Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


4 online adult stores, 6 local sex shops, 2 whole weeks to buy 67 different sleeves and counting, costing over $3000 to make this cock sleeve map which will be your ultimate guide to purchasing the perfect penis sleeve.

I’ve spent a A LOT of
time, money and effort
so you don’t have to.


Why Penis Sleeves?

Penis sleeves are the quickest way to add penis size.

They can be some of the funnest sex toys you will ever use leading to boat loads of pleasure and confidence in your sex life.

Sneak peak into permanent size...

Even if you’re someone on a permanent penis size journey with our 2 step size formula to become the real deal…a penis sleeve could be a sneak peak of your future mass and what it’s going to be capable of.

There's just one issue...

You jump online or even go to a local sex store and you’re faced with more options than you could care to count.


So, what do you get?

What size is right for you?

How is it going to feel?

Is it going to be worth it?

Is your partner going to enjoy it?

You may come to realize if you have not already, to find this mystical ”perfect sleeve”, it is extremely difficult due to the lack of information provided with almost every product.

One of many variables never mentioned...


This is one variable that is next to impossible to come by unless you buy the product. This variable will dictate every other detail given including size.

Out of the 67 sleeves I bought, I thought 40 looked to be a sure fit.

So many could have paired up as similar in size but the hardness (that is never stated) made most of the difference.

One could feel comfortable, whereas the other felt like I was trying to cram my cock into a brick, inevitably reducing my natural girth and possibly even length, defeating one of the purposes of wearing the sleeve.

Turns out only 15 of them fit comfortably however I would realistically only use 7.

That averages out to be $480 per sleeve only using 7 of the 67.

An 11% chance seems to be the odds you’re faced with when buying a sleeve.

Instead of buying 10 to get 1 good sleeve you will actually use and spending $500 if the average sleeve is $50... let’s get it right the first time.

Here’s the truth.

You may end up enjoying 3 different sleeves each with their own pros and cons.

This variable can be considered Category of Outcome or Goal.

I’ve tried and tested so many sleeves collecting 18 different variables on each sleeve.

Very few sleeves on the market will give you up to 9 of these variables, if you’re lucky.

Without knowing the other 9, you’re rolling the dice for your desired outcome.


Here are the variables...

Category of outcome

Put another way, the goal of the sleeve

Open / Closed sleeve

Suited erect penis length

Suited erect penis girth

Sleeve internal diameter (unstretched)

Sleeve internal length

Sleeve total outer length

Sleeve outer insertable length

Sleeve outer diameter

Sleeve wall thickness

Additional length

Additional width



Inside texture

Outside texture

Attachment type


Rather than figuring all of these out yourself, all you need to do is answer 3 questions...

To find your first perfect sleeve, you need to measure your penis when erect.

Q1 - What is your ERECT length?

Measure your length from the base of the penis at the pelvis, not pressing into the fat pad, taking the measurement at the tip of your glans.

Q2 - What is your ERECT width?

Resting the ruler across and on top of the widest point of your erect shaft, measure your width.

Q3 - What is your Outcome / Goal?

Once you answer these questions, you’ll be left with a handful of options instead of an overwhelming search for weeks.

Let’s begin…

Click the link according to your size:

Length (across) x Girth (down) Up to 5” Length 5” - 6” Length 6” - 7” Length 7” - 8” Length

Up to 1” Girth / Diameter

1” - 1.75” Girth / Diameter

1.75” - 2.5” Girth / Diameter


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