Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

How to increase blood flow to penis naturally

In this article you may learn something that is not often spoken about when it comes to increasing blood flow to the penis - it's going to be the most effective change you've made yet.

›If you don't know what you're about the learn then you could be taken advantage of by the industry.

You'll be at risk of wasting your time, money and any efforts. And worse, maybe experience side effects by being misled with poor information and advice.

Penis enlargement relies heavily on healthy blood flow. Whether one uses exercises or devices, or stimulation to force blood flow to the penis naturally, the distention in blood vessels and corpora/corpus of the penis will cause the tunica to expand.

In addition to enlargement-specific exercises, stamina exercises such as Kegels which improve blood flow throughout the penis may help to supplement size gains.

Typical advice on increasing blood flow to the penis - It's wrong

To increase blood flow to your penis you need to:

  • Eat foods high in L-Arginine to induce the nitric oxide cycle for improved blood flow

  • Work on your pelvic floor muscles, the stronger they are the more blood flow to the penis

  • Take supplements (pills, medication, or lotion) to boost blood flow

  • Exercise, weight train, and cardiovascular training to improve blood flow and reduce risk factors.

All this is not necessarily wrong, rather none of it will serve you as well if you don't focus on priorities.

Reasons to increase blood flow to the penis

Erection quality could quite literally make or break any sexual experience and confidence.

Forget worrying about penis size or even sexual stamina.

If a man can't get it up or even sub-full potential, this can destroy most if not all sexual pleasure.

Aiming for 100% Erection Quality to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction and to Maximize Blood Flow to Your Penis

Here are the main reasons to always aim for 100% erection quality as your main priority when it comes to sexual performance:

  • Improves confidence and pleasure in the bedroom

  • Erection quality is directly correlated to health and wellness - better health, better erection quality

  • Having naturally harder erections translates into improved stamina

  • The harder your penis, the more volume is being expanded- resulting in a bigger penis

  • Having exceptional EQ increases the likely hood of increasing penis size if pursuing a penis enlargement program with enlargement devices and methods - it's the cornerstone to success with PE (for more information on penis enlargement - check out this FREE video course)

Erectile dysfunction can be mitigated by improving blood flow. To treat erectile dysfunction and improve blood flow, having strong blood vessels is vital

The #1 Step to increase blood flow to the penis naturally

Your sexual function and performance including your erection quality comes down to one system of the body that rules everything.

That is: The Nervous System (NS). Control this and you will be in the driver seat of your sexual performance. PERIOD.

The Two Nervous Systems

Split into 2 subnervous systems - You have the parasympathetic aspect and the sympathetic aspect.

You may have heard of them before usually referred to as:

  • Parasympathetic (PNS for short) - The rest, digest, grow and procreate system

  • Sympathetic (SNS for short) - The fight, flight or freeze system

To make things a little simpler to understand I like to give a nickname to each system

  • Parasympathetic = The Relaxed System

  • Sympathetic = The Intense System

Believe it or not you actually need both systems for everything from achieving an erection all the way to finishing with an orgasm.

Improving blood circulation and strengthening blood vessels can help increase blood flow throughout your body and improve erectile function/prevent erectile dysfunction.

Optimal blood pressure levels will help to prevent erectile dysfunction and ensure reliable penis blood flow.

The NS spectrum for blood flow and control

Imagine the NS on a spectrum - a horizontal line from the left to right.

On the left you have the relaxed system; on the right you have the intense system.

The idea to have control over your sexual performance - everything from your erection quality to your stamina and even functional size is to manage where you are on this spectrum.

Too much on the left being too relaxed and you won't even get hard - think being drunk, stoned or having a low sex drive.

Too much on the right being too heightened, you run the risk of either not getting hard or if you do you may suffer with premature ejaculation - think performance anxiety, being too aroused or excited without control, even using drugs like amphetamine or cocaine (while you might be aroused, you could be too heightened to even get it up).

The goal is to start near the left - nice and relaxed, calm and steady while being aroused enough to get hard. Slowly and in a controlled manner work your way to the right side by controlling your stress, pace, breath and even excitement.

