Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Tired of not having guidelines for your penis hanging training? What about training for weeks or even months with little to no results?
DISCLAIMER: Please make sure you review all product instructions before training!
What makes a good training routine? There are MANY opinions on the subject, but they should follow certain guidelines:
‧ Does the routine work?
‧ Is it efficient?
‧ Can it be customized as one advances?
A HUGE mistake men make with their male enhancement training is to perform many different exercises in the hopes something will work. Often, there's not even a progression plan involved- just a routine you're supposed to repeat over and over.  

Growth requires forcing the tissues to expand, and this needs to be done in a progressive manner by making each session slightly more challenging than the last.  

What about efficiency? Some men train for hours a day and have nothing to show for it. Again, the idea is if enough time is spent, surely something will happen. After many hours and weeks or even months spent in fruitless training. it's not surprising many men give up on their male enhancement goals!

The "3x20" Routine

Out of all of the hanging regimens available, the 3x20 has to be one of the most productive and efficient penis weight hanging regimens you can follow.

The routine is quite simple. First, if you're new to weight hanging, we recommend you get started with a COMPRESSION HANGER. It's easy to use and quite comfortable even for heavier hanging.

Once you have your hanger set up correctly, TEST out anywhere between 1 to 2 pounds for ONE set of 10 minutes. Don't worry if this feels to easy the initial sessions are for mastering the wear of the device and also to determine a baseline.

If all goes well with the first workout, in your next session you'll hang for TWO sets of 10 minutes each. If this workout feels good to you, test out a full 3 sets of 10 minutes.  

Completing this will mark the end of your testing phase, and you can determine if you need to add more weight from there. You should err on the side of caution though, as this is just the beginning of the regimen.

Once you've found your target weight, your first full training day will have you starting at 3 sets of 10 minutes (3x10). In each subsequent session, you'll add ONE minute PER SET, PER SESSION (e.g.: 3x11, 3x12, and so on) until you get to 3x20.  

Once you can hang a weight successfully for 3x20 minutes, add weight and reduce the time down to 3x10- and start the matrix over.

It's recommended you perform the above four days a week. A MON/TUE/THU/FRI type split is optimal for the above.

The routine above can be customized for different time scales as well, and there are other exercises one should include for other aspects of training- like girth and stamina.  

If you'd like guidance for your training, please check out the meCOACH Male Enhancement Coaching Service for more details.

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