Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

This Tiny Mistake Costs Male Enhancement Trainers $1,000* a Year!

Tired of wasting your time and money on now knowing what to do for YOUR male enhancement training goals?

*DISCLAIMER: This is the average amount spent by men spent on tools, supplements, etc. in a year of experimentation.

Sure, some have the money (and time) to spend testing all sort of gimmicks- but why should you if there's a better way?

For those who want to stop wasting time and money, why not get EVERYTHING you need for your training- and at a deep discount, no less!

Introducing TOTALMAN'S "THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE"! With the Ultimate Package, you'll get everything you need to train each and every aspect of male enhancement development!
Here are the main features included in the kit:

Step 1: Devices for adding size:

The first phase of training (after the warm up) involves increasing size. The process involves dividing the tissues AND using higher force over shorter periods of time (e.g. intensity based training) for maximum growth in minimum time. Your extender and hanger will provide multiple ways for you to take care of this- and DON'T WORRY! We'll provide you with guidance and tutorials to show you the way!

Step 2: Devices for maintaining size:

Healing in the extended state is alittle-known secret for accelerating size gains! The LEG BAND and SLEEVE options allow you to accomplish this task in a comfortable, discreet manner. All of these devices (and more) are included in your kit!

Step 3: Log your training:

It's important for you to record the details of your training efforts for each session. Assessing erect length and girth once every couple of weeks is standard- in addition to recording your exercises and repetitions and/or duration. Recording stats like Erection Quality (EQ), Libido, and adding any other notes will be most helpful in creating a map to your goals.

Step 4: REST for recuperation and growth:

You MUST leave aside time for recuperation AND growth! Merely recovering from one session to the next won't allow for overcompensation. You'll know you're getting enough rest when each session allows you to train just a bit harder or longer than the last- with only positive effects.  

To elaborate on the above, you'll be able to:

‧ Use the compression OR vacuum attachment for extender work or hanging. We recommend using the COMPRESSION HANGER first to build conditioning. After you gain proficiency, you can move on to the VACUUM CHAMBER for greater efficiency and comfort.
‧ Use the clamping device which comes with the kit for girth-specific movements.
‧ Use the kit accessories like the spandex sleeves, silicone vacuum hose, and Theraband to enhance your training and for safety purposes.  
We also HIGHLY RECOMMEND you review the "ADD-ON" features, like the pulley system and EXTENDER FRAME UPGRADE for increasing the tension to advanced levels - as well as the INFRARED Heating Pad...
...and MUCH MORE!
Save 30% by ordering the above via the add-on feature as opposed to ordering them on their own.
If you wish to get started or need to read more about the features of the kit, please click the button below:


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A little overwhelmed or unsure how to use all our devices?! No problem!

TOTAL VALUE: Over $297!!!

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TOTAL VALUE: Over $297!!!