This is one of the cheapest, high quality kits you will find on the net that comes with abundant support and assistance.

Buying all these parts separately could end up costing you over $1200. At Total Man, it's yours for LESS THAN HALF!


We're offering our BIGGEST DISCOUNT EVER on the Total Man Full Kit



What's included

  • Total Man Compression Weight Hanger + 1M heavy duty bandage
  • Total Man Rod Extender 2.0 Kit - THE BEAST
  • Total Man 3.0 Chambers ALL SIZES (inside diameter of 37mm, 41mm, 46mm, 50mm)
  • Ball pump and manual vacuum hose
  • 2 x 10 inch Total Man sleeves (choice of 2 sizes)
  • Solid Nylon one piece Hanging plate
  • Leg and waist band plus tension system
  • Girth clamp
  • 3 rolls of Micropore tape
  • Total Man length and girth ruler
  • Stainless steel and nylon pulley system for more comfortable and effective hanging at a table (allowing you to be fully seated!)
  • Infrared heat pad - 3 heat settings (penetrate 10 times deeper than regular hear pads)


  • NO RETURNS due to the nature of the product
  • NO WEIGHTS INCLUDED in this kit


  • Measure:
    • Use a soft measuring tape or tailor's tape to measure
    • Wrap the tape around the circumference of the mid-shaft while FLACCID and take the measurement
  • Choose the appropriate sleeve:
    • Up to 90mm = 21mm sleeve
    • 91mm or larger = 26mm sleeve


 Size Internal diameter Flaccid coronal circumference
1 37mm Up to 100mm
2 41mm 100 - 115mm
3 46mm 115 - 125mm
4 50mm 125 - 140mm


Additional details on individual products

- Injection moulded with NYLON (TOUGH)
- Always a good fit design (it takes two wing nuts however it's easy to stay centred in the hanger while tightening, this results in even tightness every time
- Made to fit with the Total Man Rod Extender PLUS also has the compatibility to fit most other rod extenders with a rod diameter of 8mm
- 3.2mm 7x7 stainless steel wire to hang weight
- Designed to leave space for urethra and main arteries and veins running on the top side of the shaft
- Can tolerate more weight than your penis ever can
- It will fit anyone up to a flaccid girth of 175mm
- Our guarantee of the strength of the unit: "If it breaks, a replacement will be sent with your only expense being shipping"

Total Man 3.0 Chamber

  • Injection moulded and contoured to the glans shape for optimal fit
  • One way valve with removable weight/tension clip
  • Ensure you order the right chamber size by checking out the measuring tutorial can be found in the link below. The flaccid coronal ridge needs to be measured so that the right size chamber is sent to you. There is also a listing for chamber, sleeve and band alone.

What does the Leg / Waist Strap come with?


  • Leg/waist band
  • Buckle (metal, black)
  • Elastic cord (3mm diameter):
    • Single cord creates 250g - 750g of tension
    • Cord doubled over creates 750g - 1500g of tension
  • Anodised black alloy clip (10 x 4 x 3mm) - compact and heavy duty

Total Man Sleeves

  • 10 inches in length
  • Internal diameter of 21 - 26mm
  • Can be used for vacuum stretching, passive healing, protection with compression hanging and more!
  • 4mm thickness with a shore grade of 00
  • Stretchy, strong and comfortable!

Total Man Rod Extender

  • 10 inches of rod length
  • Fits both Total Man Vacuum Chambers and Compression Hanger


  • 1 Power on/off button
  • 3 heat settings
  • Size: 18 x 12cm
  • Velvety soft inner material
  • Moisture absorbent neoprene outer material
  • 80cm flat USB cable for power
  • Graphene film inside entire pad

