All Day Stretcher Kit

All Day Stretcher Kit

All Day Stretchers are one of the most crucial tools to increase the size of your penis - just as important as active penis enlargement methods. This is one of the cheapest, high quality stretchers you will find on the net, that is complemented with abundant support and assistance.

For detailed information on how this item is used for successful results, check out THIS BLOG POST.

Products included in the All Day Stretcher Kit:

  • Total Man 3.0 Chamber (choice of sizes 1-4)
  • 10 inches of sleeve (choice of 21 or 26mm)
  • Rubber attaching band
  • Chamber pump
  • Leg/waist strap
  • Your parcel will be 100% discreet. The parcel is a padded bag with Australia Post branding. A shipping label is taped to the bag with sender and receivers information. The only description on the shipping label is "Tools"
  • NO RETURNS due to the nature of the product
  • NO WEIGHTS will be included in the kit

Sleeve Sizing Guide

  • Measure:
    • Use a soft measuring tape or tailor's tape to measure
    • Wrap the tape around the circumference of the mid-shaft while STRETCHED OUT FLACCID and take the measurement
  • Choose the appropriate sleeve:
    • Up to 100mm = 21mm sleeve
    • 101mm orlarger = 26mm sleeve

Chamber Sizing Guide

 Size Internal diameter Flaccid coronal circumference
1 28mm Up to 100mm
2 33mm 100 - 115mm
3 38mm 115 - 125mm
4 43mm 125 - 140mm

Extra Details on Individual Products

Total Man 3.0 Chamber

  • Injection moulded and contoured to the glans shape for optimal fit
  • One way valve with removable weight/tension clip
  • Ensure you order the right chamber size by checking out the measuring tutorial can be found in the link below. The flaccid coronal ridge needs to be measured so that the right size chamber is sent to you. There is also a listing for chamber, sleeve and band alone.

Leg / Waist Strap


  • Leg/waist band
  • Buckle (metal, black)
  • Elastic cord (3mm diameter):
    • Single cord creates 250g - 750g of tension
    • Cord doubled over creates 750g - 1500g of tension
  • Anodised black alloy clip (10 x 4 x 3mm) - compact and heavy duty

 Total Man Sleeves

  • 10 inches in length
  • Internal diameter of 21 - 26mm
  • Can be used for vacuum stretching, passive healing, protection with compression hanging and more!
  • 4mm thickness with a shore grade of 00
  • Stretchy, strong and comfortable!

Also make sure to check out this product because a penis hanger works really good with stretching as part of your penis enlargement training.

Total Man is committed to continue to deliver the most quality male enhancement devices to help you with your PE journey. Total Man offers an holistic solution proven by 1000s of guys like you! Our blog is full of information, tutorials, guides and product reviews.


FREE GUIDE - The Ultimate Routine

Vacuum Chamber Methods - Tutorial

How to Cut your Sleeves to size - Tutorial

How to Tape for Vacuum Chamber Methods - Tutorial

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Jeff D.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Would recommend 100% to anyone interested in a ADS

The actual device coupled with your online video create a product that simply really does not have a comparison. I have been doing PE for quite some time now and I greatly appreciate the sincerity in your customer service and the general dedication to the PE practice. A lot of men are benefiting from your works. Other than the CTC company (for pumps), TotalMan is the only place I buy my products. Keep up the great work.

United States United States
I recommend this product
So far so good!

I have only gotten to use it twice but it's very comfortable to wear and haven't used it enough to report any gains. I plan on following the schedule and look forward to reporting this time next year that I have achieved my goal. The gain I have set my sights on are for my benefit only, I am not considered average at 7.25 in. but want to be 8.5 to 9, again, personal preference and look forward to feeling good about myself.

Total Man Shop

Great to hear. Look forward to hearing about your progress!

Italy Italy
I recommend this product
It's beautiful

I just want to know if you have to put the paper tape on the ***** before inserting it into the cup?

Total Man Shop

That is correct. Please see this video instructing how to tape properly.

Peter .
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
New design and quality of this product is outstanding!

After using the ads for a while I have found it to be a superior version of the previous models/brands. The sleeves are versatile enough, as well as stretchy and comfortable to use. The new vacuum cups are even more comfortable and time efficient to apply and take off. Not only do you get all these great things for a low price, you get amazing support and help from Mike which is priceless!

Total Man Shop

Thank you so much for the generous feedback. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do. Looking forward to hearing about all your success.

James .
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
New ADS design is best is simply the best, purchase with confidence!

The All Day Stretcher Kit using the latest, high-quality vacuum chambers with one-way value and chamber ball pump with release valve is simply awesome. In short, this latest technology has enabled me to increase the length of my ADS sessions by approximately 50% ( for example, session length with TM Rod Extender increased from 4 hours to 8 hours) using the same pressure, which is helping me build on the results realized this far. Without getting into the technical details and specifications, there are a number of reasons why I am able to lengthen my ADS sessions with this latest technology whether using it with the leg strap, pulley system or extender, but for the purpose of this review the primary reasons are summarized below: 1 – Comfort These high-quality vacuum chambers are deeper/longer than others on the market, which allows full grip and coverage of the *****. The chamber has also been contoured for optimal fit and comfort. 2 – East of Use The latest design enables the chamber ball pump to easily pull your ***** into the end of the vacuum chamber using the smallest possible chamber size. 3 – No Fear The vacuum chamber is designed to fit comfortably and securely without fear of it becoming dislodged during usage. The sleeve rim prevents sliding, the unique reverse barbs grip the sleeve to the chamber and the flat edge at the chamber entry point eliminates dreaded vacuum pockets that lead to inflammation. Simply put, proceed with confidence! Hope this helps!

Total Man Shop

Thanks so much for the generous feedback. It is much appreciated especially when we put so much time and effort into prototyping, testing and designing. With your feedback and so many other we can continue to improve even more.