Total Man Rod Extender 2.0 - FRAME ONLY

Total Man Rod Extender 2.0 - FRAME ONLY

The latest and greatest rod extender to hit the market. Probably the best device for penis stretching and male enhancement.

For detailed information on how this item is used for successful results, check out THIS BLOG POST.

This beast of a traction device is the latest addition to the original Total Man range of Penis Enlargement products. It is fully compatible with the Total Man Vacuum Chambers and the Total Man Compression Hanger making it the perfect traction multi-tool.

The Total Man Rod Extenders are made out of solid nylon (same as the Total Man Hanger) and all stainless steel parts. No short cuts here!


  • Monster length of 33cm, suitable for ANY SIZE...33cm rods (good for any size up to 10 inches in bone pressed erect length)
  • Tension of up to 5kg that is easy to adjust with 2 stainless steel thumb nuts
  • Spring load travel length of 8cm. This mean room to move, stand up, sit down without risking sudden increases in tension (other extenders have a couple of cms)
  • Compatible with the Total Man 2.0 and 3.0 Vacuum Chambers and the Total Man Compression Hanger. This also means it's compatible with almost any compression hanger and vacuum chambers you may already have!
  • Super wide and thick support base ring at 16mm completely round solid nylon. Thicker and wider the surface contact, the more evenly distributed the pressure is on the pelvis making for a more comfortable experience and also meaning you can crank up the tension
  • Wide opening to the base ring of 48mm. This means there is not only more support from the base ring but also less risk of just getting tension to the shaft skin which is often what happens with base rings that are too small. If this happens you're not gaining, you're just stretching your skin.
  • Wide rods meaning amazing room for the compression hanger, larger vacuum chambers and it may even help with traction for the treatment of Peyronies Disease by being able to use a strap to help angle the shaft in the direction you want to assist while being able to apply the tension you need.
  • BEAST appearance. Even though this isn't your so called slim line discreet extender (quick hint: no extender is), this is THE EXTENDER that will get the job done.
  • This is like the EXCAVATOR for your backyard renovation once you've stopped wasting your time with that shovel. Or if you haven't got a shovel, well done for choosing this straight out the gate and saving yourself the money, time and headaches!

This page is for the Rod Extender 2.0 (frame only). Read more about one of the most popular rod extender in the market here.

If you would like to purchase the frame only then use this page.


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    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product
    Very great product

    Its really a strong hold and you feel that its really doing a nice job and holding really well

    Total Man Shop

    Thanks for the great feedback. Glad you like it so much. :) Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

    Israel Israel
    I recommend this product
    Great Extender, Very Durable

    I really recommend this product. I had two extenders in the past and this one by far better than them in every aspect. First you have multiple options for the part that actually connect to the extender, so you are not limitate unlike many other extenders that force you to use their own way to connect the gland to the device. Other than that it’s very durable - no way this thing will break while wearing it. Some people might find the size of it an issue (that you can’t add or subtract parts to your specific length), however I think it’s not a problem at all and what actually makes it durable - you can’t use any extender in public without people notice it.. So you are going to use it privately anyway so it shouldn’t be an issue. The way it’s build also allow you to easily connect the parts and only then stretch it which allow you to get much better stretch than some other extenders which you need to “do” the connection part when they already set to their length and you can only press a little bit and shorten them while connecting. My only suggestions is to source some extra springs which provide less tension for cm and add those to the package as a way for the user to decide what he prefer. I actually find the provided springs very strong and when you begin you will prefer in the first month or so a lower tension springs so it will be easily to adjust the tension (with strong springs a little bit of movement in the beginning change the tension a lot). But again I really recommend this product and besides the gains I already see, it is much better than other options which cost more without any justice

    Total Man Shop

    Amazing feedback!!! Thank you so much for that. We're going to get right on top of the springs as per your idea. This will be the new addition to the product. Great idea! Please let us know if you make any future purchases, we'd like to include the springs for you.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Does what it's supposed to do

    Getting your balls through is a little tricky at first but it does what it says it's supposed to. Recommended

    Total Man Shop

    Thanks so much for the feedback. It's not imperative to get the testes through but it is comfortable once in position. :)

    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Total man

    It’s a good device . The only problem is the bulkyness.

    Total Man Shop

    The size should come at no surprise since it is clearly stated in the pictures and description of the product page. This is something we intentionally decided upon. Being in the game for so long and testing out SO MANY different products, knowing that extenders in general aren't the best and most discreet items, we chose to make ours this size to optimise effectiveness, safety and comfort. Where other products and companies sell their device as a silver bullet one for all so to speak, they sacrifice in so many other area's. They can be used of course however the differences are very apparent if you were to have other devices in the industry then to come to ours. Since this is an item (extenders in general) you would wear in the privacy of your own home, we did not worry about size and went balls to wall. :P (All out) If you want something more discreet with similar strength of pull (a little less consistent though as the sacrifice) is our Vacuum Based All Day Stretcher.