Coaching call with Mike

One on One Coaching call with Mike

Whether you're new to Male Enhancement or you've already been in the game for a little while, the world of Male Enhancement can be quite daunting. Maybe a coaching call can help.

Setting up a coaching call may help you:

  • Gain an understanding what is possible and what Male Enhancement is all about
  • What to buy and when, whether you're on a budget or have certain needs
  • How to structure our routine to your lifestyle and circumstances
  • Just to confirm you're on the right track and what to do next
  • Having trouble with something and need help troubleshooting
  • Hitting a plateau and want to take your results to the next level
  • Any questions regarding Male Enhancement, Health and Lifestyle
  • Get the quickest and most reliable answers straight from Mike

Different options are below, each are good for the following:

  • 15 Minutes: To clarify progress, process or just a quick question. Question about circumstances and products, even what to buy.
  • 30 Minutes: The above plus, point you in the right direction, what to do next and how to get started. What will help you the most right now and get you moving forward.
  • 60 Minutes: All the above plus, editing the Ultimate Routine or coming up with a routine to suit your current and possibly future situations and circumstances with what you have and/or what you could or should have to get the best results.

Why am I (Mike) the guy to talk to?

I happen to be one of very few people that is personally open, honest and upfront about this topic. To date, I seem to have personally made the most videos about the topic for everyone to benefit from.

Just like you, I was a guy on a search for the tools and guidance that could help me improve in all areas of my life, especially my performance in the bedroom, as I know how important a good sex life is in any relationship.

After going through loads of money, products, programs, minor injuries and a whole lot of time, still being dissatisfied, the idea for Total Man was born. I wanted to create a brand that cut through all of the noise. Having finally achieved results I wanted myself, I knew I could help other guys to do the same.

Total Man has evolved into a brand with high-quality products, information, guidance and support that allows us to support men in achieving the best results. I take pride in a holistic approach working on hardness, stamina and penis size as well overall health and happiness. It’s not just penis size or sex, it’s about being the man you know you can be and having the willingness to improve. Bring the best you to the world.


Additional benefits to a coaching call:
If you purchase either the Full Kit or the Growth Kit,
you'll receive 25% of the coaching call price back as a refund.
15 Minute coaching call = $10 back
30 Minute coaching call = $15 back
60 Minute coaching call = $25 back


What to bring and what else to know:

  • Bring yourself and of course any questions you may have. You want to make the time count so make sure you have your questions and anything you need help with ready.
  • You can book in at a minimum of 12 hours in advance given the time you require is available. Any session rescheduled or cancelled within 24 hours of appointment, the payment and session will be forfeited unless session was booked within 12 hours of rescheduling or cancelling. For further details, see Terms and Condition that you will be required to agree to before booking is made.
  • Calls can be made via Phone call or Zoom as a voice call.