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Are you at the right place ?

AutoVac Smart Stretcher - PRE-SALE ABOUT TO LAUNCH

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Total Man is excited to present a groundbreaking advancement in the industry of male enhancement—our latest device that sets a new standard in effective enlargement strategies. For years, traditional static traction has been recognized for its benefits, but our innovation elevates the experience to unprecedented levels.

Our new device introduces dynamic cyclic traction, a method known for its profound effectiveness in other areas of body stretching—so potent, it’s used with utmost caution by professionals. Previously, replicating this method for penile tissues mechanically was a challenge. Today, we’ve successfully harnessed this powerful technique.

This device revolutionizes how traction is applied, offering a variety of cycles that engage and stimulate the nervous system—an essential element often overlooked in growth. By keeping the nervous system engaged, our device unlocks new potentials in tissue expansion. It’s a ‘set and forget’ system that works subtly yet effectively, allowing you to experience enhancement like never before. With Total Man, step into a new era of possibilities and confidence.

We're thrilled to announce that this game-changing device will soon be available for pre-sale, exclusively to our email list subscribers. Secure your spot now to take advantage of a special launch discount and gain early access. Please remember, due to the intricate production process and our commitment to quality, we are initially releasing only 300 units. Pre-sales are set to begin by August 2024, with shipping projected for November—possibly even sooner. Once these first 300 units are sold, anticipate a three-month wait for the next batch. We strongly advise acting quickly; don’t miss this opportunity!

For those eager to stay ahead, follow our social media for exclusive sneak peeks of this revolutionary device and discover what other exciting innovations we have in store. Your journey towards peak physical enhancement awaits, and we’re here to propel you every step of the way. Join us, and be part of this exciting evolution in the Total Man range.

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TOTAL VALUE: Over $297!!!

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TOTAL VALUE: Over $297!!!