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Total Man Growth Kit

This is one of the cheapest high quality kits you will find on the net that also comes with abundant support and assistance.

For detailed information on how this item is used for the ultimate results, check out THE ULTIMATE GUIDE HERE.

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Buying all these parts separately could end up costing you over $1200. At Total Man, it's yours for LESS THAN HALF that price!

What's included

  • Total Man Compression Hanger + 1M Heavy Duty Bandage
  • Sizes 1-4 of the  Total Man 3.0 Chambers (All Sizes)
  • Ball pump and manual vacuum hose
  • 2 x 10 inch Total Man sleeves (choice of 2 sizes)
  • Total Man nylon plate hanger
  • Leg and waist band plus tension system
  • Girth clamp
  • 3 rolls of Micropore tape
  • Total Man length and girth ruler
  • Stainless steel and nylon pulley system for more comfortable and effective hanging at a table (allowing you to be fully seated!)
  • INFRARED heat pad - 3 heat settings (penetrates 10 times deeper than regular heat pads)


  • NO RETURNS due to the nature of the product
  • NO WEIGHTS will be included in this product

Sleeve Sizing Guide

  • Measure your Flaccid Coronal Circumference (FCC):
    • Use a soft measuring tape or tailor's tape to measure
    • Wrap the tape around the circumference of the mid-shaft while STRETCHED OUT FLACCID and take the measurement
    • FCC up to 70mm - 115mm = 21mm sleeve
    • FCC 95mm - 140mm = 26mm sleeve
      There is cross over because flaccid to erect sizes may change and during your use in any device your erect to flaccid state will fluctuate.

    Chamber Sizing Guide

     Size Internal chamber diameter Flaccid coronal circumference
    1 28mm Up to 100mm
    2 33mm 100 - 115mm
    3 38mm 115 - 125mm
    4 43mm 125 - 140mm
    I do recommend purchasing 1 to even 2 sizes up as well, so if you're size 1, get size 2 and 3 as well. You may find you move through these sizes throughout your journey. You save a substantial amount by purchasing the chambers in larger sets, for example in a kit or pack you would pay US$5-10 more a an extra chamber or if bought separately then you could pay up to US$25 just for one.
    The more chambers the better as you can then experiment to see what works best for you.

    Additional details on included products


    • Injection moulded with Nylon (making it tough!)
    • Designed to always fit centred with the use of two wing nuts, resulting in even tightness every time
    • Made to fit with the Total Man Rod Extender PLUS has the compatibility to fit most other rod extenders with a rod diameter of 8mm
    • - 3mm braided wire to hang weight
    • Designed to leave space for the urethra and main arteries and veins running on the top side of the shaft
    • Built to withstand more weight than you'll ever use for hanging on your penis
    • Will fit anyone up to a flaccid girth of 180mm
    • Our guarantee of the strength of the unit: "If it breaks, we replace it!"

    Total Man 3.0 Chamber

    • Injection moulded and contoured to the glans shape for optimal fit
    • One way valve with removable weight/tension clip
    • Ensure you order the right chamber size by checking out the measuring tutorial can be found in the link below. The flaccid coronal ridge needs to be measured so that the right size chamber is sent to you. There is also a listing for chamber, sleeve and band alone.

    What does the Leg / Waist Strap come with?

    • Leg/waist band
    • Buckle (metal, black)
    • Elastic cord (3mm diameter):
      • Single cord creates 250g - 750g of tension
      • Cord doubled over creates 750g - 1500g of tension
    • Anodised black, alloy clip (10 x 4 xx 3mm) - compact and heavy duty

    Total Man Sleeves

    • 10 inches in length
    • Internal diameter of 21 - 26mm
    • Can be used for vacuum stretching, passive healing, protection with compression hanging and more!
    • 4mm thickness with a shore grade of 00
    • Stretchy, strong and comfortable!

    INFRARED Heat Pad

    • 1 Power on/off button
    • 3 heat settings
    • Size: 18 x 12cm
    • Velvety soft inner material
    • Moisture absorbent neoprene outer material
    • 80cm flat USB cable for power
    • Graphene film inside entire pad

    Pulley System

    • Made from nylon pulley ball bearings, and solid stainless steel for all components
    • A ball bearing pulley system, meaning a natural hanging feel with NO friction
    • Suitable for Compression Penis Hanging and Vacuum Hanging
    • Adequate length to leave room for the weight to hang and leeway for you to move in and out from a table your seated at
    • Comes with two 15mm screws for you to screw into your set up. NOTE: YOU WILL NEED A WOODEN TABLE OR A SET UP TO BE ABLE TO DRILL INTO AND THAT CAN HOLD YOUR HANGING WEIGHT.
    • Video assembly instructions and tutorials on its use are included on the membership site


    One piece plate hanger

    • Made from one, solid piece of injection moulded Nylon
    • Suits Olympic size weight plates (plates must have a 50mm bore/hole)




    The Total Man Shop has some of the  best penis traction devices and accessories you can find in the market. 


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      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Comfortable and easy to use.

      I found the vacuum chamber and ADS very easy to use and comfortable to wear all day. The tutorial videos are easy to follow and show you how to use the product live. Highly recommend.

      Total Man Shop

      Fantastic to hear. Thank you for the feedback. As usual please let me know if there is anything else you need.

      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      Awesome. I’ve been at this a long time and I know quality material and items when I see it. I also love Mike’s 100% honest and transparent sentiment on what PE actually is, how it works, and what are the reasonable requirements and expectations for results. Most of these companies simply take advantage of men’s insecurities that are created and perpetuated by pop culture bs/lies and reinforcement. My only piece of feedback for improvement is just an easier way to search and navigate the videos for instruction. Those are incredible as well, just for instance about taping I couldn’t easily find the video Mike says he talks about how and why he tapes the *****. That could just be my own failure though. By far the best company out there helping men w PE.

      Total Man Shop

      Great to know and very happy to hear from a veteran of the Male Enhancement world. We are working on easier navigation for the site and videos since a lot of the same feedback is coming in. We have SO MUCH content, many are overwhelmed or don't know where to go. Really appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if there is anything else you need!

      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Overall, everything is up to par. No short cuts here nor cheap materials. Great service and great products. Super stoked to start my pe journey!

      My order arrived today and upon opening, all contents inside were neatly packed and in individual bags. Customer service is bar none I so far have only used the ads and the silicone sleeve is incredibly comfortable!

      Total Man Shop Total Man - GROWTH KIT Review
      Total Man Shop

      Thank you for the great feedback. We're pleased that you're pleased! :)

      Australia Australia
      I recommend this product
      Growth Kit

      This kit is awesome, the ability to go from clamp to vacuum to ADS pretty quickly, allowing maximum growth potential by stretching all the right ligaments and muscles . Looking forward to future gains.

      Total Man Shop

      Amazing. Thanks for the feedback. :) Enjoy!

      Norway Norway
      I recommend this product
      Awesome kit!

      I have only used the compresion hanger so far and its a great product!Everything needed for extra inches on your ***** is included for an awesome price!I do regret not buying the extender as well,so for all the future buyers get the full kit! A great plus is that Mike’s help has been awesome as well!

      Total Man Shop

      Thanks for the feedback. :) We love when our customers love our products and guidance. Let us know if there is anything else we can do.


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