To prove this point, think about what happens when you near the end of sex or when you finish with an orgasm. Pace usually increases, heart rate and breath rate usually increases and so does the height and intensity of the NS.

A build up of dopamine in the brain urges you to keep increasing the intensity and speed.

It's the fact you're moving the NS into the intense system (on the right side of the spectrum) that brings you over the edge to orgasm.

It's also why those that use weed often may have trouble finishing at all - they could be too relaxed to get and keep an erection. Maybe in a good state to induce penile blood flow but their NS can't get heightened enough to orgasm.

If you use weed for medication, seek medical advice for possible alternatives if it negatively impacts your sex life.

Directing blood flow and the bodies two rules

To increase blood flow to the penis naturally, it's more about optimising blood flow.

Blood is already flowing around the body and the nervous is in control of where the blood is going and why it's being sent to certain areas of the body and how much.

Blood to the body is nutrients and oxygen (energy).

The body is very particular on how to use energy.

To Mitigate Erectile Dysfunction, Maximize Blood Flow To Penis!

So, how do we direct more blood flow to your penis and mitigate the potential for erectile dysfunction?

First you need to understand the body's 2 cardinal rules in life.

If the body had only two rules in life - they would be:

  1. Survive

  2. Procreate - technically another form of survival for our DNA to supersede out eventual mortality. (grim, but important to know for the sake of engorging your penis with as much blood flow as possible)

Survival of course takes priority. If your survival is under threat, then the last thing your body is going to do is use energy and resources for getting busy to procreate.

Not to mention, you need to be alive to have sex. Would be helpful.

Our innate and biological drivers all hinge on these 2 rules. Everything you do, stems from these rules.

A penis will get erect via stimulation causing nitric oxide to relax the spongy smooth muscle of the penis. To maintain an erection, blood flow to your penis must be maintained and held. Nitric oxide is a necessary component for every cell throughout your body.

Erectile dysfunction can occur when there's reduced blood flow or a lack of ability to become aroused. If a lack of arousal is due to anxiety, taking time to relax and participating in comfortable sexual activities can cause the anxiety to dissipate. This will then allow arousal and improve blood flow.

Don't just survive - Thrive!

To put it simply, to get to rule 2 (procreate) effectively aka optimise your performance, you must take care of the bodies first rule - survive.

Many might think, they are surviving by being alive.

This is called a survival bias. Just because you're alive does not mean your survival is not at threat.

A better way to think about rule number 1 to optimise for rule number 2, is not just survive, rather, thrive.

From your health to the stress accumulated in your life from external pressures such as finances and relationships, it all plays a role to stress levels since health, wealth and relationships correlates strongly to a person's ability to thrive.

Thriving meaning, you are not under threat, you are living well and in abundance with as little unnecessary stress as possible.

Stress is inevitable and in many cases necessary for growth. But most stress in life, you will have some type of control over.

Less stress to the body means less threat to survival. Less threat to survival means you are closer to thriving and therefore in a better position to procreate and do so effectively.

Maladies such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and coronary artery disease can have a drastic effect on cardiovascular health and cause erectile dysfunction.

A healthy diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids and increased cardiovascular exercise may help improve cardiovascular health, which then leads to improved blood flow.

Optimized health increases blood flow through Health, Wealth and Relationships

This may not have been what you were expecting on an article about blood flow for the penis.

To prevent erectile dysfunction and to have great performance and a great sex life, you need to live a great life by optimising your health, wealth and relationships.

Since all play a massive role in your overall stress levels, it has direct control over your NS.

Don't believe me? Think about it.

Take Health, let's say you suffer with anxiety or a disorder that requires you to take medication. Technically speaking your basis of being a human being is under threat.

Take Wealth, so many people have stress because of money. Money being a source of value that is traded for shelter, food and basic survival needs including providing that to offspring if you have any.

Take Relationships, if you don't have family or have little to no friends you have less support. Thousands of years ago when living was harsher, community meant protection against nature and predators. The less you had meant a threat to survival.

Our brains are still wired to think and feel that way about having less support in our lives, from family, to friends and even a significant other that is the person we're technically driven to procreate with.

The more these areas are optimised the more you will convince your body that you are in abundance - in other words thriving.

