The Growth Kit 2.0 - PRESALE


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This is one of the cheapest, high quality kits you will find on the net that comes with abundant support and assistance.


For detailed information on how this item is used for the ultimate results, check out THE ULTIMATE GUIDE HERE.

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Buying all these parts separately could end up costing you over $1200. At Total Man, it's yours for LESS THAN ONE QUARTER OF THAT!

What's included

  • Compression Hanger 2.0 [NEW]
  • 2 x 1M TPE Theraband, 5cm wide, 0.5mm thick [NEW]
  • 4M Cohesive Bandage [NEW]
  • Rod Extender Frame 3.0 NEW]
  • 3 x Total Man 3.0 Chambers (Sizes available 1-2-3-4-5)
  • Compact accordion pump - Super discreet and super effective enabling you to take it anywhere you need [NEW]
  • Silicone vacuum hose (Alternative method for pump) 
  • 3 x Spandex Sleeves [NEW] for all Vacuum Chamber methods and Passive Healing Sleeve set up
  • 2 X 6 inch Total Man sleeves [NEW] (choice of 3 sizes: 21mm, 26mm, 32mm inner diameter)
  • Solid 2 piece Plate Hanger 2.0 [NEW] that suits both standard plates (25mm bore / hole) or olympic size plates (50mm bore / hole)
  • Leg Band 2.0 [NEW] plus easy to adjust Nylon tension system
  • Clamp-Mini Hanger 2.0 NEW]
  • 3 rolls of Micropore tape
  • Total Man length and girth ruler
  • Pulley System 2.0 [NEW] (allowing you to be fully seated while compression or vacuum hanging!)
  • Infrared heat pad - 3 heat settings (penetrate 10 times deeper than regular hear pads)


  • NO RETURNS due to the nature of the product (Please see Shipping Policy and Return Policy for details)
  • NO WEIGHTS INCLUDED in this kit

Silicone Sleeve Sizing Guide

  • Measure your Stretched Flaccid Circumference of the mid-shaft (SFC):
    • Use a soft measuring tape or tailor's tape to measure
    • Wrap the tape around the circumference of the mid-shaft while STRETCHED OUT FLACCID and take the measurement
    • SFC up to 70mm - 110mm = Size 1: 21mm inner diameter sleeve
    • SFC 90mm - 130mm = Size 2: 26mm   inner diameter sleeve
    • SFC 110mm - 150mm = Size 3: 32mm   inner diameter sleeve
    • There is cross over because flaccid to erect sizes may change and during your use in any device your erect to flaccid state will fluctuate.

    Spandex Sleeve Sizing Guide

    • Same method as above measuring your Stretched Flaccid Circumference of the mid-shaft (SFC):
      • SFC up to 70mm - 120mm = Size 1: 40mm laid flat
      • SFC 90mm - 150mm = Size 2: 50mm laid flat

    Chamber Sizing Guide

    • Measure your Erect Circumference  of the Coronal Ridge (ECCR):
      • Use a soft measuring tape or tailor's tape to measure
      • Achieve an erection (use a penis ring or band to assist with getting erect, optional)
      • Wrap the tape around the Circumference of the Coronal Ridge (the widest section of you erect glans) and take the measurement
     Size Internal chamber diameter Erect Circumference  of the Coronal Ridge
    1 28mm Up to 88mm
    2 33mm 88 - 104mm
    3 38mm 104 - 120mm
    4 43mm 120 - 136mm
    5 48mm 136 - 151mm
    I do recommend purchasing 1 to even 2 sizes up as well, so if you're size 1, get size 2 and 3 as well. You may find you move through these sizes throughout your journey.

    Additional details on individual products


    • It's lighter, more sleek, easier to use, still super strong AND there is no hardware. That's right. No metal.
    • The main frames and parts are made from Nylon (one of the strongest plastics) PLUS reinforced with 30% Glass Fibre.
    • The cord is a 4mm polyester paracord with a breaking strength of over 300kg.
    • The main strap that holds this beast together is a 15mm polyester webbing strap with a breaking strength of over 150kg.
    • Its new sleek black look, strength and effortless function is unlike anything the market has seen.
    • Can tolerate more weight than your lad ever will
    • It will fit anyone up to a flaccid girth of 180mm flaccid mid shaft circumference
    • Our guarantee of the strength of the unit: "If it breaks, we replace it!"



