Pulley System - Seated Hanging

Pulley System for Seated Penis Hanging

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Say good bye to back pain from standing and hanging!

Penis Weight Hanging is hands down the most effective way to gain size to your member. The only trouble is, standing to hang can put strain on your back can deter you from hanging all together.



This is where the Pulley System comes in. It allows you to hang while sitting on a chair, as it was intended, and continue doing other productive tasks. Imagine gaming, working or eating a meal all while executing the most effective penis enlargement method?!


  • Made from nylon pulley ball bearings, and solid stainless steel for all components
  • A ball bearing pulley system, meaning a natural hanging feel with NO friction
  • Suitable for Compression Penis Hanging and Vacuum Hanging
  • Adequate length to leave room for the weight to hang and leeway for you to move in and out from a table your seated at
  • Comes with two 15mm screws for you to screw into your set up. NOTE: YOU WILL NEED A WOODEN TABLE OR A SET UP TO BE ABLE TO DRILL INTO AND THAT CAN HOLD YOUR HANGING WEIGHT.
  • Video assembly instructions and tutorials on its use are included on the membership site

What's included

  1. Stainless steel 7x7 braided wire with terminal eye at each end
  2. 2x stainless steel carabiners
  3. 1x stainless steel and nylon ball bearing pulley
  4. Stainless steel saddle
  5. 2x 15mm screws to be drilled by you in appropriate surface


  • This listing is for the PULLEY SYSTEM ONLY
  • This product DOES NOT INCLUDE a compression hanger, vacuum chamber, sleeve, weight plate or weight plate hanger (only used in images for demonstration purposes)





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    I recommend this product

    Simple, but Pivotal

    You will find the simple pulley system to be a pivotal assist during compression hanging and ADS steps in your routine and here's why. 1 - It enables a very comfortable way to stretch your ***** virtually straight out from your body 2 - You can use this system while working at your desk - time flies by so use your timer 3 - Eliminates back pressure that often occurs while using your compression hanger especially at higher weights. Trust me, you will use it a lot as a pivotal component in your ever-evolving routine.


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    Nice review. Thank you. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.

    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product

    Pulley system

    If you are committed to this, the pulley system is a great purchase. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been working from home. So I purchased the pulley system, and now I can do it while simultaneously getting a good stretching exercise.


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    Thanks fore the feedback. Glad you like it!


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