Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Performance Anxiety Guide by Stirling Cooper (E-Book)

World's #1 Sex Coach for Men - Stirling Cooper Reveals the Quick N’ Easy Roadmap to Consistenly Getting Erections Under Pressure:

The Ultimate Guide to Performance Anxiety

Your Simple Guide to Go From “Limp Dick” to “King Dick” in just 72 Pages.
Get a RAGING Boner Whenever You Want, Give Her an Unforgettable Experience & Build Up Your Sexual Confidence!


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Let’s start by getting ONE thing straight…

If you’re here right now, wondering how YOU can get rock-hard erections to please that beautiful little vixen you just brought back to your place…

Well, this means you already have the skills and ability to PULL!

Know that, by just starting out here, wondering HOW to have better performances in the bedroom, you actually have a GREAT problem on your hands.

You’ve got women coming into your life and bedroom consistently, but yet you’re not sure what the hell’s going wrong after that.

This is GOOD. You may not believe me now…

But over the course of this letter, I’m going to share with you WHY this is actually a quality problem, and why you’re better off than most guys out there.

Most guys are clueless, starting out without any idea of how to meet, chat up, or pull women home… but YOU’RE already starting from the “pull”.

So, before you get too down on yourself, or embarrassed because your Johnson isn’t pulling his weight when it matters…

At least pat yourself on the back for the work you’ve done up to this point.


It Needs to Be Said - What You’re Going
Through Needs FIXING - And Fast!

If you’ve ever gotten a hot new women back to your pad, poured some drinks, made her comfortable on the couch, and started escalating…

… but when you go to do so, your two heads don’t seem to be communicating in harmony?

You resort to feeling a cocktail of nervous, embarrassed, and anxious feelings?

Then you’re likely experiencing what’s termed, in our world, Performance Anxiety.

It’s no fun, and ridiculously inconvenient, because you see the hot girl right next to you, in your house!

And yet your little buddy still doesn’t want to play ball.

There is hope.

There is a fix for this.

And I’m going to show you EXACTLY what it is.

But first…

Who The Hell Am I?
And Why Am I Qualified to Teach You About Your Dick?

My name, for those who don’t know my face, is Stirling Cooper.

I’m an award-winning adult film star and the worlds #1 sex coach for men.

I’ve been hired countless times to "perform" under the most high pressure situations known to man.

Where everyones pay cheque (not just my own) depended on my ability to get an erection under pressure.

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So nowadays, performing in a quiet, dark bedroom with a new beautiful girl?

No problem. Piece of cake.

I’ve “been through the wringer”, so to speak, and my faithful soldier has been through the worst of situations.

And my MISSION is to help men with, not only performance anxiety, but:

INCREASING their overall physical health & virility


TEACHING in-depth techniques about how to have sex properly


SHOWING men how to safely and reliably improve the health of their "manhood"


DEVELOPING the hard & soft (heh.) skills to develop an overly abundant "dating life"

Not to Mention,
I’ve Been Featured in a Large Number of Big Publications, For My Coaching Services & Methodologies

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For instance, New York Weekly featured me in a headline:

“Stirling Cooper Helps Men of All Ages Maximize Their Potential In Intimacy”

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Kivo Daily featured me in an article titled:

“Stirling Cooper Transforms Men Into Wild Stallions Every Woman Desires”

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The US Reporter mentioned me:

"Stirling Cooper Teaches Couples How to Leave a Lasting Impression & Reignite Intimacy In Bed”

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While the New York Wire shared my story:

"Stirling Cooper Promotes Bedroom Intimacy As An Art & Science”

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Entertainment Monthly created a featured article on intimacy, saying:

“Stirling Cooper Shares Secrets in Reigniting Intimacy”

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On Medium, I was featured for intimacy & sex advice:

“Stirling Cooper Stirs Up the Conversation on the Intricacies of Intimacy”

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The Chicago Journal wrote about my abilities:

“Stirling Cooper Solving Intimacy Problems, One Couple At A Time”

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The American Reporter wrote about sexual dysfunction, and shared some of my solutions:


“Stirling Cooper Helping Couples Rediscover Their Sexual Prowess”

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L.A. Wire shared some of my intimacy improvements:

Award-Winning Coach Stirling Cooper Helps Deepen Intimacy Skills”

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Even U.S. News promoted my work by saying:

"Sexuality, Relationship & Masculinity: Intimacy Coach Stirling Cooper Helps Unlock Men’s Full Potential”

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And one more, for good measure - popular online magazine Influencive said:

"Award-Winning Intimacy Coach Stirling Cooper Helps Men Pump Steam Into the Bedroom”

Needless to say, I know what I’m talking about. And now…

I Want to Reveal The Most Common
MentalEmotional Physical Barriers to
Relaxed, Enjoyable Performance in the Bedroom:

… so that YOU can start living your best life, with women you’re attracted to - AND having some wonderful, passionate sexual experiences with them.