    • Injection moulded and contoured to the glans shape for optimal fit
    • Sleeve rim to avoid sleeve slipping up over the chamber
    • Reverse barbs on the lower outer chamber to secure the sleeve ensuring attachment
    • Thin chamber rim for a seamless chamber to sleeve transition eliminating the air pocket you will find with most other designs increasing risk of unwanted swelling behind the coronal ridge
    • One way valve with removable weight/tension clip
    • TPE Valve End to guarantee the vacuum seal
    • To get the right size, check out the sizing reference above




    • Sleek, super slim discreet design
    • Black
    • Breathable
    • Super easy to adjust with the new buckle and slider

      This band is for Leg use ONLY and will not work around the waist. After plenty of trial and error, I believe that wearing any device pulled around the waist is extremely dangerous due to limited movement and high risk of jamming or jerking, dramatically increasing tension unexpectedly. Down the leg with the Leg Band attached below the knee seems to be the safest and most effective way to wear a vacuum chamber for discreet all day stretching.

    What does it come with?

    • Leg band - Neoprene inner layer for comfort and moisture wicking, polyester velcro attachable outer layer for secure fitting and tightness that won't wear for a LONG time!
    • Buckle and cord locking slider (Nylon reinforced with 30% Glass Fibre)
    • Elastic cord (3mm diameter x 600mm length):
      • Single cord creates 250g - 750g of tension
      • Cord doubled over creates 750g - 1500g of tension
    • Anodised black, alloy clip (10 x 4 xx 3mm) - compact and heavy duty



    • The newest and most versatile clamp enabling many methods including:
      • Clamping for girth and the newest taping and attaching vacuum chamber method
      • Mini Hanger for light hanging (up to 4kg, anything heavier and I'd recommend using the Compression Hanger 2.0 with an almost limitless weight capacity)
      • Compression Extending with the Extender Frame 3.0 (also works with the older version Extender Frame 2.0)
      • Compression based stretching with leg band (please note: since this is a compression method, you still need to remove the device every 15 minutes to restore blood flow)
    • Main 2 frames and 2 sliders are made of Nylon reinforced with 30% Glass Fibre
    • Main strap holding this device together is a 10mm polyester webbing strap with a breaking strength of over 100kg
    • Main cord for light hanging, extending and stretching is a 3mm polyester paracord with a breaking strength of over 200kg



      • Features:

        • 6 inches (15cm / 150mm) in length
        • Inside diameter:
          • Size 1: 21mm
          • Size 2: 26mm
          • Size 3: 32mm
        • Thickness: 3mm
        • Shore A Hardness: 5
        • Stretchy but strong and comfortable!
        • Can be used for any vacuum chamber method including vacuum hanging, all day stretching, extending plus as a passive healing sleeve with or without a chamber. It can also be used for protection with compression hanging and compression extending and more!
      • To get the right size, see the above sizing reference



      A must have when it comes to vacuum chamber methods and passive healing sleeves.

      For Vacuum Chambers

      These are the newest addition to any vacuum chamber method.
      These super simple sleeves can be cut to the right length and shape to be used as an additional protective piece for the glans inside any vacuum chamber PLUS being a fabric, it also wicks moisture keeping the tape on the glans dry to ensure protection and keeps the valve from clogging. It's a win, win, win.

      • Protection
      • Keeps tape dry
      • Keeps valve clean and free from clogging

      A second length of spandex sleeve can be used on the outside of the chamber to keep the chamber, sleeve and rubber band from rubbing on the leg causing irritation and worse, gripping. If your chamber cannot slide or move freely along the leg while in wear either sitting down, standing, moving around even in public, you have an issue. Vacuum pressure inside the chamber is dictated by the initial pressure set by your vacuum pump during attachment, the next dictator is the tension applied via hanging, extending or even all day stretching with a leg band. If the chamber grips to anything while your movement pulls the chamber increasing tension, this is going to increase the internal vacuum pressure substantially risking injury such as abrasions and blistering. It is most crucial when in use with a leg band since the chamber will be pulled close to the leg.

      For Passive Healing Sleeve

      These super comfy and breathable spandex sleeves have changed the game for passive healing sleeves eliminating the need for using one full length of sleeve to get the job done and no more lubrication needed which made public wear a little daunting.

