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Does Penis Stretching Work? A Comprehensive Answer

Does penis stretching work?

Ever considered making your penis bigger without penis enlargement surgery or invasive methods? That's the promise of stretching. This exercise is touted for its effectiveness in increasing penis length and girth. It may even help you to treat erectile dysfunction. If you've scoured the internet for answers or tried it with little visible results, you might wonder if it's just another online gimmick.

Stretching works efficiently to enhance your penis size. I've personally explored the entire process through a freePenis Enlargement Video Course.

The internet is rife with normal men complaining about their penis size. The average penis size (length of the penis) is 5.2 inches erect. Stretching techniques can be used to increase the penis's length and can also make your penis thicker.

Let's delve into the efficacy of penis stretching once again and briefly take a look at the penis anatomy.

Anatomy of the Penis

Beneath the skin lies the fascia—a connective tissue holding memory due to densely populated nerves. But beware, more pressure doesn't guarantee better results. Going deeper, the subcutaneous areolar tissue is softer and houses veins.

The deep fascia and Buck's fascia protect veins and arteries, hosting sensory nerves. The tunica albuginea, a thick layer, determines penis size with collagen for firmness and elastin for flexibility.

The corpus cavernosum, responsible for erections, contracts to control blood flow, while the corpus spongiosum surrounds the urethral channel.

Don't overlook the deeper inner penis, where the roots connect to pelvic floor muscles, crucial for firm erections. Understanding and working on both external and internal parts is key. The ischiocavernosus muscle, connected to pelvic floor muscles, acts as a pump, making the penis feel firmer when contracted.

The ultimate goal is to target the tunica forincreasing penis size. The layers of tunica enveloping the corpus cavernosum are united by the septum. As these layers merge, a thicker septum emerges. This presents an opportunity to manipulate the toughest points of the penis through penis stretching techniques. Stretching exercises and penis pumps can easily increase penis size well beyond average erect penis length.

Does Stretching Work?

If we can reshape and stimulate growth in the toughest tissues of the penis, why not give it a shot?

Does Penile Stretching Increase Penis Length?

Manipulating the tissues of the penis through proper stretching yields results. The focus here is on the tunica, a tough anatomical tissue known for its resistance to modification and growth stimulation. By prioritizing this challenging penile tissue, we unlock significant growth potential in penile length and girth.

The magic lies in the correct execution of penis stretching, which exerts pressure on the outer penis, targeting tissues for size enhancement. This method not only impacts specific penile tissues but also influences blood channels. The dual action enhances blood flow to the penis and provides a stretching effect. Picture it as a dynamic combination of traction and pressure, working harmoniously to promote a larger and more robust member.

Stretching exercises increase penis size by elongating the suspensory ligament. Exercises and devices are safe and effective alternatives to silicone implant and girth surgeries requiring injecting fat into the penis for girth. Devices had been proven to remedy Peyronie's Disease- which when left untreated can cause bends in the penis as well as painful erections.

Evidence that Penis Stretching Works

Anecdotal and formal evidence suggest increasing penis length. Apreliminary study on the use of penile extender devices showed results in enhancing penile size in men with a shortened penis. Anotherprospective study evaluated the efficacy and tolerability of devices in treating short penises. Additionally, asystematic review explored surgical and nonsurgical interventions for men complaining of a small penis.

Penile extenders in particular are effective at penile elongation and in treating Peyronie's Disease.* The Total Man Rod Extender kitis optimal for this purpose.

A penile traction device is affixed to the base of the penis with a platform, with a collar or loop behind the glans or a vacuum chamber attached to the glans (head of the penis). Beginners may wear the device with the penis upward and can advanced towards pointing the device towards the floor. The Rod Extender Frame Upgrade Device can be used for multidirectional extending.

*Use of penile extender device in the treatment of penile curvature as a result of Peyronie's disease. Results of a phase II prospective study

Davis' Law

Davis' Law explains how soft tissues adapt to imposed stresses. This concept, articulated by John Joseph Nutt in 1913, emphasizes that ligaments or soft tissues, under consistent tension, can elongate by generating new material.