Too many guys get stuck in their heads, become mega-nervous, and fall flat on their face when it’s time to “get it up”.

And I’ve had hundreds of touch points with my audience, over long Zoom calls, live “call-in” sessions on my channel, and other coaching sessions which I charge hundreds (per hour) for…

COUNTLESS guys have shared with me this constant struggle.

At first, it can be very embarrassing and a sensitive topic. But it doesn’t need to plague you for the rest of your life.

You’re just missing a few key methods that should be installed into your sexual routines and dating life…

“The Ultimate Guide to Performance Anxiety: How to Permanently Eliminate Your Nerves in the Bedroom”

This issue has been such a consistent, painful, and insurmountable problem for thousands of young (otherwise healthy and normal) men who have trouble getting it on…

… that I produced a specific product to help you CONQUER this - once and for all, with ease.

HOW to identify & eliminate your “negative thought spirals” that keep you stuck on all your internal bullsh*t - and just have sex already!


The 4 MOST COMMON physical causes of your performance issues (and how to fix them of course)


The 9 MENTAL CAUSES that block you from performing at your best, satisfying her wildest fantasies (this special segment comes from a year’s worth of 1-on-1 coaching, Zoom calls, and live ‘call-ins’ on my YouTube channel where I reveal the root causes in finite detail)


The 3 ELEMENTS in your mind blocking you from achieving a rock-hard package, which helps your confidence (and her pleasure in the bedroom!)


The typical WARNING SIGNS to watch out for, which prevent your happiness and enjoyment.

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I help you diagnose your specific issues, rather than having to pony up hundreds (per hour) to chat with me personally about them,

ALL of this and much more lies inside my newest book, and much more that I haven’t even mentioned…


Think Of This $69 Purchase As A STEEP Discount On My Personal Coaching

If you signed up to book me today, for a one-hour coaching call, you’d pay several hundred dollars, to get this very same advice.

The only difference here, is that I’d be giving you specific advice pertaining to your situation and issue.

However, the reason this is unneeded, especially for younger guys without a whole bunch of extra cash to throw around…

is what I said before:

I’ll be giving you the EXACT warning signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing, and matching it up to the solution (just like I’d do on a 1-on-1 call).


Double-Discount Madness: Saving On Coaching + No More Pills

Also, the price you see on this page, of just $69, will NOT be around for long!

If you know me, you know I place a high priority on giving my audience more value than they asked for.

AND by getting this book you'll not only be saving on my coaching prices, you'll also be avoiding the costly prescriptions that come along with using those little blue pills (which don't work like you think they do).

I promise you, this is the lowest price you’ll ever see for this book and it may even go up from here!


If You’re Still on the Fence…
Here Are A Few POWERFUL Reasons
You Need This Book:

I break down things like the male anatomy, hormone production like Testosterone, and how your boner actually gets hard…

So YOU can understand, and be in tune with, your body - helping it function at maximum capacity.

I tell you the most COUNTERINTUITIVE thing about erections, that you would probably never guess in a million years.

In the book, I also reveal why “quick fixes” like Viagra or Cialis DON’T work long-term, and WHY they don’t do what you think they do…

And of course, I’ll share with you what you should do instead - by tapping into mental powers every man has innately.

I reveal some of my “industry secrets” for entering the bedroom cool, calm, and relaxed.

This stems from my YEARS of professional experience in all types of situations.

I teach outcome independence in great depth, so you can DETACH your performance from anything “needing to happen”…

… which will help you get ROCK-HARD erections.

SLAY with confidence.

And leave her biting her lower lip in remembrance of your special nights together…

All of this and much, much more is waiting for you, inside my brand-new E-book.


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