Total Man Rod Extender 2.0

Total Man Rod Extender 2.0

The latest and greatest rod extender to hit the market.

This beast of a traction device is the latest addition to the original Total Man range of Penis Enlargement products. It is fully compatible with the Total Man Vacuum Chambers and the Total Man Compression Hanger making it the perfect traction multi-tool.

The Total Man Rod Extenders are made out of solid nylon (same as the Total Man Hanger) and all stainless steel parts. No short cuts here!


  • Monster length of 33cm, suitable for ANY SIZE...33cm rods (good for any size up to 10 inches in bone pressed erect length)
  • Tension of up to 5kg that is easy to adjust with 2 stainless steel thumb nuts
  • Spring load travel length of 8cm. This mean room to move, stand up, sit down without risking sudden increases in tension (other extenders have a couple of cms)
  • Compatible with the Total Man 2.0 and 3.0 Vacuum Chambers and the Total Man Compression Hanger. This also means it's compatible with almost any compression hanger and vacuum chambers you may already have!
  • Super wide and thick support base ring at 16mm completely round solid nylon. Thicker and wider the surface contact, the more evenly distributed the pressure is on the pelvis making for a more comfortable experience and also meaning you can crank up the tension
  • Wide opening to the base ring of 48mm. This means there is not only more support from the base ring but also less risk of just getting tension to the shaft skin which is often what happens with base rings that are too small. If this happens you're not gaining, you're just stretching your skin.
  • Wide rods meaning amazing room for the compression hanger, larger vacuum chambers and it may even help with traction for the treatment of Peyronies Disease by being able to use a strap to help angle the shaft in the direction you want to assist while being able to apply the tension you need.
  • BEAST appearance. Even though this isn't your so called slim line discreet extender (quick hint: no extender is), this is THE EXTENDER that will get the job done.
  • This is like the EXCAVATOR for your backyard renovation once you've stopped wasting your time with that shovel. Or if you haven't got a shovel, well done for choosing this straight out the gate and saving yourself the money, time and headaches!

Available options

1. Rod extender frame only

  • Rod extender frame only with out vacuum chambers, hanger or sleeves as seen in the photos

2. Vacuum Rod Extender Kit (more PASSIVE traction)

  • Rod extender frame
  • All 4 chambers (sizes 1-4)
  • 1 x 10 inch sleeve
  • 2 x rubber attaching bands
  • 1 x 3M Micropore tape roll

3. Compression Extender Kit (more ACTIVE traction)

  • Rod extender frame
  • Total Man Compression Hanger
  • 1 x 10 inch sleeve
  • 1M heavy duty bandage

4. The Full Vacuum and Compression Extender Kit (great for ACTIVE and PASSIVE traction)

  • Rod extender frame
  • Total Man Compression Hanger
  • All 4 chambers (sizes 1-4)
  • 1 x 10 inch sleeve
  • 2 x rubber attaching bands
  • 2 x 3M Micropore tape roll
  • 1M heavy duty bandage


  • Measure:
    • Use a soft measuring tape or tailor's tape to measure
    • Wrap the tape around the circumference of the mid-shaft while FLACCID and take the measurement
  • Choose the appropriate sleeve:
    • Up to 90mm = 21mm sleeve
    • 91mm or larger = 26mm sleeve


 Size Internal diameter Flaccid coronal circumference
1 37mm Up to 100mm
2 41mm 100 - 115mm
3 46mm 115 - 125mm
4 50mm 125 - 140mm




Compression Hanging - Tutorial 

Vacuum Penis Hanging - Tutorial