance activities of your daily routine. Ensuring you're getting adequate cardiovascular exercise is vitally important- as is following a healthy diet.

Biofeedback training can indicate other areas of your life you may need to address- like emotional stress management.

Benefits of Kegel Exercise for Men

Kegel exercises for men can induce all manner of positive effects. It can help to prevent or improve cases of erectile dysfunction, help to develop better ejaculatory control to resolve premature ejaculation symptoms, and the increase in blood flow can even help to enlarge the penis.

How do I find my pelvic floor muscles?

Targeting the right muscles is important when performing Kegel exercises, as it's easy to target other parts of the body, like the anus, inner thighs or lower abdomen instead. In the midst of the pelvic floor muscles lies the Levator Ani series of pelvic floor muscles- one of which is the pubococcygeus. This muscle tugs the suspensory ligament anchored to the pubic bone. You can feel this muscle working when you halt the flow of urine. Not only is the exercise felt in the pelvic muscles, it can also allow you to "flex" your penis upwards and cause greater expansion when performed with an erection.

When to expect results

Kegel exercises regularly performed for as a part of a daily routine at least a few weeks can make a dramatic difference in penile health. For those with poor Erection Quality, it can help to restore normal erections.

Is it better to do Kegels sitting or standing?

It's easier to perform the erect Kegel while seated, since your circulatory system doesn't need to fight gravity as hard. Sitting or reclining also takes some strain off of the other pelvic floor muscles. As you gain proficiency, you can attempt to perform them standing or even during sexual contact.

What is a Kegel exercise?

The Kegel is a movement which targets specific pelvic floor muscles.

There's more than one kegel exercise available. The simple Kegel is described in detail in the following video: Kegel . The video will teach you the right muscles to target for executing the male Kegel exercise.

How to do Kegel exercises for men

An exercise routine consisting of the basic Kegel can be found HERE.

For more advanced training, you can graduate to the Weighted Kegel.

How do you know if you are doing Kegels correctly?

It's important for you to find your pelvic floor muscles before getting started. The muscles you're targeting can be felt in the perineum. You'll know you're performing the exercise correctly when you contract the muscles you'd ordinarily use to stop the flow of urine. With an erection, your penis can be observed to rise and expand- with the skin of the glans stretched tight enough to become shiny.

How do I know if my pelvic floor is strong?

A strong pelvic floor will allow you to maintain rock hard erections for long periods of time. It'll also ensure you have good ejaculatory control as well as a strong urinary stream. Strong and flexible pelvic muscles can also help to prevent fecal incontinence.

The pelvic muscles should be stretched regularly. The Asian Squat is one of many available pelvic floor exercises which are good for increasing the flexibility and tome of the pelvic muscles.

Why am I having trouble doing Kegel exercises?

How many seconds should you hold a Kegel?

If you're new to Kegeling, you should attempt 5 repetitions of the 5 second Kegel with a full erection for maximum benefits. Use only as much contractile force as is needed to accomplish the reps- and no more!

If you have difficulties with the above, then perform each repetition for as long as you can until you can perform 5 reps of the 5 second Kegel.

Research supporting Kegel exercises for men

The Kegel exercise is so well-known that it's mentioned extensively in medical literature. It's recognized as being superior to ligation surgeries for strengthening the penis in cases of venous leak*, and was mentioned in Wikipedia with the following description:

 “Exercises are usually done to reduce urinary stress incontinence (especially after childbirth) and reduce premature ejaculatory occurrences in men, as well as to increase the size and intensity of erections.”

*Pelvic floor exercise versus surgery in the treatment of impotence

There's also a very extensive selection of anecdotal evidence on the internet via forums discussing urine leakage and similar topics.

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