Conversely, tissues left in a loose state gradually shorten as effete material is removed. Applying this law to penis lengthening suggests that sustained mechanical and biological stresses may contribute to elongation.


This is an uncommon condition associated with sickle cell anemia. It involves priapism-induced permanent expansion of the penile tunica. Despite the loss of elasticity, affected penises retain full functionality. While attempting to replicate megalophallus is not advisable, it highlights two crucial facts.

First, permanent penis enlargement is possible within a short timeframe. Second, the tunica, a key factor in expansion, exhibits substantial capacity. The mechanisms behind megalophallus, involving controlled stretching and increased hemodynamic pressure, can be simulated on a smaller scale.

It's intriguing that megalophallus sheds light on the potential for rapid and permanent penile augmentation. This phenomenon showcases the remarkable adaptability of the tunica and suggests avenues for controlled experimentation with penile extender and enhanced erection quality.

What Penis Stretching Exercise Should You Consider?

There are several penis stretching techniques that can offer a wide range of benefits. There aremanual methods and penile traction devices available in theFull Kit section. As you will see soon, combining some of the penis exercises will give you results.

Various Penile Stretchers

Manual Stretching

Manual stretching exercises offer versatility that gadgets lack.Jelqing is a good example of manual stretching exercises you should consider. It is a massage exercise that promotes blood flow and fosters firmer erections. The exercise is performed by making an "OK" grip with your thumb and forefinger encircling the base of the penis, and the hand is then slid along the length of the shaft to just behind the head of the penis. One can stretch towards the floor to target the ligaments at the base of the penis or use the exercise with the penis upward for higher reps to get a pumped penis. Stop immediately if you feel discomfort or pain!

Kegel exercises enhance pelvic floor muscles, improving sexual health and bladder control. Delve deeper into pelvic floor anatomy and its impact on sexual well-being in theFREE Penis Enlargement Video Course. Kegels are best performed erect but can be performed with a flaccid penis.

Compression Plate Stretching

Thecompression plate stretching device offers enhanced flexibility and discreteness. It blends seamlessly with its proximity to the leg, making it nearly invisible beneath clothing. What sets it apart is the absence of a frame between the legs.

Unlikecompression extending, this technique employs an elastic cord attached to a leg band worn below the knee for traction. The unique aspect here is the need to restore full blood flow every 10-20 minutes due to the nature of the compression procedure.

The compression plate can be used with any number ofstretching devices like the hanger, extender, or leg band all day stretcher.

Compression Hanger

Compression hangers steadily apply tension to the flaccid penis to cause tissue stretching and gradual size increase with regular use. They come with a harness or clamp and weights for the necessary tension.

While potent, compression hangers have limitations—they require stationary and private use. However, their force capabilities and effective grip make them a standout choice. Despite generating significant force, sessions should be limited to 15-20 minutes, with necessary breaks to restore blood flow.

Compression hanging is a valuable asset as your routine advances, but using the right amount of weight is crucial. Don't be deterred by potential horror stories. When approached correctly, compression hanging is both safe and effective. Begin with minimal weight to master the technique and gradually progress. This tool has remarkable potential—don't underestimate it.

Vacuum Hanger

Avacuum hanger relies on the condition of your glans. It's a safer and more discreet option as it's done in a fixed position, ensuring accurate weight application using fractional weight plates. Being immobile and discrete allows for close monitoring of the method.

Glans limitations and potential injury risk make it preferable to use vacuum methods like the vacuum pump or penis pump discreetly at a lower force for extended periods during daily activities. Once the volume allowance for vacuum hanging is exhausted, you should switch to higher-intensity compression-based methods.

Devices called vacuum pumps are a separate type of device apart from the vacuum hanger with a chamber. Vacuum pumps (AKA penis pump) address the entire penis, whereas the vacuum device is affixed to the head of your penis and applied to another device ike a hanger or extender. Penis pumps are popular in media, for example, the Austin Powers movie.