Pulley System

  • Made from nylon pulley ball bearings, and solid stainless steel for all components
  • A ball bearing pulley system, meaning a natural hanging feel with NO friction
  • Suitable for Compression Penis Hanging and Vacuum Hanging
  • Adequate length to leave room for the weight to hang and leeway for you to move in and out from a table your seated at
  • Comes with two 15mm screws for you to screw into your set up. NOTE: YOU WILL NEED A WOODEN TABLE OR A SET UP TO BE ABLE TO DRILL INTO AND THAT CAN HOLD YOUR HANGING WEIGHT.
  • Video assembly instructions and tutorials on its use are included on the membership site





Compression Hanging - Tutorial


How to cut sleeves - Tutorial

Vacuum Chamber Methods - Tutorial

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    Nico C.
    United States United States
    Reluctant and anxious

    I haven’t begun using the equipment yet because frankly, it’s all so overwhelming and frightening even. It seems so unreal that I’m actually doing this and it’s been hard to start it. With the limited privacy I have it’s also been hard to figure out a plan of action to start.

    Total Man Shop

    This is also why the online site is there for you to reference not to mention all the support you have access to with a simple email. Not entirely sure if the equipment or service deserves a 3 star if you have not worked how to fit this into your life just yet. Please utilise all the resources at your disposal. Total Man (brand) is one of the most open, honest and thorough brands when it comes to the world of Male Enhancement. Online support, chat rooms, forums, comfortable, extremely high quality products. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.

    Jonathan F.
    United States United States

    This product has an incredibly thorough tutorial alongside it. I believe it is one of the most holistic options out there. Everything that comes in the set is simple yet top quality. I would highly recommend!

    Total Man Shop

    Thanks for the amazing feedback. Very happy to know you are satisfied! :)

    John S.
    United States United States
    Love It

    I'll start off by saying that I've had 2 others extenders prior to buying this kit. This package is by far the best. Ive only been using one part of the set, the vacuum bells with the leg strap and I can say that even these alone are well worth the price. I can get more of a stretch using this than both of the rod extenders of the past, and can wear it for almost 4 hours straight in complete discretion.

    Total Man Shop

    Nice! Very happy to hear you're enjoying the kit!

    Shawn G.
    United States United States
    Ultimate PE Kit

    I haven't started using the product yet, but the durability of the items seems fine.

    Total Man Shop

    Glad you're happy with the products.

    Joseph C.
    United States United States
    Some issues attaching, currently being resolved

    The negatives - 1. Had some issues attaching the chambers 3. Due to the issues with the vacuum chambers, could not get the extender to work. The positives - 1. The hanger is very easy to use and does not feel cheap at all so I'm very happy about that 2. You do get a lot with this order and its basically the only thing you'll ever need for natural PE 3. Access to all the video tutorials is amazing cause the videos contain everything you need

    Total Man Shop

    Thank you so much for supporting and trusting Total Man in your purchase. Firstly, we have not had anyone else have the issues you describe with the chambers and if it is actually a faulty chamber then I would be more than happy to replace it if you can provide a photo and some further description to the problem. Secondly, I have reached out to you via the membership site and email seeing if we can work out the problem however I have not gotten any replies. It does disappoint me for my products to be called cheap knock offs as personally I have tested so many products out there and for me to even consider this very product making it on the Total Man range is a big called since I stand behind all my products and videos I share with the world. Please know I am more than happy to work things out as customer service is a massive priority with Total Man. As for the extenders, they too in my personal opinion were the sturdiest on the market with that amount of force available however again we have not had any issues with what you describe saying "does not work at all". Each and every product no matter what the brand has a learning curve. I offer videos and tutorials to shorten that learning curve for you to get the most out of your product. Lastly, as support like yours and so many others roll in, I am able to grow the brand and products to be all originals just like the one and only Total Man Hanger and a few other parts like sleeves and leg bands, the whole range will be originally design, manufactured and made. We are about to add the one and only Total Man Extender to the range due Mid-May 2020 and as for anyone that purchases Total Man products, if we bring out a new product and you have an older version, you are welcome to a gigantic loyalty discount for your next purchase.