        Information about the sleeves:

        • Spandex sleeves are 9 inches long and come in 2 sizes by laid flat width (Size 1 - 40mm, Size 2 - 50mm)
        • Material composition: Spandex (85%+ polyurethane) and polyester (up to 15%) with a cotton sewing thread



          • 1 Power on/off button
          • 3 heat settings
          • Size: 22cm x 12cm
          • Velvety soft inner material
          • Moisture absorbent neoprene outer material
          • 80cm flat USB cable for power
          • Graphene film inside pad with wavelengths of 450-850nm

          Heat pad use and cleaning instructions:

          Turning on, switching modes and turning off -
          1. Turn the heat pad on by plugging into a power source of at least 2A (2 Amps) with a USB-A slot then press and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds.

          1. Change the modes by pressing the power button once, Red = Highest setting, Blue = Middle setting and Green = Lowest setting. (Only ever use the setting that is most comfortable for you and allow a few minutes for the heat pad to warm up, it’s infrared so the heat will come slower however the effects penetrate deeper and last longer).
          2. Turn off by unplugging from the power source.

          Cleaning the heat pad -

          1. ONLY when the heat pad is unplugged using a microfibre cloth slightly damp (well squeezed/rung out), softly wipe and dab the heat pad all over. Be sure not to saturate the heat pad with water under any circumstance.
          2. Make sure to let the heat pad air and dry out for at least 60 minutes after cleaning before use.


          If the heat pad does not securely wrap and stay on, use either a clamp or length of One Wrap velcro to wrap around while in use to easily attach and detach.

          Using the heat pad for 5-10 minutes before a PE session, during and even for 5-10 minutes after a PE session can assist the tissues becoming more pliable, less prone to injury and speed up recovery.


          Do not use a setting that is too high or hot for you to handle.

          It is your responsibility to use the heat pad safely and at the right setting.

          Never leave the heat pad plugged in and unattended.

          Never use the heat pad with water, lubrication or moisture of any sort.

          Never use the heat pad for more than 2 hours per day.

          Never direct the heat to the testicles.

          PULLEY SYSTEM 2.0

          • NEW design, lighter and more user friendly then ever
          • Pulley wheel block, tightening table wedge, top attaching hook and weight hook are all made from a solid Nylon reinforced with 30% Glass Fibre
          • Main table strap is made from a 10mm polyester webbing strap with a breaking strength of over 100kg
          • Pulley cord is a 3mm polyester paracord with a breaking strength of over 200kg
          • This new design is so simple and easy to set up with it's no drilling required attachment. That's right no screws or holes in your table and you can use this set up on most tables with a maximum width of 650mm (2 screw holes are in the pulley block as an option too)
          • Set and forget, hook on and go
          • The top attachment hook has a stopper plate to rest detach and rest the hanging weight on the pulley block (so no need to detach weight plates). While, there are two finger grooves for easy handling to reattach


          • Plate hanger base (suited for standard plates - 25mm bore/hole)
          • Adapter plate (slots onto Plate hanger base and is suitable for olympic size plates - 50mm bore/hole)
          • Material: Nylon reinforced with 30% Glass Fibre (REALLY STRONG)



          It sticks well for optimal effectiveness, it's super thin making it very comfortable and very breathable which is great for any vacuum chamber method increasing negative pressure to the glans.

          It is in our opinion the best protection that you can have while maintaining comfort and effectiveness for all the following methods:

          • Vacuum Hanging
          • Vacuum Extending
          • Vacuum All Day Stretcher
          • Passive Healing Sleeve with Vacuum Chamber
          • Manual Vacuum Chamber Stretches

          Alternative methods of protection are things like silicone glans caps in my opinion, don't do much at all and if anything could make things worse increasing risk of injury with falsely perceived protection.

          Please know, tape comes with most of our kits that have vacuum chambers.
          Tape is going to be one of the items that runs out so make sure to stock up.

          Please see our Video Library to see how to use the tape for the most effectiveness.
          Also know, removing the tape although slightly tedious it can come off quite easily with soaked with soap water and a little amount of time, then removed slowly.
          Please see the new taping tutorial above to know how to only need to tape once a day and remove the tape once a day. This is compared to the older version where you would need to re-tape every time you used you lad making vacuum chamber methods much hard to stick to.


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