Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Penis Enlargement Without Pills

Many guys ask the same question - if it's possible to grow your penis without pills?


Penis enlargement without pills is very much possible. In fact, pills are not even the most effective way to grow your penis.

Yes, Viagra and Cialis might give you harder boner for the guys suffering with ED (eretic dysfunction) but if you want long lasting naturally penis enlargement results then pills won't help you.
 Here is a quick introduction to naturally PE without pills:
 1) Pelvic floor exercises
 2) Penis manual exercises
 3) Traction training using professional devices
 4) Healthy lifestyle habits

Let's have a closer look into each one of these proven and tested strategies for penis enlargement without pills.


Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor muscles are very important for your health as these muscles are located around the pubic bone in the back which is the area of the root chakra.

Exercises involving your pelvic floor muscles will help you improve blood flood to your penis. Not only this will give you harder erections but will also help you have better control of your penis as well.


Penis manual exercises

The same way you can exercise your muscles in the gym, you can also exercise your penis as well.
Over time, this type of exercises will cause micro-tears in the penis, which then will heal and restore causing your penis to grow in length and girth.
Probably one of the most popular methods for penis exercising is the "jelqing" method. You can read more about it here.


Traction Training Using Professional Devices

While manual exercising your penis works in the beginning, eventually the method efficacy will slow down. This is why traction devices were invented and are so popular - they are much more effective than manual penis training.

Here at Total Man we offer the most quality penile traction devices in the market - proven and tested by 1000s of guys just like you.

Our best sellers are the Rod Extender (for penis stretching) and the Compression Hanger (using weights).

Our All Day Stretcher is also very popular for beginners as well.


Healthy lifestyle habits

Here at Total Man we understand that the best way to improve health is by looking at the body in a holistic way.

And this includes the health of your penis as well...

Start by improving your Sleep as working against your hormones is not a good idea. Read about circadian rhythms and how to optimize yours own internal clock.

Sedentarism is very bad specially for man as it will drop your testosterone levels drastically. So keep moving and exercise!

Eat good meals rich in micro nutrients, proteins, fats and carbs. Not too much, not too little. Balance is key when it comes to nutrition!

Play and experience with hermetic stress such as saunas and cold showers. What doesn't kill you, make you stronger...

Studies shows that one of the best way to improve testosterone levels is a good dose of healthy sun exposure so go outside and take your shirt off :)

More tips, tricks and healthy habits in this blog post here.

Start Here with your Total Man transformation now!


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