Having a healthy baseline blood pressure relaxes blood vessels to improve penile blood flow.

To prevent erectile dysfunction and heart disease, follow professional medical advice, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. These activities will help to enhance the body's blood flow and reduce blood pressure problems.

In needed, medication is a great way to positively affect blood flow and may help mitigate disease. Be cognizant of any potential side effects of medication.

Optimising Health for blood flow

Here are some health basics to keep your NS in the right spot giving you more control. You may notice that a lot of these will enhance blood flow naturally but remember, the number 1 priority is about keeping the NS where you want it.

I like to use an acronym to make it easier to remember - HARMONY:

H - Hydration

More than 90% of blood is made up of water so staying hydrated is not only important for survival but blood flow. If you suffer from high blood pressure, this can impinge on blood flow to penis- causing erectile dysfunction.

A - Attention

This is a broad topic but imagine a bedroom specific example. If you go into the bedroom to perform and you think you suck and you start stressing about how well you're going to do, you can imagine it's only going to make things worse. Practicing mindfulness will allow you to have more control over where your attention goes and so controlling your NS.

R - Recovery

Growing stronger mentally and physically is about challenging ourselves and taking on intentional healthy stress. An important part to the equation of growing and getting stronger is resting and recovering in order for the level up to take place. The less we recover, the more stress we will induce.

M - Movement

From our posture to strength training and moving our bodies in a relaxed manner to maximal exertion, getting the right type and amount is crucial for controlling the NS and additional blood flow.

O - Oxygen

Breathing is our direct link to the nervous system. Think about what happens when we stress. The breath speeds up and even shortens. Alternatively, when you relax it's quite the opposite...even when you have a moment of relief and you's very slow and long. The breath is automatic but we also have the ability to take control and by doing so we take control of the NS.

N - Nutrition

Also known as our fuel, especially with a well known saying "You only get out what you put in". This is true...nutrition including our macro and micro nutrients serve us for energy, basic functioning plus rebuilding and growing.

Not having the right nutrition to rebuild means you're taking on more stress and damage than you can keep up with. Which to the body, is also a threat to survival.

While what you put in is important, it's equally important what you don't put in. Think highly processes foods, sugars, artificial ingredients, foods even sprayed with toxins.

Even foods thought to be danger free and health like plants - some especially to certain people can result in inflammation from the plants defence chemicals.

Y - Youthful

This is simply a good question to use to know you're heading in the right direction with any of the other steps. Is this action making me age slower or is it causing more stress aka resulting in aging quicker.

Keeping at a healthy weight and blood pressure levels will help improve blood circulation and also improve erectile function.

Good blood flow via healthy penile blood vessels will result in the penis naturally functioning better by maintaining increased blood flow.

There are also many health benefits to exercises which naturally increase blood flow. like jogging or sports.

Optimising blood flow with Wealth and Relationships

This is just a reminder of the importance of these two categories in your life to make sure you work on these to optimise your life and in doing so your sex life.

Priority of importance for Blood Flow

Now you have a much better understanding of where the basis of blood flow begins.

Optimising and controlling the nervous system is number 1.

Let's say you listened to the rest of the industry that told you to do, what would happen?

  • Kegel exercises - training the pelvic floor:

  • Supplements - Pills, medications, lotions:

  • Consuming foods or drinks or moving in such a way to increase blood flow:

The above activities work together to improve blood circulation, thereby improving blood flow to the penis.

The alternative is to allow your cardiovascular health to suffer, which via poor circulation can reduce blood flow to the heart as well as the penis.

Conclusion to increasing blood flow to the penis

Erectile dysfunction is a form of sexual dysfunction which involves difficulty or inability to get an erection and/or keep an erection. If you suffer from these maladies, you can maximize potency and improve sexual health using the data above.

Be sure of the risk factors of any medication you use and be sure they're medically reviewed. Ingesting substances which restricts blood flow and is harmful to the body, including nicotine or excess caffeine is not recommended.

The role of nitric oxide in penile erection; J Cartledge et al

Pelvic floor exercise versus surgery in the treatment of impotence; H Claes et al


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