All-Day Stretcher

TheAll Day Vacuum Stretcher is a game-changer in penis enlargement. As a vital tool in the PE toolbox, it plays a key role in maintaining tissues in an extended state after higher-tension penis stretching exercises. This ensures permanence in size gains.

This discreet device is customizable for gradual stretching, increasing erect penis size and enhancing overall sexual experiences. Plus, the leg band makes it comfortable to wear discreetly throughout daily activities. You can secure the vacuum chamber to thehead of your penis. For ease of wear and comfort.

Getting Results from Penis Stretching

Embarking on the journey of penis enlargement requires a clear understanding that it's not a magical process with instant results. Patience and the application of progressive overload are key to this endeavor. Progressive overload involves gradually increasing aspects like weight, time, intensity, reps, or volume over time. The consistent linear increase in activity volume is crucial for effective results.

Device Selection and Adaptability

When contemplating the effectiveness of various penis stretching devices, you should reframe the question. Instead of focusing on the "most effective" device, consider which device suits your needs best in different situations.

Compression methods often offer more intensity but may lack discretion and mobility. Vacuum pumps may provide more discretion and mobility. However, they may lack the intensity of compression-based techniques.

Compression methods exert more stress on the skin of the penis shaft, promoting quicker recovery and conditioning of the penis. This allows for more frequent use. On the other hand, vacuum pumps impact the same tissues differently, with a focus on the glans.

Device Combinations and Lifestyle

Incorporating various devices into your routine can cater to different lifestyle needs. Limiting yourself to one or two devices may work in the short term, but flexibility is key for long-term success.

Combiningcompression hanging withall-day vacuum stretching creates a dynamic strategy for effective penis enlargement. This approach cleverly combines high-intensity (yielding more volume in shorter bursts) with low-intensity (allowing for longer, continuous sessions that accumulate volume gradually over time). This dual-action method distributes stress across the softer tissues, presenting a balanced and potent regimen for sustainable gains.

In my personal experience, integrating compression hanging and all-day vacuum stretching has provided a well-rounded routine. The high-intensity bursts with compression hanging yield noticeable results. The consistent, low-intensity traction of all-day vacuum stretching contributes to a more sustainable enlargement process.

Furthermore, incorporatingmanual stretching daily adds an extra layer to the routine. This hands-on approach ensures that targeted tissues are consistently engaged, promoting flexibility and adaptability. In essence, the combination of compression hanging, all-day vacuum stretching, and daily manual stretching intertwines different methods. This optimizes the overall impact and enhances the potential for successful outcomes.

TheTotal Man line of products is designed to provide versatility, with each device tailored for specific circumstances to yield optimal results when used correctly. The detailedPE Video Course also explains how you can effectively combine the tools.

The Importance of Progressive Overload

Progressive overload stands out as one of the fundamental principles of this journey. It determines whether you achieve results in adding penis size. Applying the right total volume for any method over the appropriate duration is crucial.

What Will You Not Get from Penis Stretching?

Penis stretching, while beneficial for enhancing penis size and improving erection quality, is not a standalone solution for outstanding sexual performance. You must prioritize overall physical and mental well-being to truly satisfy yourself and your partner.

Focus on combining penis stretching with stamina training as a starting point. Improving your overall health and establishing a solid PE foundation contribute to better sexual performance. It also sets the stage for more productive enlargement training.

Acknowledging the connection between mental well-being and sexual performance has been pivotal. Incorporating practices to address stress and anxiety alongside enhancement exercises has yielded more holistic results. A healthy mindset, complemented by physical exercises, provides a well-rounded approach to sexual wellness. You’re not just getting an increase in penis size but a more fulfilling overall experience.

So, Should You Try Penis Stretching?

If you're aiming for a bigger package without going under the knife, penis stretching could be your game-changer. Ditch invasive methods and give pills, creams, or penile traction therapy a break to explore the world of penile stretching.

This technique not only targets penis length and girth but also enhances your erection quality. However, don't expect miracles without putting in the time and effort.

For an all-encompassing approach, consider blending stretching with other penile traction devices and techniques highlighted in aPenis Enlargement Video Course.


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